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  1. Thanks for the information. It's great to know. I'll probably keep it for now and go for the long term on this one. I dont really like returning things unless real valid reason like damage etc. That's the thing with these beautiful coins. Long term you just cant go wrong anyway. It's a lovely coin
  2. Wouldn't be in any major rush to return anyway to be honest. As previous comment on here said could be a decent coin long term. I think we all just got a but carried away with the success of the queen and brexit coin, we now expect that success on every coin perhaps.
  3. Oh really. Sorry folks just to clarify. I did not know any such returns policy at rm existed. So are yous saying you are able to return to rm within 14 days if you like. Do you need to give them a valid reason for wanting to return and do they welcome accept or what. I am in a similar position regarding my gold proof megalosaurus. Lovely coin aswell.
  4. Brilliant. My gold proof megalosaurus 50p arrived today. Lovely coin.
  5. I think there will be 4 this year. 1 a quarter the remaining 3 I think will be definitely the Beatles, the rolling stones. And I thought perhaps the who but on 2nd thoughts probably oasis
  6. Fantastic work. Great deal. If I was in a position to buy today I would have been on to it in a flash. Seeing some great deals on here.
  7. Depends, coin coming straight from the mint. Know need to be graded in a hurry. However after a couple of years old and more than 1 owner I like getting graded. Always nice to know the quality. I often get coins under say 12 months old graded. Especially if you are like me and plan to hold the coins a while and know you will get graded at some point. However very rare I take such a coin out the capsule.
  8. Waw. Very quick indeed getting sent from New Zealand on Thursday to receive it today. Brilliant. I've never purchased from abroad. Do you bye from other mints around the world often. I might look into that. Any obvious pros and cons I should be aware of when buying from international mints. For example if you were to by from the us mint is there not a charge for it to be released by customs when the item enters the uk.
  9. Ye I like the silver coloured one. Very nice. Waw very quick delivery. I purchased the gold one. Should be with me next week. All really nice stuff.
  10. Then I bought a 10 oz. Stacker and was initially meaning to buy more of them to stack on top of each other funnily enough haha. But the 10 oz stacker is the only silver I have not covered or vacpacked and has really got a lot of luster on it. I got it from a very well known and reputable dealer. And it's fine because it doesn't effect the value of the silver content. Just not as nice to look at. Although kind of cool in its own way.
  11. Hi Howard. Cool silver bar. The first bar of silver I bought was a kilo. We pay such a premium in the UK for silver but I still like it