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  1. I just want to say, communism has a very bad reputation and anywhere it's been many many peop!e have died. I am no friend of the Far right of Far left I am no friend of nationalism at all. In my time I have voted Conservative Labour Lib Dems, I will never vote for a party I believe would bring in the values of a nationalist Government whether it be of the right or left. ). I believe in a local civic style government with a safety net for the poor, vunerable, sick and disabled. I have no problem with the utilities being owned by the government as long as they are run efficiently for cost. But business should be left alone free to trade and make money!
  2. I read a few times on this thread socialism and communism being as if the same they are not.
  3. If the car is disabled modified then surely the person needs the car? Why are you jealous of a disabled person? The car gets sold after the let period, I suppose your gripe is the people you know of, you believe should not get the disabled benefit? Do you know there medical history? How do you know they are lying. My sister gets pip she used to run her own business now she is disabled and cannot work. She went from having a BMW and a nice home to having to rent a local authority flat and a motability car that costs about £9500 for 3 years and she needs it as she cannot walk. She told me the pip test is very strict and no one could con it as you need medical evidence. Maybe some people are on the old system still or are OAPs who still have the old system.
  4. Can't stand the man myself, but he has a point. He has the right to campaign and be safe to do so. The police should arrest those who assault people. I think Tommy may be getting traction because the police are not policing. He is playing the victim card very well. i fear he will pick up lots of votes because of his tactics. If the police did there job then he wouldn't be able to have the traction.
  5. So that's what they call it these days 'advantagd player' good for you vand. Years ago when I was younger I used to get on the horses I new quite a few of the stable staff, some trainers and some on course bookmakers. I would target certain races, bet at the right time of year. Also horses are animals not machines as anyone who bets knows. Apart from horse racing I tried to get on other sports or events,. I made quite a bit on Rugby League and boxing. Though in the long run it was not worth the work though I made a bit.
  6. It states there is a limit to how many you can order to 3 sovs, does that mean you can only order once or can you order every few weeks?
  7. Another problem in the past is the amount of pensions a person could amount it can easily be 5 or 6 pensions i have seen one person who moved jobs a lot he had 11 pensions If you leave it each one will charge minimum fees each year eating into your money. My advise would be to get hold of your employment history, check with the following sites https://www.gov.uk/find-pension-contact-details https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/en/articles/trace-lost-pensions-and-request-pension-forecasts
  8. Reading through this thread. Freedom of speech/expression is something I am in favour of, this does not mean freedom from any responsibility from what the person has said. I have also noticed a growing minority of extremely easily offended people and people who get very offended on other members of the public's behalf!
  9. They seem pretty good fakes, are they centred when you turn them over on the axis.
  10. Even more funny with a name like @AlphaBeast maybe he could find someone to make him a 1kg one.
  11. Its up to you, buy a few ounces of gold and watch match on TV or go to a match in Madrid. That a more positive way to look at it.
  12. @JunkBond I think we are the people who have been pulling out our hair for years, have been telling family, friends about the world, how it it run only for them to look at us as if we are from another world or they think we are a bit mad. While they are happy watching EastEnders, Coronation street, Im a celebrity get me out of here. I wonder how many people will even bother to look at the parties web sites before they vote. I know quite a few on here will.