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  1. @silenceissilver, I will post you the link but I need to warn you in advance that you’ll find it very shocking.
  2. The comment makes a valid point. I never really took seriously the animosity which governments and banks have towards private gold stackers until the Iranian government recently hanged two Iranians for stacking gold Azadi coins which are the equivalent of our sovereigns. The terrified looks on those two Iranians’ clean-shaven faces before they were taken out of the courtroom and publicly hanged still haunts me.
  3. My point is exactly the same as that of Richard Dawkins which has got nothing to do with him being born in Nairobi, formerly British Kenya, which I’m familiar with, of course, but the scientific fact that we can all ultimately trace our DNA back to Africa. Dawkins is not just self-identifying himself as an African but everyone else as well. He would still be able to make his point if he was born in Oxford, England.
  4. Unfortunately, you do get slapped with a hefty customs and VAT charge plus a handling fee if you order anything outside Europe unless it’s ridiculously cheap. When I say ridiculously cheap I mean the one or two air-tite capsules I ordered from the US in order to avoid their hefty charges which come into effect if you order in bulk. There’s no way to get around the customs charge and handling fee because they slap it on you at the border and won’t surrender your parcel to you unless you cough up the money. Unfortunately, the same problems will occur when we leave Europe which is why I fast-tracked my order of a Mexican Libertad with CoinInvest in Germany before the Brexit deadline. I was not meant to order that Libertad for many months but Brexit drastically pushed forward my plans.
  5. Transgenderism was maligned in the past. I don’t know if transageism will become acceptable. However, I’m dead certain that paedophilia won’t become mainstream in a hundred or a million years time. What I find truly abhorrent about the man is that he’s attempting to put transgenderism and transageism on a par with paedophilia which I know will never become mainstream. Is the article’s author pandering to the paedophile’s fallacious argument or reporting it objectively? The author’s prejudice towards blacks and transgenders is evidenced in his closing remarks about Rachel Dolezal and Caitlyn Jenner. There’s nothing wrong about white people self-identifying themselves as Africans as Rachel Dolezal or the atheist Richard Dawkins has done. Science can ultimately trace all our human DNA back to Africa. Caitlyn Jenner has done nothing reprehensible since coming out as a trans woman or even before she underwent her gender transition.
  6. Serendipity


    Welcome 🖖🏻 It’s always best to trade with reputable dealers and the forum has a good track record.
  7. Thanks for sharing! It’s always a pleasure seeing what other forum members have in their stacks. My silver stack consists mostly of Pandas, Koalas, Kookaburras and novelty Star Trek coins (the one on my profile).
  8. I’m in the same boat as you which is why I buy sovereigns over gold bars. You’ve got nothing to worry about with gold coins as long as you buy from reputable dealers. I would steer clear from eBay unless it’s a reputable eBay seller you’re buying from. A fake coin is easier to detect than a fake bar. Nothing official is ever issued about counterfeit gold-plated tungsten bars because it would cause investors to panic and be a huge embarrassment to the world’s gold refineries. However, fake bars do turn up in the commodity exchanges as this news report back in 2010 shows. Not surprisingly, the news story on YouTube has been blocked: http://news.coinupdate.com/largest-private-refinery-discovers-gold-plated-tungsten-bar-0171/
  9. Thanks @Coolsmp! This is exactly my opinion of an underwhelming coin which none of the major reputable dealers can be bothered to stock. This is the type of overpriced, undersized coin from obscure mints which “tabloid dealers” always love to advertise in the back pages of the tabloids just before the sports pages. It’s always best to stick to recognisable coins from recognisable mints when it comes to buying and selling. There are plenty of vintage Victoria sovereigns and half-sovereigns available without the need of commemorative coins.
  10. I’m way ahead of my stacking strategy for this year. Atkinsons doesn’t seem to be supplying 1oz gold Somalian Elephants and Mexican Libertads anymore which is why I ordered them from Bleyer and CoinInvest. I was lucky to get them because they are difficult to access in the UK. I’m left with only three 1oz world gold coins to get, the Canadian Maple Leaf, American Eagle and South African Krugerrand, which are easy to obtain in the UK. I might also get an optional fourth 1oz gold British Britannia to make up for the fact that I bought the Lion of England in preference to the Britannia. I wIll also be buying the two remaining 1/4oz gold Queen’s Beasts that come out this year. I’ve been stacking gold and silver bullion coins since 2018. My basic stacking strategy back then was to collect ten of the world’s most popular 1/4oz and 1oz gold bullion coins with some forays into the 1/4oz gold Queen’s Beasts series, Lunars, sovereigns and semi-numismatic silver coins. Barring any unforeseen events or emergencies, my stacking strategy will come to fruition in 2020. I was mostly stacking 1/4oz world gold coins back in 2018 and their 1oz equivalents in 2019. One of the 1oz gold coins, the gold Buffalo, doesn’t have an annual 1/4oz gold version so I replaced that with a fractional Lunar coin. My next stacking strategy when we approach the end of the year will probably involve sovereigns because I only have three of the Queen’s “special reverses” at the moment. One of the major problems I’ve encountered is with red spots on my gold coins which is why I urge all coin collectors to regularly inspect their collection. Lots of scientific research has been carried out on the subject which I suspect has been sponsored by the major mints. Five of my gold coins developed red spots which I successfully treated with the bicarb aluminium method despite my reservations about coin cleaning.
  11. I’ll be completing the Queen’s Beasts series with the 1/4oz gold White Horse of Hanover coming out in March and the White Greyhound of Richmond in September. The other gold coins I’ll be buying will be three 1oz world gold coins with an optional fourth 1oz world gold coin. I’ll keep my options wide open about what other gold coins to purchase. Unfortunately, I’m curtailing on any silver buys because silver takes up too much space.
  12. I can’t help but wonder if this man is acting as his own lawyer or his lawyer is just as degenerate as him.
  13. Serendipity

    NGC & Red Spots

    I’m wondering if anyone has slabbed coins which have subsequently developed red spots. Do you have them conserved and re-slabbed by NGC? I’ve treated some of my gold coins for red spots which were fortunately in removable air-tite capsules. I don’t actually own any slabbed coins. I’m just curious to know what do collectors of slabbed coins do with their gold coins when they develop red spots.
  14. The gold Buffalo checks out at NGC and it’s a real beauty of a coin!
  15. Welcome 🖖🏻 You’ve mentioned one of the reasons why I’m biased against buying bars which is China’s infamous gold-plated bars. Tungsten’s density is virtually the same as gold.