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  1. Oh, snap. I do love this series (don't hate me). Design isn't the best for this one, true, but gotta have it.
  2. It might be a good idea to save up and buy in bulk to save on delivery. Additionally, you'll find plenty of good deals around here with cheaper postage within the UK.
  3. Hi there, Welcome to The Silver Forum. Hope you have a pleasant stay. There's a plethora of useful information here and good deals for everyone. All the best - Alex
  4. Hi Ducat, Welcome to The Silver Forum! - Alex
  5. Good evening, I have some 1oz silver coins for sale (including a 2014 Britannia). Or, if you're interested, there are also 2oz QB White Lion, 1oz Year the Pig and a 1oz Valiant (all from RoyalMint). Please see my sale post if interested: Thank you. Best regards, Alex
  6. Hi, I have a 1oz 2014 Bullion Britannia if you are still interested. Please see my sale post: Best regards, Alex
  7. Last reduction and last call. I will withdraw whatever is left unsold Wednesday evening as stated in the initial post. I believe there are quite a few good deals to be had (especially the 2oz Lion, the 1oz Perth Dragons, and the Lunar coins).
  8. Welcome to the forum!
  9. With that amount of cash I would honestly diversify over the lowest premium coins. Sovereigns and Britannias if those are the only ones you're looking for. Additionally, if there are better deals out there (like the 50 Pesos at Chards), I grab some if the premium is 1% or less. If you don't want to spend all in one go, maybe worth spreading the purchase across a few months to average out the cost.
  10. That's an amazing price for such a lovely coin. Too bad I'm already over my budged.
  11. Love the sovereign but that red would burn my retinas away if it was on my phone 😅
  12. I've ordered from them on a few occasions (items that were in stock only) and it was always dispatched within 1 business day of payment using UPS Express Saver. You can get in touch with them and ask how fast they'll dispatch your order once paid for just to be sure.