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  1. Interested. Do you sell them individually or you're looking to sell them all at once?
  2. I know, there quite a lot of sections around here, you'll get more exposure in that part of the forum as well. 😉
  3. You should post them in the Sale section of the forum, here. Also, please post photos of the items as per posting rules. Thanks.
  4. I'll buy it and sell it on the forum for £250 😆 Do I get any expression of interest?
  5. ram64

    New member

    Hello Stephen! Welcome to the forum! I'm sure you'll find plenty of useful information here.
  6. You can try Harrington and Byrne, they had a good price going on last week (just make sure you don't agree to any of the marketing).
  7. Just received it. Lovely bar! Thank you
  8. I would be interested in the Lion if you want to sell them separately.
  9. Similar to Nick, I use a spreadsheet with as much detail as I am willing to type in. But I try to add at least the Purchase price, Seller, Spot price at the time and any other costs (postage, VAT, currency exchange rate etc). Premium is calculated based on all costs that were involved in a specific purchase. I plan on labelling all my items with a reference number to that sheet as well, just so I know what came from where, in case I have similar coins bought from different sources.
  10. ram64

    Silver in Ireland

    Define ”cheap” and for what purpose. Is it for melting/crafting, investment, collecting (I assume the first one, considering you're looking for shot). Some of the cheapest options will be right here on the forum. You can look for sales posts appropriate for your location here. There are plenty of sales that are bargains. If you need specific items you won't find here, the closest cheapest options will be buying from either the European Mint or GoldSilver.be as you can get silver without paying for VAT, but postage might be expensive if only requiring small quantities.
  11. Welcome to the forum!
  12. Good evening and welcome to The Silver Forum!