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  1. Pipers

    Brexit status ...

  2. Just to let our friends from the USA know this video was only released on the BBC website and never on TV! It had no publicity and it just appeared one day.
  3. This is for those who cannot get BBC it's Adam Curtis HyperNormalisation link
  4. Pipers

    Whisky chat

    I like rum though finding good stuff at reasonable prices is hard. For that reason I would recommend a Navy Rum and I drink Woods old Navy Rum for sale at Morrisons and Sainsbury's for about £23 a bargain at that price!
  5. Pipers

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    Well you got your money back, a very stressful time you have had, it must be a big relief for you. I have been reading this thread from the start and was surprised how you were treated, I and others have been warned.
  6. Yeah Platinum can be used for petrol engines to, if paladiam prices stay high the motor manufacturers will just change over to platinum. I was also told industry is investing to reduce in the amount of rare earth metals used also rohdium, more scrimping!
  7. Pipers

    Thinking of selling stack

    Myself i would not recommend selling a whole stack, though its up to you. IMO Gold is a store of Hard Money that in the long term increases in value rather than devalues like fiat money. This is why sometimes in times of financial turmoil eg stock market crash Gold can go down in value not up as one may expect; investors 'require or need' money fast!
  8. Pipers

    Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    I have stopped for now. Unless someone has a buy every month strategy it seems silly to buy ATM until we see how things pan out.
  9. Pipers

    Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    I see things slightly different here sixgun, i think all being equal unless there is war etc Gold will advance to $1360-$1370 then retreat again to a low of around $1100- $1078 before its next wave. I may be well out, i have been many times before but i make predictions because do not buy every month. Whats your next wave 2019 top and low prediction?
  10. Agree BTL is used to keep the house price up it really should be called squeeze the market; what BTL has done is cornered the market hence driving the house price up. The Government in fact all Governments since 1979 have not built anywhere near enough homes, the money spent on housing benefit (working included) could be spent on building homes, new towns etc. New vision is needed, yes house prices would go down, the money saved would make the country richer and people would feel better off as they wouldn't need benefits.There would be BTL investors who would go broke, they would have to find new incomes or jobs and the banks would have to take a hit though i am sure we would quickly see interest rates go back to 5%.
  11. Pipers

    buying gold on forum

    I have bought many times from the forum and sold a few times, mostly in the past. I have never had a problems. I have to say the reason i do not buy as much these days has nothing to do with members, more to do with membership fees. IMO membership fees does not make a member a better member or more honest, contribution, longevity and track record does. I like the forum , but i know if i listed a coin took pictures etc, then for a premium member who has only been a member for 1 year to state i should send the gold/silver to him to check i would tell him to f-ck off.
  12. Pipers

    buying gold on forum

    Yes correct, just send 2 parcels and charge for 2.
  13. Again not sure when to buy into the stock market I was thinking 6250 if it gets there. What do you guys think.
  14. I'm not sure when the dip will come, the dip will be in usd hopefully the Prime minister will be sorted by then and the UK will be stable by then; so we can join in and buy.
  15. Pipers

    Sold all my gold, got stung

    I have been reading this thread it's been very enjoyable. As far as gold is concerned , it is my view one should not buy gold with a view to hold for longer than 10 years, if an opportunity comes your way to sell a small part of a holding because of a price spike and one was confident that the price was going to dip again then ok sell knowing you are going to buy back. Remember you may lose if you choose to sell on a price spike as macro events happen too and the price may carry on moving up.