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  1. Flatware and Hollowware are not junk, some very good quality stuff out there near spot. I have had some excellent finds nearly all will be sold at 89% of spot.
  2. @Bumble So i take it that you are still buying Gold then, even at this high price?
  3. Thank you HT, i do like your optimism. You are right but you would be right if you were talking about reasonable people. I think the EU are spiteful and doing the sensible thing is not on there agenda, more likely getting back at the UK in any way they can. I hope Johnson well.
  4. OK HT, whats the story with Boris then, is he going to close parliament, how is he going to get enough votes to get us out, esp with the speaker who ever it is they can throw out or delay legislation. To me the best way out of this is with a general election either way. Plus remember the TV ,papers and politicians have forgotten, a lot of people voted leave because they did not trust remain!!! EG ' Are well you voted remain you voted for the free flow of people, you voted remain for further integration of Europe etc, i could go on. When in fact there was a lot of people who wanted out who wanted to go back to the old common market, there were people who voted out because they were frightened of further integration and there were people who voted out who wanted a deal. Not many people i talked to wanted absolutely no deal. They did not vote for a no deal and to me it is a mistake for the Conservative Party to forget that.
  5. This is what i posted a few weeks ago. see below! As you can see, i had no idea about your coin or the said youtube video that #scottishstackerdave (who i do not know) put out, but i do have experiences with Gothic Crowns at Auctions and people being shilled. Indeed i have been shilled in the past and its very hurtful when you find out that so called friends have been tricking (fooling 'conning') you, giving you the wrong advise in a friendly way while pumping the price. Shill bidding is illegal in the UK , EU . I think its very bad form what you did driving the price up on ebay, you even admitted it in your post that you said you did 'try getting the price up' or words to that effect. You should be ashamed of yourself. You then had my posts removed and the thread removed. I looked at the rules and ok it was most probably because it was in the sales section. This is not in the sales section it is the general precious metals . I am responding to your comment to me.
  6. I have a 1945 circulated one and the condition is quite worn, IMO it would make sense if the Mexica/Central American Drug cartels had used them as currency, though its only an opinion I have no evidence and i have never been to central America. The other way they were worn is they were used as a medallion on a chain again used by suspect people having looked at yours you may have one of those check out the edge marks near the E,T and above the D it looks suspect if so yours has a history. I bought mine from HGM a long time ago. There are plenty of original ones out there.
  7. 31st Oct will be D-Day if Johnson gets in, thats if he doesn't lie again. We will leave or there will be a General Election because he will have no choice. His Government will collapse if he doesn't leave or get a deal by then. Labour are in a mess so it will be very tempting for the Prime minister to call an election anyway.
  8. In the past i sold most of my stack which was gold, I agree selling gold coins in around 2011 was easy all i had was sovereigns and Krugerrand's. Now i have silver too IMO a bad decision although i will sell quickly to a dealer at the right time for me. With my flatware and hollow ware i will also sell to a dealer may be in the London vaults I'm not sure yet.
  9. This is what we pay for the behaviour is disgusting. https://www.rt.com/uk/463924-sexual-harrassment-mps-staff/
  10. Is Boris Johnson President Trumps Bum Boy? He certainly won't stand up to him. IMO When we leave the the EU the USA will -uck us over and treat us like a whipping boy. I do not like the EU not at all in fact i want out of that club, but you are all deluded if you think the USA will give the UK a half decent trade deal. When we have played our hand with the EU then the USA have the strong hand and the UK a very weak hand, sorry if this upsets anyone. The UK has recently upset China, Russia, India to name a few, this strengthens the USA's hand when negotiations start, on the other hand if the UK was to negotiate with the 3 countries named at the same time then the USA would not have such a strong hand. That's why Boris Johnson's refusal to back the diplomat in the USA was the wrong move, in fact it was a very poor move, it shows a naivety and weakness that will be pounced upon be all future foreign countries trade negotiators.
  11. It looks like the idiot Carney cannot be called on to raise interest rates even now. The GBP is in sh-t street, the USD is the least worst in this game. In the UK more and more working people are lining up at food banks (that is for free food other wise they would starve) and one reason is the BOE will not raise interest rates, just to keep the housing market pyramid scheme going. The GBP does not buy very much these days.
  12. No he is playing a longer game, he is stopping amendments now for when September comes so he can play his hand even if Parliament is closed. Remember Blair tried to close Parliament and it didn't work. Only then he can point back and say look i stopped those amendments. As for the house of Lords, Johnson won't give him a Peerage anyway, he will have to wait for a few years and he knows it. May brought back the same legislation how many times? The fact is its down to the numbers of Conservative MPs who voted against their own leader what ever she brought forward and i believe the same will happen again under a new leader. The only way out of this will be a General election, I am sure the new leader will give it a go and should have a go, but after that a General Election must be called.
  13. With all the falled businesses how does this man get away with it, how is he able to to get facilities with PayPal and credit cards.
  14. This company who i would not buy from again. Remember he was supplying new coins not older coins, we thought he had a business plan of a loss leader then sell higher marked up proof coins. IMO I believe, i have no proof and this is an opinion, he uses the money coming in to buy the coins for previous months customers and he had hoped the market was going to carry on into a summer bear market after brexit not a bad call at the time but the wrong call as we now know. He should of refunded all who wanted a refund. The fact he has not means he has used the money and it is not there. If i was running his business and a customer asked for a refund when they had bought a sovereign at £240 inc delivery i would refund straight away because i would know i could sell that coin for £30 more! IMO The fact he refuses to refund should tell anyone there is something wrong.