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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    My stack is 50:50 gold:silver (By price, not by weight unfortunately 😂)
    Mainly stacking QBs just now, and always collecting anything I see that has a dragon on it.

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  1. Im really liking the unicorns and the new white lion actually. The lion thats aka the bodybuilder 😂
  2. Today i received my little piece of the group order! Yaaay! Yes, there was more, but i forgot to take a photo 😂
  3. SendYourCoin2Me


    Its 50:50 and no entry fee. Anyone know what the hell I just voted for. Will any of us win. What is winning anyway, none of us are getting out of life alive.....
  4. I really wouldnt risk adding it to your basket until it is in stock. They have an order storaged for me right now and if the white lions 2oz silver doesnt come in this week, as indicated on their site, I'll just hit the shipping button. I deliberately havent added them to my order yet because ocassionally the estimates are ridiculously waaay off. For example, I've been wanting to pick up this 2oz Screaming Eagle since March/April. It was updated to say July and now it still says July and it isnt in. The question is July in which year 😉.
  5. Yes, buying from GS.be is fairly straightforward too. Takes them a couple of hours to approve your order before you send payment via transferwise (as i do) Shipping is arranged by them, its a choice of a courier they choose, or FedEx. Ive chosen both and its FedEx every time anyway, so just select the cheaper option😂
  6. Yes, i used the product link on one of the many, many, many posh letters they send me every month. I reckon i get 5+ a month. Normally punting hugely overpriced proofs. Or last week it was a proof silver krugerrand and they wanted about £130 🙄 i want 7 or 8 krugerrands for that much money lol. Proof krugerrand? Naaaah lol
  7. I had a fall out with fedex last month. I had a bottle of engine oil 'delivered'. It was signed for by B.BIN. (behind bin?). I waited in for it and the bin is also in front of my window. Furthermore, a neighbours security camera only saw a DPD delivery which my neighbour got. Fedex just put me off, and said they were still investigating blah blah blah. I know my driver as he's at my door once a month, so i quizzed him last week. He already knew and quoted the date as he was on holiday 🙄 The company sent me another bottle of oil, which was very good of them, but the fedex guy probably binned the first to save the trip as I'm semi-rural and probably not near his other deliveries. GS.BE have fairly strict instructions so no fear of it being left behind a bin. I hope...
  8. On the Harrington & Byrne theme: Quarter Sovereign proof victoria 200year anniversary Quarter proof sov at £99 seems alright for proof collectors?
  9. You will pay about £22 for shipping from goldsilver.be if you go there. O ny used Europeanmint via group buy myself, but I suspect their courier is a similar price.
  10. https://www.preciousgoldandsilver.co.uk/world-of-dragons Ive used this forum members online shop before, it was all good 👍👍
  11. My March and July deliveries from Goldsilver.be were both FedEx. The price was about £25 for a little bit under 10kg each time (not all for my stack sadly). For a tracked and insured delivery from a well known courier, i was happy at that. Price fluctuates slightly because of the £ to € conversion.
  12. Its never really saved, just delayed. I just spotted a kg bar Arshimo is selling, might be having that later today instead 😂