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  1. Very interesting, thanks for the info. Would it be fair to say that this issue would normally be seen with weaker strikes? Also, is it usual for the flan/planchet to exhibit random contact marks in different directions? If so I'm guessing this would be linked to poor handling prior to being struck? Cheers.
  2. Asking £10 in total for both boxes including postage. This lot comprises a very nicely made wooden box with spaces for 12x crown sized coins along with a good quality red leather box with 24x spaces. Both fit Quadrum Capsules (50x50mm spaces) The wooden box Interior looks sweet but regrettably the exterior has many scratches on all sides, though could easily be refinished. The red leather one is in good shape with only minor marks. Payment by Paypal Friends and Family please.
  3. Yes they did, apologies that I didn't update the listing. Added 0 minutes later...
  4. For sale; 2x Royal Mint Piedfort Sterling Silver Proof £1 Coins including COAs. Pics attached; both are good looking coins. The Oak Tree has a couple of tiny contact marks to the outer fields of the reverse (as seen in the pics) and a great looking obverse. Some slight tarnish is visible on a section of the rim. The Leek has light hairlines to both sides that are are hard to photograph and very, very light area of toning to the upper left of the reverse field... Each coin contains 19 grams of sterling silver so based on today's spot price there is £6.50 worth of fine silver in each coin. I'll take £8 per coin plus postage. Price includes the screw capsule and COA. Paypal Friends and Family payment please.
  5. Bump for price reduction. 1 box now sold and the 2 boxes with capsules offered for £20 inc. postage.
  6. For sale 3x 2x 2002 Golden Jubilee 24 Coin storage boxes with velvet interiors, all in very good, clean condition (there are no external logos or emblems to these cases) Each comes with a lift out inner tray and has twenty four 50mm x 50mm compartments so are suitable for both Lighthouse Quadrum capsules or crown sized coins in round capsules. The boxes come with 48x round crown sized capsules. I'll take £20 for the 2 boxes with capsules including tracked postage. Given the price of Quadrum storage boxes these days, I think this is a decent price as they look very tidy. Please be advised that the next posting opportunity I'll get now is next Saturday. Cheers.
  7. Premiums are still high, but Royal mint have an offer on both the gold and platinum Queens Beasts...
  8. Priced at £50 for all 4 coins inc capsules.... Another bargain here; 4x Britannia 1oz Silver Coins with free capsules purchased from a reputable dealer. These are definitely bullion grade coins; they look great from a distance but there is some whitish tarnish and spotting visible when tilted to the light, along with light cleaning marks to a couple of them. Again though, please buy as bullion grade only, as I'd rather you be pleased with your purchase. If you want em nice and shiny, then a quick dip or polish would work wonders; though this is not something I would do myself as I'd rather the buyer knows exactly what they're getting. Priced to sell at barely above spot. Postage is £2.70 by Royal Mail Insured 1st Class Tracked. I am UK based; payment by Paypal Friends and Family or bank transfer please.
  9. For sale; One Piedfort Silver £1 1995 Welsh Dragon Proof wth COA and box but no capsule. The box has a slight pressure mark/line on the top but the covering is intact and still looks OK. Regrettably this coin has a contact mark to the reverse along with a couple of scratches to the fields. It does not appear to have been cleaned though and the obverse is perfect. I received this coin as part of another lot and it came without any capsule to protect it. Looking for spot price; total weight is 19 grams sterling, so £6.50, plus postage by Royal Mail of £1.50. Paypal friends and family payment please.