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  1. I would pluck for either the Perth mint Dragon bars (just stunning), or as you already have brits go for Eagles. Also if you can afford 10 oz it sometimes works out cheaper to go for one 10 oz coin, kookaburra or elephant, although the Perth Mint Dragon Bars are probably still the best price per oz. good luck
  2. Might also be interested in a group order, just love the QB and Valiant 10 oz coins.
  3. I will look into that, thank you
  4. I like the challenge, plus every pirate ship needs a treasure chest!
  5. The ballast in under the floors in the bilge, way too damp to keep PM in, maybe I could triple vacuum bag it? Now there’s an idea 💡 replace the ballast with silver, love it.
  6. It can be a conundrum, I was torn between Britannias and the Unicorns, I know the Brits would be better value for money (which is why I guess you were looking at Kangaroos) but this would probably be my only monster box purchase, so I went with what I like. I hope to trickle fill tubes of brits over the next 5 years to acquire the next MB. Best of luck.
  7. Made me chuckle so much I may have wee’d a little lol
  8. Yes I think we have very similar strategies. My buying is normally on a much smaller scale and will return to such after this order, which is a shame because I could so get use to it😁
  9. @Abyss Great advice thank you 👍
  10. Yes see https://goldsilver.be/en/. Should say they ain’t the only European dealer but do seem the cheapest. £20 shipping charge. Pay using wire (bank) transfer. Simples. Happy hunting 😊
  11. Don’t we all, but if you’re quick you can still get VAT free from Europe before the 29th.
  12. @Abyss I have 221 oz of silver and 3.5 oz of gold already. I started last year and my strategy was to collect 100 oz of silver and 1 oz of gold a year. I clearly exceeded that goal, I’m definitely addicted and need to rain myself in at times. The monster box just happened at the right time where I had a windfall of cash and decided to invest 1/3 in silver 1/3 in gold (no rush due to VAT exempt) and 1/3 in ISA. I like your strategy, and I too am not too concerned with Brexit, just thought it was prudent whilst I had the funds to buy silver in bulk.
  13. They are just stunning. The plan was to get Britannias but I thought heck why not, it’s bullion and they say buy what you like, right.
  14. Hi welcome, sounds like you’ll be hooked in no time, especially going though all those delightful old coins.
  15. Welcome I’ve just submitted a large pre Brexit order too.