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  1. Did not expect to come across this thread on this forum but I am in a similar mindset as you at the moment. I live up north east where the house prices are very cheap there’s a few people I know he was doing a currently and is making very good profit/income from it will be following this.
  2. After some sovereigns any years after 2000
  3. After some 10oz bars what you got!
  4. Happy new year! What you after buying this year and what’s your goals.
  5. https://www.chards.co.uk/1-ounce-gold-coin/1oz-gold-bullion-coin/one-ounce-best-value/486 don’t know if that is any help to you?
  6. After one 10oz bar anyone got one for sale? maybe even do a swap for some gold if possible cheers matt
  7. Looking forward to seeing this replies on this been thinking the same for awhile!
  8. Looking for £65 each bar have 7 for sale
  9. Anyone have a umicore 2.5gram bar for sale cheers attached a photo sure yous know what it looks like thanks
  10. Won this in a raffle! Any ideas what’s its worth has a couple marks on it cheers Bouchy5
  11. Ordered a half sov this morning after reading the tread! See how this goes! Fingers crossed