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  1. Hi Matt Of course bud just the one will be £23 delivered 2nd class signed for or you can upgrade to 1st class signed for £23.26 delivered bud, your call. ill pm you bud 👍
  2. Hi bud I only send signed for and 2nd class is £2 so £23 posted
  3. Ok anyone interested in these at £21 each plus post 🙃
  4. I’m closing this off this evening, thank you
  5. Thank you BYB I like this getting free stuff feeling 😁 Received this morning with thanks 👍
  6. Germania 5 Mark 2019 1oz Silver Rounds, I have 11 available of these stunning rounds. £27.95 each/PRICE DROP £21 each plus postage, NOW ONLY 6 available PayPal F&F please Thank you 🙂
  7. I have 5 Royal Arms 2019 1oz Silver rounds for £80 posted 1st class signed. Thank you
  8. I’ll tag you in a pre order I’m doing on 10oz Chunky Cast bar bud
  9. I see that but by the time it reaches my front door it’s cost me about £250 ish lol, but thank you for pointing that one out 👍
  10. They are like gold dust bud as Scottsdale only make a batch every so often once in a blue moon. I’ll keep my 👀 open 😉
  11. 100oz bars are awesome you can use them for weight lifting 😁
  12. Just wanted to share, I have been on the hunt for the infamous Scottsdale 10oz hand poured bar for a while and now I have 2, happy days 🙂
  13. And they sat on the doormat for a few hours too, maybe I should do a lottery ticket today 🙂 Thank you BYB
  14. Well what a nice little surprise I had today, thank you @BackyardBullion and Mrs BYB 🙂
  15. My problem is that as I’m not able to purchase over 250oz this time round there’s a $50 transfer fee which I can’t get round but let’s see how many bars people want to commit too and we’ll go from there bud 🙂