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    I like to collect and stack both Au and Ag.

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  1. Hello can I have : 1878 Victoria , 1816 George lll, 1836 Gulielmus , top left veiled head victoria, top right crown, thanks.
  2. Hello , if you don't get a trade I'd like the 2000 & 2002 coins ? thanks
  3. Can I have the last one, please?
  4. You're a bit late to the party. It's already going on......and has been for years. Just...look up!
  5. Derv

    Who is next?

    Aye I think so too. Though I'm sure I read about it being a 6 coin series a while ago. No shortage of characters to choose from...
  6. Derv

    Who is next?

    Looks good. Is this going to be a continuing series of are they stopping at seven, any idea ?
  7. Derv

    Who is next?

    I thought this series was meant to be a 6 coin run, or am I mistaken?