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  1. I’ve never seen a fake Queen’s Beast before. The risks of counterfeiting such popular and exquisitely minted coins is just too great. Unfortunately, red spots do occur on 24K gold coins. A red spot occurred on one of my 24K gold coins. This has got nothing to do with impurities in the coin itself but probably due to very small amounts of copper crystallising locally on the coin’s surface. Chards has an excellent article on the subject. https://www.chards.co.uk/blog/coin-toning/232
  2. Thanks for sharing! Love travellers’ accounts of bringing gold and/or silver back to the UK and how easy or difficult it was.
  3. Not surprisingly, I do get the impression from your wonderful profile pic that you are a thoroughly British chap who loves his food and drink. My own taste in foods is just as eclectic as my collection of gold and silver coins on account of having travelled to far-flung places. My own breakfast preferences could be anything from the full English breakfast (bacon, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, fried bread, and sausages) to a traditional Japanese breakfast (grilled fish, steamed rice, and Japanese pickles). My morning beverage could be miso soup to cappuccino. I prefer my cappuccino sweetened with honey rather than sugar and with a dash of cinnamon. It’s also worth mentioning that I enjoy experimenting. I might swap, for example, the scrambled eggs in the full English breakfast for a Spanish tortilla made with eggs, potatoes, and onions. I dice it up making it more like brunch than breakfast. I can’t really recommend any place for breakfast because most restaurants find it difficult to cater to my wide food palette and experimentation. Bit awkward to slip a cinnamon stick into a cappuccino at Starbucks without others noticing. I mostly dine at home.
  4. Thanks for sharing! Very impressive! Silver pourers need to be extra careful with licensed brands such as Mickey Mouse and Marilyn Monroe.
  5. Unfortunately, this has happened to me. I received a parcel with a noticeable hole. It was obvious that someone had punctured the parcel with their finger and searched its contents. Fortunately, the item in question - an empty coin tube - was too big to be pulled out of the parcel through the finger-sized hole.
  6. Yes, you are absolutely right and voice my own thoughts on the yellow metal. Either we’re zillionaires or Hatton Garden robbers. The police have openly admitted the public have little sympathy for the victims of gold heists.
  7. Looks like you’ve seen the best ones! I don’t think it’s a prank but most people really are clueless about gold bullion coins.
  8. Only two brothers know of my gold stack. The rest of my family are money-grubbers. I recently had a young relative visit from abroad who came to work in a pharmacy. He ran to me after a few months with some unconvincing story how he wasn’t paid. I doubt he ever worked in a pharmacy at all. It was just an attempt to get money out of me.
  9. No, I meant gold bullion. I hate gold jewellery. You’re right that the position in India with regards to jewellery is very different because they regard high karat gold jewellery as a form of investment.
  10. Thanks for pointing that out. I should have clarified that I meant those who own gold bullion which constitutes a small proportion.
  11. Unfortunately, I don’t know anybody who owns gold and/or silver. Owning precious metals involves no counterparty risk but stackers/collectors do run the risk of getting robbed or murdered.
  12. I was hoping you wouldn’t like my roundabout solution to the problem because it involves photo editing techniques which people are not always familiar with. You need to have a smartphone with any photo editing app installed, especially a collage maker. Apologies for using your recent coin photo downloads as an example but it involves placing all of your multiple photos onto one big canvas to make a photo collage. It’s not an ideal solution because some of the photos look pixelated when downsized. It probably works best with four photos.
  13. I suspect many people own no gold at all on account of its rarity. Some of my favourite YouTube videos are the ones involving someone attempting to sell a 1oz gold bullion coin to unsuspecting members of the public for next to nothing. Most of the people are totally clueless about gold coins in general and their value.
  14. I’ve experienced the same problem. What I do now is not really a solution which is to stitch multiple photos together into one big photo and post that way.