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  1. Hi guys, I know some on here know a lot more about laptops than me and a couple of years ago I asked for help choosing a laptop for me which went well. Now my son wants a new laptop for Christmas he will be 16 in Jan so it will for both Christmas and birthday. The laptops needs to be able to play simulation games OMSI, also Call of duty, witcher etc. Can you recommend where to buy, what spec I will need,cand what price I will be paying. Oh he will be using a 15 inch screen. Obviously I don't want to spend loads! But it needs to do the job properly.
  2. I am a swing voter and consider myself as of the centre, I cannot vote for Labour this time as Corbyn is far to much to the left. The Lib dem's are just really big liars Jo Swinton is a Nutter. B Johnson tried to deliver a deal when he and Gove were campaigning for Brexit they did say they would get a deal. I have been impressed with Johnson and the team around him so I am voting for him
  3. HT, I don't think people near me will switch from Labour to Conservative apart from the same few that's where the Brexit Party standing in all of the country would of done it. It's a very hard sell now.
  4. Oh and I do think Farage hasn't got the Bollocks. Imo he is more interested in his radio show or he has been promised some cushy number if things turn out, by a rich donor.
  5. I live in a Lab con marginal with the Brexit party taking votes from labour then the conservative party would win. Not now, Labour will have their tail feathers up, it's an easy sell for Labour as those who would vote for Brexit would never vote for the Conservative party! I believe it will be the same across the North now plus into the Midlands.
  6. Farage is a f-cking Liar. LIAR LIAR LIAR. Unless he fields candidates in all Labour Conservative, Liberal Democrat seats. Yes talk is cheap Nigel Liar Farage !!!!!!!! Anyone who wants to leave the EU will not be able to have a vote. Maybe he hasn't got the b-llocks to field a full team because he knows he will be substantially beaten Yes Nigel you have shown your full colours. You put you left leg in, your left leg out, in, out, in, out, you shake it all about!!!!! He is like the Grand old Duke of York All of a sudden the Conservatives ARE having a Brexit. The thing is in the North Labours position is now stronger and easier to sell. It goes something like this 'The Brexit party are just the Conservatives in disguse, Farage is a secret Conservative just look where they are not standing'!!!!! Then a map will be shown to. Yeah thanks Nigel.
  7. Some peoples value isn't value though sixgun. I would say buy bullion as close to spot as possible, buy gov mint coins though sometimes other coins can be had to.
  8. IMO Landlords have had it easy in the UK for far to long. The best way for Government to use the money given to the landlords in the long-term would be to be to build good quality council houses that police/Doctors/nurses/firemen etc get first dibs on. Then normal working families get them . After so many years they could buy the houses but the council has to build restock houses sold plus as population grows housing stock must grow . This may seem left wing (it's not) to some of you but imo it's the best way to keep the next generation home owners this then turns into small medium enterprises. Lower rents enable savings to buy, invest, which leads to business start ups!
  9. Extending then school day though not educating the children is an idea from the late 1960's. It is not a left wing idea, I believe it came out of the USA to counter the Liberal, student movement by big business.
  10. On my way home just saw a National Express bus it reminded me of this song though the video has nothing to do with buses. But at the end of the election and Brexit I am sure there will be plenty needing the same help as in this video!
  11. GD to paste songs over from youtube all your have to do is open a tab in you search engine, load youtube, search for the song you want, copy the address line, paste over onto silver forum.