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  1. $14.99 today as of 4:20 Pm and I am buying as much silver as I can be for our dollar pulls an Elvis.( Takes a poop and dies ) I want to see Trump kill the fed after November 2020. Gives me lots of time to stack Gods money.😀
  2. Welcome to the forum. Never saw any coupons for any of the larger dealers. Tho they all have weekly specials.
  3. What ever happens. Just know their are people here in the USA that are rooting for the will of the people. If it has to be a hard Brexit. So be it. I don't believe the horror story's the EU are putting out. But then, I'm not there. Just know this. Many nations will still trade with Great Britain regardless. WWG1WGA
  4. EdRossi624


    I add postage and Tax to my cost.
  5. Funny. Todays spot is $15.48 at SD Bullion.
  6. Hello to all. I am new to stacking PM's. I see our paper currency has about 3 cents of value left in the dollar so I figured I better do something to protect what little wealth I do have. Been ghosting on the forum and got to say I have picked up quite a bit of Knowledge. So thank you folks. I am looking forward to participating here and gaining even more insights from all of your points of views and experiences.
  7. Buy Gold when you can afford it. Till then keep buying the silver. I can buy a Silver eagle for under $20.00 USD and my wife is ok with it. I buy an ounce of Gold and our budget is blown to Hell.
  8. For me, I stack silver because silver has real value. It has been used as currency since tie time of Christ and was The United States first currency used in trade. The price of silver is attractive to the common working man and will retain its value far better then paper currency.
  9. Thank you Paul for this outstanding spreadsheet. Provides me with everything I could possibly want to know and then some. That my friend was a lot of work you did. Thank you so very much.