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  1. You claim to speak for millions of people? on what grounds. Ps Hitler was an atheist, and the last iraq war killed around a million muslims, that was for oil.... Religion being used for abuses isn’t strictly a western thing, but you do have a majority stake in your history of that... so i say again, look outside of your own historical perspective at history as a whole. Isis is currently in two countries, one ravaged by 11 years of war and an oppressive sectarian government by British and americans (mainly), syria has had a minority totalitarian dictatorship installed, again by western governments, and has been in a civil war for 3 and some years.... ya think that might have something to do with the exodus of people? I disagree, I believe we have been given multiple angles of an authorised version of events. The ONLY people who know the truth are the people that are there.
  2. I don’t know, Im inclined to believe the exact opposite of what the media tells us, esp considering they were cheerleaders for the last 14 wars in muslim countries, so i just think there is A LOT more to ISIS than what we will ever be told about by the media here or anywhere really. We live in a situation where all the information we are subjected to is filtered and authorised. I can only hope that ISIS gives way to a true islamic state, because it was only under an islamic state that the region has ever really known any form of stability, success or tolerance. Un fettered freedom and democracy haven’t really worked. Nor have they ever truly worked. Any true islamic nation must have its basis in islamic law, and a part of that is governance of the economy, which states a bi metal currency, a gold and silver standard. Any other nation will be subject to failure as it is simply a country with a majority muslim population. 1/4 of the worlds population needs to be left alone for an organic system to be implemented upon the social constructs that exist. not ones we would like to exist thinking from a solely western perspective.
  3. Now now.... Going on for at least 6 years the World islamic Mint has been pushing a standard, of 2.975 grams per dirham and 4.25 for dinar. IS want to create a currency based on Gold and silver. If person x in turkey can buy 4.25g of gold cheaper than you could is that going to bring down the price of gold everywhere, or better yet bring it up? What if they tie it to oil, say 1 dinar per barrel. Gold and silver in use as money. We listen to a lot of stuff against the world Banc and IMF and a lot of propaganda for it, how much pro ISIS stuff have you herd? Maybe there is something in that.... I think this is the perfect excuse for western governments to stop the moment of PM’s Lets see how this unfolds.....
  4. Answered my own question by reading the royal mint website, apparently a gold sovereign was 20 shillings. So a months rent at the tope end using the prices HT kindly gave. A months rent is also the price of a good tailored suit, which i know is the standard value of a gold coin. so in essence the value of a sovereign should be about a £1-2000 putting an oz in at about 4-8 grand. by which standards, gold is super cheap right now. ​please correct me if I’m wrong.
  5. so how much would a sovereign have cost? Was it currency or was it always a bullion coin?
  6. Hi guys did the curiosity here. What do you think you would’ve been able to buy with a gold sovereign in 1909?
  7. i got told off at 11.53 for buying a kilo.... buy my beloved wifey, she since then banned me from buying, i was in a strop then. at this rate fiat would have been better for me over the last 12 months. much better.
  8. Hi guys, been messing about on the internet Silver is taking a beating at £±10, no doubt in it, the markets aren’t showing it any love. Gold is at £733 What is the price of gold and silver in todays inflated prices 1970 silver price of £±0.71 in todays value £±9.58 1970 gold price of £±14.55 in todays value £±333 in 2000 silver cost £3.23 in todays price that would be £±4.78 in 2000 gold cost £180 in todays price that would be £±269 it would seem as if historically, silvers value has gone down. Correct me if I’m wrong but i have been using measuringworth com .... Give me your thoughts.
  9. silver scraping £10 an oz, no apparent bottom, whats the support structure? if economic news continues to be positive over the next few Q’s then how low could it go. All this means to me is less pretty coins and more bars.
  10. maybe the correction is back down to 2/3£ an oz
  11. anyone know when industrial usage figures for ’14 will be released, if so this might make a difference. and then the PTB will suppress it and drive the price down. What is the £ on a lunar kilo atm? - and are horses still around?
  12. i think the release date is a little into November, so you may be jumping the gun a little, i think the finish will either look cheap or it will imitate the lunar rounds with the satin finish.
  13. Dinars and dirhams from south east asia, coins from the oman mint are stunning.
  14. I’m not buying anything at that premium without weight and purity stamped on it. might get an oz or 2. just think how will newbies tell the real thing from a knock off. I reckon this is gonna flop at sometime this year and they will just start adding the weight and purity on the edge of the coin.