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  1. Brilliant all, thanks for the time put into reposnses it is much appreciated! and some very interesting info in there, also I definitely see that's a good way of looking at higher premium stuff too! To be honest the maples were a very early purchase at a good price and since then been mainly for the brits (being UK based i like the CGT free!). Some very interesting points about the eagles though I was unaware! So the question now is, do I want some artistically formed silver!!
  2. And yet more food for thought, thanks it's nice to see how others approach, and yes I guess it's a risk balance and depends on mints and coins etc. Think will give the QB a miss, probs would have picked a few up if I had come in on the lion and dragon etc but maybe not for the rest, may just go somewhere between with the likes of the coat of arms (although not sure if I'm right in saying RM are one more prone to spotting) and thought about a few of the anniversary kooks to hold for a flip in the future as they seem to do well and aren't a huge premium over spot. Still finding my feet with the nuministic side of things!! Well with all of it to be honest!!
  3. Thanks for responses, yeh I think it is that stacking the same old coins can get a bit samey, variety is always nice! And yes was think more along the higher premium gold being better, cant bring myself to do it at the mo, the sovs required some saving for think would find it hard to go for higher premium gold at the moment l, definitely something to look at for the future is just a shame to miss the boat and a few coins I really do like!
  4. some good advice and food for thought thanks
  5. Hi all, Just a quick question about bullion grade premiums... I primarily stacking for weight and as such am mainly sticking to the more common BU coins etc, avoiding most things with a bigger premium- so far maples and Brits in silver and Sovs in gold. I do however like the look of some of the higher premium stuff unsurprisingly, queens beasts for example. I understand this can come under the more buy what you like kinda stuff but ultimately all going to be sold off at some point in the future as this I'm mainly doing it for long term savings. So question is - if I was to pick up some of the slightly higher premium stuff (have some coat of arms silver) pr for sake of argument just say some of the queens beasts series, how likely is it to hold some sort of premium in the long term at bullion grade I.e with milk spotting toning etc? Sorry for ling winded approach but may help avoid more questions!!! Thanks in advanced
  6. Hi All! (Re - work of previous post as added bar and kept editing sorry!) Looking to shift the following silver, all sold as bullion quality all coins are loose and have been handled: 1 x Scottsdale mint 100g bar (in bag it came in I've never handled this) 2 x Heraus 1 ozt bars (sealed) 2 x 2011 Canadian maples (milk spotting and handled) 3 x 90% half dollars 3 x 90% quarters 13 x 90% dimes (mercury and roosevelt) Mainly looking to trade out either for silver brits/uk cgt silver Or for some type of gold (less fussy here) Happy to add cash depending on offers Would also sell as lot for £160 (hoping this is reasonable, bit new to the selling side!) + PP Please message with any questions Thanks for looking!
  7. May also be up for adding a 100G Scottsdale bar of this helps the trade along Sold as Bullion grade again although I've not handled this and was bought new always kept in sealed baggie. Alternatively may sell as lot for £160
  8. Makes perfect sense and thank you very much for your time and the info, everyday is a school day! Just wanted to make sure really and wealth of knowledge on here still bit too new to it all and don't want to hazard guesses when it comes selling stuff off°
  9. Hi All Looking to trade out the following as no longer works with way I want to go with stack All sold as bullion grade and coins are loose and have been handled Please see pics below 2 x Maples (milk spotting) 2 X Heraus Bars (sealed) 3 x Half dollars 3 x Quarters 13 x dimes Am hoping to trade for - Brits (or other cgt exempt coins) Ideally some form of gold (less fussy on type) Happy to add some cash too depending on options Thanks all!
  10. Much appreciated advice and thanks for response but was just more wondering if the liberty half dollar looks alright and if that weight of 12.2 is too far out of what anyone would consider normal, unfortunately didn't make it clear in original post, was hoping to cut down and transfer to trade if peros said that coin looked ok, that'll teach me for laziness!
  11. Hi and a happy new year to all! I was just about to try and attempt to trade away some of the silver I picked up not that long ago while starting out as and just wanted a bit of help first also didn't want to post up on trade topics until I've had a bit of advice from Some of you much more experienced people! So short of it is am Thinking about trying to get rid of the following all BU grade and all has been handled so nothing too shiny .. 2 x maples (milk spots..) 2 x heraus 1 oz bars (sealed) 3 x 90% american half dollar 3 x quarters 13 x dimes Now all from legitimate dealers the bars and maples from atkinsons and US coins from coin dealer but there is one suspect amongst them and wondering what you guys think? Theres one half dollar that just feels a bit different and seems a bit light but I don't know if it's just fared worse than the other two it's the liberty one and weighs 12.2 gs(which also made me wonder.. ) Shall add pictures, thanks all for your time in advanced!
  12. Lewbear

    Buying gold now

    Definately a lot of interesting points raised and a lot to take on board. Ended up picking up a few sovs just ti get foot in the door really, im also terrible with holding cash (big reason for saving thrpugh PM) and i know a bit of self control goes a long way and am getting better but cash is too spendable!! In terms of the current high if there is a minor drop not too worrying as more for pong term anyway bit also was lucky before, i only own about 30 oz of silver but current spot is way above what i paid per Oz anyway do hopefully balances out a bit! Nice to see a few different thoughts and opinions though, gives a few more angles to consider! Certainly feeling better just to get off the start line and think it will make it easier for me to hold and wait when the peaks high, although holding the sovereigns does make me want more... the bug has begun and thinking so 24k may be necessary...
  13. Lewbear

    Buying gold now

    Once again muxh appreciated all!
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