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  1. I go to Blackpool for a day trip every year with the kids their not so small now but they still want to go the oldest is 29 we have a great time. This year we went to the Tower, circus, Dungeon and the Arcades all at my cost! My Mrs and I first holiday was in Blackpool in a guest house. One thing there wasn't any donkey s on the beach this year or last year.
  2. I have a few fakes it turns out. One Gold sovereign that's 18ct that I keep for reference as it's a good fake. The other silver fakes were silver Pandas that I bought from secondary sellers who have disappeared. The best way to test coins is to know dimensions including weight and to have a magnet. For Gold you can pick up a coin sizer for a few quid + some scales for around £15 -£20 for the house £8 for pocket. Be aware Government issue coins have a minimum/maximum weight.
  3. Excellent. He doesn't seem to like anything that's gone one in parliament recently, he makes sense of things, relates to history and how the MPs behaviour is against the public. To get a rounded view listen to the full interview.
  4. Easy to check, If you are seriously interested i suggest take it to a good garage one of the independent Audi/VW specialists even if this means a 20 -30 mile trip (thats only 60miles) then get them to do a full MOT and ask them to check the car out eg full check then ask if it has if it has a DPF. Or you could get a service check minus parts tell them you are thinking of buying the car and you want to know what is the condition of the car and what are the faults and how much will it cost to fix. The cost to put the car on the road in a good condition. Get them to list faults to you with prices, there will be some.
  5. My children are all on facebook and is mrs pipers none use there name or pic. I just cannot understand it. Who me i'm on the left on here. though on the right in in the main population. I'm thinking it maybe more trouble than its worth. The thing is i hadn't even posted one comment. I had joined one community so maybe someone reported me on that forum just for joining? Plus i had tried to join another.
  6. Facebook Sh-te After many many years i thought i would join Facebook indeed i asked a member on here to give me an invite to a community (thank you) on facebook. I joined and guess what Facebook have disabled my account within a 48hrs and thats after reviewing my account within a 3 hours. All i can think is i didn't quite put my full name, the thing is i don't go by my name and people will not search for me by my name. Thanks Facebook. I have written to face book asking them why they have disabled my account so i wait for a response.
  7. Got a black and white TV. Try and find one! If you live with a partner they will transfer it to them. Then get at them
  8. I agree to leave it there, as I thank you sir and I submit to your command of the English language sentences just seem to flow.
  9. I believe a lot of people have realised we live in a news bias uk now, but they are not aware how to get unbais news!
  10. _ _ , , , I thought we all had brains the same size give or take. 'Us mere mortals are way beneath such massive brains ' you made this quote as a sly comment because you didn',t like my answer to you, you had your answer which you clearly understood as you quoted in your answer and then you made comment in which you try to make me look like a d-ckhead. You also go on to suggest I believe I believe I have unlimited power and suggest I am a socialist by taginge the Nazis socialists link. Do you honestly think I haven't read up about Hitler and Mussolini and made my own mind up, or did you do it for others to read and not to dare to post against you or have an alternative view. You stated that decades of socialism and linking it to Labour I pointed out that 3/4 of the time the conservative party hold power and I was going to say they give tax break to there friends the country cannot afford to get re elected I would never say the conservative party are socialist and I have voted for them, maybe you think differently. Your construction of sentences and use of words tells me you are education is well above mine and your comments suggests you believe you are superior and I should keep quite. Oh for anyone else who didn't know who Otto Von Bismarck was https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otto_von_Bismarck
  11. I have read Adam Smith unlike most and see that there has been very little free markets in the UK or the west, most people blame the bottom but here is the killer the fact is the City of London looks after its self at the expense of everyone else it makes sure it has all the advantages very little free markets there if you read Adam Smith's full books not the summary book. You ask if I am Anti capitalist my answer is I am a free marketeer if that makes sense to you. Again I point to my post above about a Bismarck was a German liberal not Socialist who realised the health of the German countryman made a difference in productivity!!! Also my point about a rich city and human poo shows how all for one's self is stupid even for a free marketeer, for the health of the his own family a free maketeer would invest in a clean area or maybe that's just me you might be happy living with it.
  12. Sorry you just made me laugh. As you probably know in GB before WW1 the lower class were kept in a state of semi starvation, we know that through our history books and also proof comes from a soldiers training for WW1 The German recruit was far more fit heavier and could go straight into training, while a British recruit could not be would need feeding up and also fitness training. Bismarck in Germany had realised if the German population were fed and were fit then they would be more productive plus happier, this was carried on. while in the in GB a different method was used, keep them hungry and fighting each other. Also the record books show the lower class in GB men were under size and had not grown through malnutrition fact. Decades of Labour socialist, well I cannot argue against decades of misspent money and electorate bribes. For a start the Conservative party have been in power for 3/4 of the time and they have cut tax revenue and borrowed big George Osborne borrowed more than anyone else ever! You are painting socialism with all the ills of our country, I thought your were joking as we have not had a social democratic Government since 1970s, Blair/Brown being a Neo Liberal Government. So I pointed to a story that I saw on the Keiser report about human poo in a rich City, it shows capitalism for what it is including the article! I can loosly link it to GB before WW1 where the city in the USA is very rich though the poor do not even have the very basics not even somewhere to do a poo . If you cannot see the article for what it is then well. I am no friend of labour and no friend of the Conservative party