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  1. Would be nice if there were a list of refiners or something with all of their fee schedules and rates. I think I will spend some time trying to put that together. then maybe start calling and see what hidden fees they also charge.
  2. ARA seems like one of the highest ones Im seeing 93% for melt rate. But guesssing they have fees.
  3. Oh I would have thought bullion would be the biggest category purchased. I used to buy collector coins but I certainly got killed on those when I went to sell them never paying a premium to spot again maybe 10% max.
  4. Hmm Ill check into that. I am surprised there arent more people here that use melters. Seems like it would be a pretty common thing to do especially with just scrap.
  5. I guess no one here has had experience with scrap refiners?
  6. Well bad timing look at that plummet in spot price unbelievable almost.
  7. Rarely and its only for 5 items maybe once a year.
  8. Wouldnt I get much less doing that? ebay takes 13% right off the top and most sets go for about 10% below melt so thats 23% below melt.
  9. Hmm Yes there are a few places here to like replacements.com that might be interested. Probably worth asking.
  10. I guess I should probably go directly to a refiner instead of a middle man if they are going to scrap it anyways. I saw a few online but not sure how reliable they are. Most claim to pay 90%-95%. Transferring this amount would also be difficult.
  11. Thanks for the feedback! Ya I have come into some bills that I need to start thinking about paying off and I am currently not working so I do not have any extra income coming in, just savings. I am mostly interested in unloading a very large amount like probably all of it to one person or maybe break it in half. I certainly wouldnt want to ship small quantities all over the place that would take a lot of time, shipping costs and risks. I also think I may get a better price selling a large lot than even selling many small lots especially with melters but maybe dealers also if they have deep pockets.
  12. Ya I suppose finding a dealer might be a good option. Consignment would probably be a huge hit considering I would take auction and consignment fees. A melter might get as high as 95% of spot? and that seems pretty unbeatable. I could also keep some of the really rare patterns and better names. I wouldnt think a dealer wouldnt pay that much because they are going to want to make a profit margin..
  13. I dont see why anyone would sell on ebay with the 13% fee plus the risk of shipping it makes no sense.
  14. I have a large amount of sterling silver flatware some that may be collectible that I would like to sell. Probably close to 10,000 ozts. Is it a good idea to bring this to a refiner or try and get more on a market somewhere?