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  1. So they are sending out £837 parcel gold coins signed for not special delivery?
  2. Pipers

    Gold buying strategy

    @goldking Go away Only joking
  3. Do not use a broker to sell bullion! When I sold a sizable amount of bullion I rang around a lot of dealers, not just the main dealers. If a dealer is short of stock they will offer you more simply.
  4. I read this thread, obviously people are getting excited with all the 'profits' they are going to make. It certainly looks like shill bidding on Ebay for the said restrike of the Una and the Lion. There are a couple of points i would make. 1 Who the f-ck would pay £20,000 for a coin without a middle man. People on here compain about being ripped off for £20 never mind £20,000. 2 As a seller it would be really easy to rip a buyer off with this coin through Ebay. I will not say how to do it on here though I am sure you will know how to do it and if you don't, just think for a bit . It is my advise do not pay that amount for anything on Ebay! Not everyone is honest and i am not for one minute suggesting the sellers of these Una restikes are dishonest but at these prices i would want a 3rd party expert at both our costs for my comfort and reasurance.
  5. Why not put up what you want to sell for the price you want eg you need £50,000 all sales will be cancelled if total not achieved. Example if you sell only 31,000 then all sales cancelled then take your coins to a dealer. Plus have a minimum sale price eg £1000 so you are not posting to many parcels
  6. Are you suggesting the Inflatiion calculator is incorrect or are you suggesting the Gold price should be @£750 Toz. Or maybe somewhere in the middle eg £1000Toz?
  7. No chance, the luck of both the winning silver coin and the Gold 5oz coin combined will mean both will bring 'good fortune' to the buyer who buys the coins at a high premium from the lottery winner. As they say 'Always winner'
  8. If you are really interested in selling place an ad in the buy sell section with a photo of your coin with the date and your user name in hand writing on a peice of paper next to the coin and box.
  9. Trump Gold bars and coins
  10. The guys at silver to go will sometimes give a discount I had one on boxing day. Don't be afraid to ask for a discount. Though they nearly always say no. Geiger are good to deal with though a bit expensive for the EU.
  11. Do you believe Una and the Lion Gold is good value? I dont. The silver Una is popular now and there is a set to collect wyons design.