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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Silver makes up 80% and Gold the remaining 20% of my stack. (By price, not by weight unfortunately 😂)
    Mainly stacking QBs just now, and always collecting anything i see with with a dragon on it.

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  1. These are gorgeous. Especially on the chinese dragon, the detail really on show around the dragons head compared to the original i have. The detail on the aztec much easier to pick out too, but mainly im iust blown away by the 2 dragons. I really liked them to begin with though, so maybe i am biased. Thanks @BackyardBullion
  2. This is excellent, its improved every time ive looked, well done @S2G, love the additional coins you are tracking too!
  3. Not quite the £147 mentioned earlier though. For £4 id buy from the mint, ive never had a bad experience there. Onky ever picked up gold there mind you, including 2*2019 sovereigns at £270 each not so long ago. Wish I'd got more. Always the way. If i had the gold spot would have tanked though 😂
  4. Looks like they jacked the price, £160 for a half sov, which is currently more than RM are charging.
  5. Its about the going rate.👇 http://coinapps.com/silver/gram/calculator/ The calculator gives melt price at spot so only a guide as it doesnt include minting/pouring premiums etc.
  6. Ok, be wary of eBay, if you dont have calipers, a digital scale, rare earth/neodymium magnet you'll have a hard time telling the real from the fakes. The group buys on here, facilitated by BackYardBullion, are really worth it, although this months may be the last because of Brexit. Time will tell what happens to those i suppose. This forum also has a for sale section, which is a good place to pick up small (or large, i dont know your budget) amounts of silver bullion. Ive bought from a couple of sellers (ive never sold, i cant see why i would sell my stack) 😂 Good luck, you've picled a good way to prepare for whats coming in the global financial system, precious metals like gold and silver are a great hedge against financial ruin.
  7. Really nice. Clean page too, i like that. One suggestion might be to take into account each sites postage costs? HGM was cheapest at £300 but charges £6.50 p&p, which meant it was actually cheaper to pay £301 at theGoldBullionCo with free next day delivery. Chards charge about £10 iirc for delivery so on a single coin or two, thats quite a difference.
  8. I think in a full blown SHTF scenario, gold and silver simply replaces your USD. You vould pay someone for a days labour with an oz of silver, or buy his vehicle for an ounce of gold for example. Total collapse of society is not a scenario i envisage, but if shtf means a total collapse of the current financial system? I very much envisage that, and have started stacking for wealth preservation through that coming currency reset. I dont know what money will be, there may be a gold-backed system a lot like the Bretton Woods system, or it may all shift to digital, trustless decentralized cryptocurrencies. It could be both. There could be govt issued crypto backed by gold, or a basket of mixed currencies for example.
  9. Im going to suggest this forum in the trade section. The August group buy with BYB is open too, so I'd recommend that route if you are in a position to buy soonish
  10. Hey, what town/city are you in btw? Just in case you are local to me?