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  1. I fully agree with all the posts above. Except FM. it seems you can emit as much carbon as you like - as long as you pay your taxes for the pleasure. What's gets me is the level of brain washing going on , especially in the young. they are being programmed to repeat , not to question. Repeat a lie often enough...! Fluoridated water , haarp , chemtrails , 5g , these are the things I worry about . Certainly not the hoax of global ahem warming !
  2. Not bad for a 10 year old 😉 a few nice pieces there.
  3. It's worked so far since un listing myself a fortnight ago. Up until that point I was getting a couple of letters a week!
  4. Likewise I've had a few off them. apart from one phone call and initially a load of 'junk' mail (my fault as I never ticked the right box 're correspondence) I've not heard from them again.
  5. It's because of this forum i purchased the book a few months ago. I've still to read it though , I've a couple more books to get through first before I crack the spine. I'm looking forward to it.
  6. I sometimes think that's the plan. Get everyone disillusioned with the long drawn out false promises. Throw in a few scare tactics and fear mongering to boot then the populace will beg for a deal, any deal, as long as it ends the uncertainty. Project fear is in full swing it seems
  7. Imagine the scheming going on around the country's
  8. Rest thy weary bones !......and dream of silver..
  9. Ditto @Wackattak924
  10. Greetings & salutations