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  1. Thanks... It worked after I rebooted my phone! Cheers!
  2. Hi.. On my phone, how do you do a 'like'? I figured out the feedback but cant see any buttons to click for a reputation like..
  3. Arrived today.. Many thanks! Well pleased with the bar and the transaction.
  4. "...and do you think that seven maids with seven brooms for seven years could ever sweep it clean?" ..said the Pussycat "..I doubt." ..said the Owl, and shed a bitter tear. In other words, question everything, ..the moment you got it figured, you'll be wrong.
  5. Hi.. I'd be interested in acquiring two of the 1889 examples if there are any left. Cheers,
  6. That's excellent advice, many thanks.. A few months ago , I bought my first coins, (the big) 2013 and smaller 2015 1oz Britannias, and got my three 224GBP Sovereigns off H&B. More Sovereigns next I feel, ..but is it always best to just get "minted" coins rather than nice but used ones? Cheers..
  7. https://harringtonandbyrne.co.uk/2019-united-kingdom-gold-uncirculated-sovereign-3290.html £224 sounds good..
  8. WAG333

    What does PO mean?

    Hi.. Got two questions.. 1. What does PO mean as a difference between these two? https://www.ukbullion.com/gold/buy-gold-coins/gold-britannias/2013-royal-mint-1-ounce-gold-britannia-po.html https://www.ukbullion.com/gold/buy-gold-coins/gold-britannias/2013-royal-mint-1-ounce-gold-britannia.html 2. How desirable is the larger 2013 1oz Britannia compared to later dates? Cheers..
  9. Hi.. Just joined this forum. I'm Steve, just retired as an NHS Bio-engineer and this looks a decent hobby for me (I have another one in the shape of an '87 Corvette but that's for another forum). I'm totally new to this so I'll be reading rather than posting for a wee while yet.. All the very best to you all.. Cheers, Steve