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  1. Kussilver

    Group buying

    Great service from Mr BYB. 👍Looking forward to new group order
  2. Kussilver


    Welcome. I have ordered from gs.be and never had any issues, delivery is normally quick but can be expensive if not ordering in bulk.
  3. Il take it. I’ll send PM now
  4. Open an account with TransferWise. It’s quite straight forward you have funds on account in pounds,then pay in euro like a normal bank transfer.
  5. Hi can I take the 2 sterling silver british coins with first class postage. Thanks.
  6. Yes both goldsmith and Swinson have been put forward for a peerage. What a joke. Both lose their seats and the confidence of the public but will now be in the lords for life if confirmed.
  7. So after we leave on 31st jan does any one know, will we still be able to purchase from Europe during the transition period. December 2020 could be the new cut off date ?
  8. Hi. I would like to buy 1 bar plz, add me to the list. 👍
  9. Hi all. I’m not part of this order. However I have ordered a tube of lions from gold silver.be. They are due for delivery tomorrow. So they are definitely available if this is where they were sourced from.
  10. Yes insured delivery is best. The best way to pay I found is TransferWise. Easy to set up and pay. If you go to first page of the thread all the info is there. BYB is very helpful if you pm him. Good luck 👍
  11. Just keeps going up. Wish I had brought more 3 months ago.