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    I like to collect and stack both Au and Ag.

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  1. For me it is bars , rounds square then triangle. Some lovely work there!
  2. It maybe a common thing? I've no idea. I don't own or have handled a poured bar before. Again, lovely work !
  3. As in the lower left looks like it has air bubble inclusions , bumpy edge. not slandering your work, I think they are lovely.
  4. Middle and right. Left looks a bit strange. Dodgy pour? Lovely work !
  5. Likewise I agree. I feel though unfortunately again the average Joe live s such fast paced lives with all the stresses and strains that it brings that they have neither the time nor inclination to do there due diligence and are at times happy to be spoon fed sound bites. And I feel again unfortunately they are the majority. again only my opinions
  6. My point still stands , for me at least. The main 'news' channels report enough 'facts' to get people plugged in and then they can spin any old carp they want. The average Joe doesn't search out what they believe to be factual reporting , they turn the tv on and let themselves be told there 'facts' . British biased corporation is one of the worst. Impartial my hoop, they ARE the government's voice !
  7. Wow 219 a good price. Cheapest I ever managed to get from them was £224.
  8. Well said @mr-dead and so very true. I'd rather there be a glut of sources for me to wade through than a handful of most certainly controlled media !
  9. Ha I was just about to post the very same link. Just got two myself and got partners grandparents to get me another three. Added 0 minutes later... Below spot if I'm not mistaken !
  10. Derv

    these gold coins

    If they are real gold they will be worth at the very least bullion value. I can't help you any further as I know nothing of these coins.
  11. I get you now. you take out what you put in. I'm a bit of a new age dinosaur, IT is/was never my strong 💪 point. Thanks