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    North of the wall..
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    I like to collect and stack both Au and Ag.

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  1. I'm game if please Added 0 minutes later... Damn auto correct. Pm
  2. Derv

    Harrington and Byrne

    Last year when they phoned me to cancel an order, as I had exceeded the annual order limit I told them to cease with the junk. It worked, no more mail. Strangely I was able to still place orders...
  3. Derv

    Harrington and Byrne

    I think that is their way if that was your first purchase. Certainly tried it on with me too. Next comes the barrage of junk mail 'offers'!
  4. I'll take what's available please
  5. Sounds about right. 31.1 being the legal troy minimum.
  6. Just imagine if you could control the weather...