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  1. Mmm nice , I've been waiting on this release. Thanks for posting.
  2. I remember it and I'm only 37. Was like that for a few years until the firm's I worked with moved with the times. Added 0 minutes later... Added 0 minutes later... Added 0 minutes later... Added 0 minutes later...
  3. I'm kind of similar, though I do understand the importance and necessity to keep cash going. As I feel like others once it dwindles to a certain level the powers that be will do away with it which I think is not good at all. cash should always be available I feel . Digits are trackable and traceable and have no soul. I really must make a concerted effort to use cash more often.
  4. I can't help with th grading but if you're worried about the scratches affecting the value I'll offer you 10% over spot for it ! only kidding , that's a really nice coin you've got there 👍
  5. Received my sixth sov' today with a two day turnaround. My fifth order from them I believe. No rhyme or reason to there three max per customer. Not that I'm complaining !
  6. Interesting video. Thanks for sharing. I like the no nonsense way he delivers the information.
  7. Yup I've had the same bumf through the door. Just opened one now = D day 50p silver £60.....errr no thanks. Though I am more a stacked than collector.
  8. Like a few have posted already. I'm Sov's for gold and Britannias for silver, for stacking. I have other silver pieces to tickle the numismatic itch.
  9. I've had five off them so far under the same circumstances ie same card and address with a sixth just purchased an hour ago. Its a confirmed purchase so far i can only hope they follow through with the sale.
  10. Quite right mate. Strike whilst the goose is still laying the golden sovs 😁
  11. Sorry I should of said order confirmation. Got carried away with the OP terminology.
  12. I only buy from goldsilver.be now, even with the postage after roughly 5 coins it's cheaper then uk, especially the RM. I do multiple purchases and get them sent for one postage cost.