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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for the latest delivery via the Group Order. I picked my package up this morning after coming back from holiday. Excellent service as usual!
  2. I'm not particularly attracted to them, and don't currently own any. I did buy a partially colourised American Eagle once, only because I got it at a good price. I sold it a few moths later for a £15 to £20 profit, but that was more luck than any great knowledge about these sort of coins.
  3. Black Mirror Season 3 Episode 1 for any who haven't watched it.
  4. I usually do it on an ongoing basis. I chuck the coins in and then pay the rest by card. It means I don't mount up a massive pile of small coins. Yes, it means a card payment, but you're using cash too.
  5. Yep. Same here. The only time I'll go out without any cash is when I'm out for a walk and know 100% for sure that I won't by buying anything. I usually just leave the whole wallet behind, so no cards either.
  6. I'm afraid I usually use the self-scan. They're usually quicker, easier to get rid of small change, and no contorted facial expressions when I pay with Scottish notes in London.
  7. I wouldn't like to see cash disappear entirely, although I don't see that happening. I like cash, but understand and enjoy the speed and convenience of contactless payments. Sweden seems to be ahead of most other countries when it comes to cashless transactions, although I understand that the Swedish government has suggested that people keep a stock of lower denomination notes and coins in stock in case the payment system goes down. I've been doing that for a while with a stock of fivers, tenners, £1 and £2 coins at hand - enough to last for up to a month or so. I like new technology when it comes to payments but am equally happy to stick to the older forms. I still even write cheques from time to time.
  8. It's always interesting to see what others are getting. Looks like I was the only one getting full tubes of Kookaburras this time, while it looks like others were getting a mix of things.
  9. Just received my Kookaburras. Thank you once again @BackyardBullion . This is a great service!
  10. dunmac

    Glint Pay

    Sorry to resurrect this old topic, but I was just wondering how many people use this. I've had an account for the last few weeks, and so far so good. I'm treating it as one of my savings accounts and cost averaging by converting a small amount per day into gold. The money I put into it would have just been sitting in an account. I did a test purchase with the card the other day and bought a new pair of hiking shoes that I needed, which cost me 0.9003 of a gram of gold. Based on my cost averaging I paid 67p less that I would have had I just paid on my debit card. Ok, I know it's not a massive saving, but it was a relatively small purchase. I'm thinking this is a nice way to save and use the funds for the odd purchase that is necessary from time to time. I certainly won't spend on the card when gold is lower than my cost average but when it comes time to buy a replacement laptop or phone, and as long as the gold I have is worth more than what I put in, this may come in very handy. I don't see it as a replacement for owning physical gold, but as I have no intention of selling my physical gold until after I retire, I won't see any financial benefit of it until then. I'm seeing this as an interesting means of making some small financial gains from gold in the shorter term. Any others using this, and how have you been using it? It would be interesting to know.
  11. Thank you @BackyardBullion . I picked up my package from the sorting office this morning. Compliments to you and Mrs BYB for taking the time to do this and for packaging it up so well. Can't believe the overall group order was so small this time, making my proportion of it much higher than I would have thought!
  12. I believe the European Mint does this.
  13. dunmac


    Looks like a chocolate coin still in its foil wrapper.
  14. dunmac

    Pricing help

    I would advise anyone new to silver stacking to focus on building up their foundation stack with bullion grade before considering the premium coins. As others here have said, there is no guarantee that these coins will retain their premium. Coloured coins should really be treated as a nice novelty item, and if they do retain their premium then that should be treated as a bonus.
  15. dunmac

    Where should I start?

    Lots of good advice here, so far. The only thing I would add/reiterate is to start small. Don't feel you need to invest all the money you want to all at once. Start with a bit of silver, perhaps a variety of different 1oz coins. If you like them, then get some more the following month. If you really like them, don't go crazy. It's very easy to get caught up in the bug and buy too much at once, or at the wrong time. I went through a bit of a crazy spell when then price of silver was considerably higher than it is now, but buying a little every month is helping to bring my cost average down, especially at current prices. When you're ready to move into gold then sovereigns are a good bet, especially ones you don't mind getting your hands on and jingling around. Just don't take them out of the house to jingle around.