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  1. Pipers

    GSR and other ratios

    Are you talking vaulted and paper?
  2. Copper has already increased in price from 1.9 to over 3
  3. Just checked the odds on the world cup and to be honest the bookies are taking the piss. The over round is massive. Even if you take the outsides out its still bad. England are a 5% chance of winning at the best odds which represents there chance though Portugal can be had for 27-1 about 3.7% chance Russia are silly odds for a host nation even though they have a poor team and with supporters from other nations not going Russia will have the best support even better than usual for a home nation 66-1. These are just figures and do not represent form. https://www.oddschecker.com/football/world-cup/winner
  4. Pipers

    Nazi Silver

    Eugenics, Race purity The Disabled. The Jews, slavs, gypsies, anyone who disagreed with them in the end, promote the Aryan master race. This may help some .org/wiki/Nazisen.wikipediam
  5. Pipers

    Nazi Silver

    This will be the last I will post on this, IMO the Nazis were far right wing they were /are responsible for millions of deaths of there own plus invaded and enemy people. Nationalism is based around right wing views maybe not free market viewed as of today but we must remember the world is not just money! In Europe today we are faced with the early seeds of Nationalism again, we have seen it in Germany who have gone around forcing Greece+Cyprus into submission now we have a starting of situation in Italy and Spain. As Europe take sides right or left we in the UK are leaving.
  6. Pipers

    Nazi Silver

    I have a problem with communism esp Marx The Nazis were right wing do not believe the propaganda, the far right have to rely on votes from the poor/working class same as in Italy at that time the far right new the only way it could achieve power was through the poor/working class hence the social policies when the real big policies was to Govern alongside big business!! Nationalism! Hence small government because the business owns runs most of it!!! Hence far right!!
  7. Pipers

    Nazi Silver

    As far a coinage goes the 'spoils of war' mean the victors get to loot and tell history, coinage will come under that. I do not collect nazi items or in this instance German coinage at that time. Do not feel bad about owning coinage, it's what you think say and your actions that matter not a coin.
  8. You may be on to something here Paul, ASDA will either pay you or not, if they pay you they are admitting you are responsible for putting the items through the checkout, if they don't payout they leave it open for a defence that as long a a person puts the item across the scanner they are not responsible if it does not scan, because the person is not trained is doing unpaid voluntary work. I watched a very upset woman the other month being accused of stealing when it turned out she had only put items through incorrectly. Tesco's then took the items off her though she was that upset she returned all her shopping which was quite funny because they don't take back uncooked meat they did that time when she started crying and saying how she had never been so embarrassed in all of her life and she will never shop at Tesco ever again.
  9. Pipers

    Gold premiums

    Thanks Roughdog this is very good information.
  10. Pipers

    Today I Received

    I received 3 Bullion Sovereigns from Chards.
  11. You never know there maybe a vintage collector Apple/Samsung phone market in the future where the today price of £900 will be £5000 the millennials will set the price. ☺ I have never been an owner of a Rolex or a Patex as far as investments go in the auction houses watches are hot even compared to 2years ago, the watches that sell are the watches that have all the documents even the receipt, I have seen Rolex not sell at what I would call a cheap price.
  12. Pipers


    Thank you Roy for this easy explanation I find it hard sometimes to put what I am thinking into words.
  13. Bush gave everyone in the USA money,. IMO The main reason house prices are high is because there are not enough of them! The other reason is because most jobs in the UK are now low paying poor quality jobs. There are other reasons I could wright a huge amount on this subject that would bore most and Anger others. I would say Neo-liberalism and the lack of real investment in the UK has led us to where we are. To blame the old who have in large been by Stander's though have benefited from policies that have mainly benefited the very rich is wrong. This policy is aimed to generate hatred towards the old while through a bit of money at the young who would still not be able to get on the housing ladder. What would happen is rents would go up, I would suggest to the conservative MP not to hand out any money but to go to the bond market and raise money to build much needed homes and infrastructure!! This will instead give many more people a chance to own their home!!! Or we could make Corporations who want immigration to build homes, they want the labour so they can build infrastructure! The last thing this country needs is hatred between the generations!
  14. Pipers


    Whether it states that or not, you expect a bullion dealer to fill your order after 7 weeks right? They have also stated they still don't have any so could be a while longer. I think they had a lot of orders on the dip, it is true it has been quite a while but I have had to wait before too. They have been in business for a long time using this method. If I hadn't read the terms of purchase I would of expected delivery by now. I am surprised they treated wilky sh-ty they have always been polite to me. I am sure if you are patient you will get your coins.
  15. Pipers

    Kinesis Gold and Silver currency

    I am in the uk, if I have a visa and spend it in the UK I will be taxed surely? Or am I wrong.