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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome guys, pity my car owners forum isn't this warm. 😂
  2. You're a techie, you owe everyone money, lol. Thanks for the welcome mate.
  3. Lossie, Lyneham, Scampton
  4. Typical MickD, there had to be at least one in here.
  5. Hello everybody, Just starting out on my journey into silver. Currently doing my 'homework', so I am glad to have such a valuable resource to call upon....your many years of experience and knowledge. I look forward to discussing this amazing area in the weeks months an years to come. My user name 'RAFStacker' refers both to my new found interest, and the fact that when I was serving in the RAF, my trade was supply and logistics, or in military terms, a Stacker. Thanks to you all.