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  1. Pablo

    Pricing help

    Hello guys Sorry for the late reply, I had my girl here for some days that I was busy. I do agree with you and I did not get them and I am looking to just silver and just recently I get 10 oz 2017 Canadian maple leaf for £148 and that this a fair price by my opinion
  2. Pablo

    Pricing help

    Hello Gideon and thank you. You are realy more than right. I do like the stacking side of the silver but something in me always try to get something what is a different. And even I know is right to stack almost same coins like everybody else because there are reasons for it, I will always try to look to something different. And I do agree with you that price for them is realy to much, but I do keep thinking about the Unicorn from the Queen beast. It is just one of fifty and I never have a chance to see it smaller limited edition than that. If I will be able to get the price of that one for around £75 I will go for it just to know how will turn out. Thank you for you advice
  3. Pablo

    Pricing help

    Colour Thank you guys, will avoid them. Even I like it because they are different. OK and what about the gold gildet coins? Are they better for collecting than the coloured ones?
  4. Pablo

    Pricing help

    Thank you so much guys. I realy was naive and I was thinking completly opposite way. But after thinking about that you are right. Thai was very helpfull and will save me a lot of the money. Thank you again.
  5. Pablo

    Pricing help

    Yes yes I am much closer to this side of silver too, but I do know the colectors side can be great too. Wanted to just know your opinions on that guys. Still I realy do like it how they make the coins. Thank you for your opinion
  6. Pablo

    Pricing help

    Hello guys and silver forum I am still new to the world of silver and I does have sometime trouble to know how much can be worth silver coins from limited editions. Now I been offered 4 coins. All limited edition and togeder they are 5oz 999 1 oz silver maple 2017 Golden noir series - passion red maple. Number 7 from 500 1 oz silver maple 2016 Maple seasons series - Winter. Number 76 from 100 1 oz silver Panda 2010 with holographic finnish. One of 250 2 oz Queen beast unicorn 2018 antique flag. Number 16 from 50 I will attach photo of them. They do ask £250 for all of them. Even all of them are from small limited editions, it is seems quite a lot to me. Can you please guys help me? It is a fair price for them? Are they realy worth that much? Anybody know how much they are realistically worth, please? Thank you in advance guys. Pablo
  7. Pablo


    Thank you all guys. I like this page. I do have a question, how do you pricing silver coins from the limited series? Like one of five hundred or mayby a hundred? I did look many and many pages and if I found the coin the prices are so different. It is worthy to try to getting these coins?
  8. Pablo


    Thank you very much. London here
  9. Pablo


    Hello to everyone. I am new here and almost new to the world of silver. Wish to everyone a nice Easter weekend. Pablo