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  1. Dealer price. Unless you have loaded up over £10,000🤐
  2. Lots of companies Quote before VAT. I do not see the problem.
  3. To me, the way the programme ended was not the BBC way. Plus we must understand this was a premium important Government broadcast. There was more BBC adverts than usual after the coranavirus programme Broardcast, this again a tell tale sign of a sudden cut off. Then the 6 O'clock News started without a mention of the question in fact no other news outlet has mentioned this question, why? The question The Journalist asked the Health secretary, 'What is the criteria for a corona virus test' was such a sensitive 'bomb' question and was the BBC suddenly ended transmission. IMO the reason for this is because the powers in charge a worried the masses will rebel when they realise if you are connected you get tested and you get anti viral meds if you are just a normal person then hard luck you can take your chances.
  4. BBC CUT OF VIEWER at 5:55pm The viewer asked the Health secretary What is the criteria for a corona virus test and how did you get your test!! Then the bbc stopped the transmission. This is not the type of program that gets cuts off.
  5. I have been buying the big oil companies when they have been at the bottom I have also been buying USD/RUB on dips then getting out as an oil short.
  6. Have been for a while now. I rang its down to the coronavirrus, a labour issue and not lack of Gold! Same at the Canadian mint and the swiss refiners. To make it clear the dealers are finding it hard to get hold of coins in the short to medium term. In the long term the supply lines will be re-established.
  7. USD/RUB done well here anyone else on here its a easy way to play the oil short.
  8. Talking about Russian groups, is this a lie I wonder? https://www.rt.com/uk/484150-fiddling-coronavirus-death-numbers/ I have to say the daily death tally hasn't been on the TV the last 2 days and the numbers of deaths have decreased which I believe is a good thing and would of been something to announce. So maybe something fishy is going on.
  9. This is what I used to get "safe # ".
  10. It's been quite a while since I used GSBE anyway I always used there storage facility. The problem I had was silver tarnished by the time I took delivery, eg I would buy upto the 6 months worth then take delivery I found sometimes the tubes of coins from my first buy had slightly tarnished. So IMO GSBE put your order in the safe as you ordered , well they used to. Hope this helps
  11. I have some, the thing is platinum is not as easy to sell and the dealer prices are very poor. It's a long game.
  12. There is an over supply of platinum in South Africa. The proplem is the refiners and the mints because of corravirrus.
  13. yeah, though i put gold at £1400Toz to buy. I am going to think about it, i may post on here to see. I haven't sold on ebay for years because of problems with buyers saying they got a fake etc when i bought the coins from a dealer and i tested the coins with a electonic tester.
  14. I've been looking at the physical silver prices. I personally would need to be looking at clearing a 60-1 ratio with gold before i moved into the market. I know others need a 50-1.
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