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  1. Bump. I only need a 2oz Griffin now if anyone has one for sale PM me with photos of it and price. Thank you.
  2. Good morning and welcome to the forum! Have an enjoyable experience!
  3. Thanks Rugbyplayer, But there no more Griffin's or Dragons for sale. Missed that opportunity a few days ago.
  4. As specified in the title, I'm looking for 1x 2oz Silver Red Dragon of Wales and 1x 2oz Silver Griffin from the Queen's Beast series. I'm interested in Bullion coins that have a good condition (no scratches, spotting or tarnish) with or without capsules at a reasonable price. Thank you, Alex
  5. Bummer. Just got off work and seen it's been crossed out.
  6. Can I see a photo of a dragon please? Do they have any spots/tarnish?
  7. *** SOLD *** _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Selling 2x 2019 Gold Sovereigns of the Harrington & Byrne variety. These are gorgeous examples, never taken out of their capsules. Selling as I'm going for larger coins now. Price is £296 each. Cheaper than all the usual vendors*: Royal Mint £314.15 Gold.co.uk £313.90 AtkinsonsBullion £313.65 Chards £307.4 + £9 for P&P BullionByPost £315.4 * Prices for 1 coin as shown on the respective websites at the time of posting. Postage of your choice: £6 Special Delivery (recommended) £2 Signed For 1st Class (not insured, at your own risk) Payments via Bank Transfer or PayPal F&F. Thank you.
  8. haha, yeah, I've explored the easy to find options on the forum. Thanks for the interest to both
  9. I am looking to purchase 1 or 2 1oz Krugerrand Gold Coins (any years) at a sensible price, if anyone has some and it's willing to part with them. Please let me know if you have any for sale, your price & postage options. Thank you!
  10. Interested. Do you sell them individually or you're looking to sell them all at once?