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  1. vw1972

    5 kilo silver bars

    No not planning on it. Its just had to own one.
  2. vw1972

    5 kilo silver bars

    I just Got my 5kilo bar. Damn that feels Nice
  3. Only vat on silver.
  4. You dont have to invole the goverment when you sell
  5. vw1972

    5 kilo silver bars

    Hey, this is my latest purchase: A 5 kilo coinbar from coininvest in Germany. I know that smaller items ar easier to resell, but I just had to have a 5 kilo bar, and to feel how it feels in my hands. I dont think many private stackers will buy a 5 kg bar, so when I have to sell it some day its probably gonna go to a prof. dealer at spot-price. What kind of other 5 kilo bars do you guys have, and do you have any experience with selling them, are they easy og hard to sell again? https://www.coininvest.com/en/silver-coins/coin-bars/5-kilo-fiji-coin-bar-silver-argor-heraeus/
  6. Hey, Im from Denmark. Precious metals are not a big thing in Denmark, so i´ve been searching the net for some good forums. I´m stacking 1 oz gold coins, and Silver coins and 1 and 5 kilo bars. VAT in Denmark is crazy(25%) so I buy all my shiny stuff in online from Germany where the VAT is low.