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  1. UKStacker


    I've seen lead turned to gold on TV. They used the LHC at CERN to produce 6 atoms, I've no idea of the cost (I presume 6 or 7 figure cost per atom), but less messy than an atomic bomb.
  2. I'd buy the lowest premium available. So likely end up with a shed load of sovs. Would mix in some PGMs as the markets dictated.
  3. I've just bought @BackyardBullion's beat up platinum beast. Shame he's taken a loss (I presume) , but we've come to a price thst works for both of us that gets it off his hands and into my stack. Hopefully he can now get one of the quality he wants.
  4. The main thing this forum did was to open my eyes to the queens beasts. My main habbits haven't changed.
  5. It would need declaring the same as cash over 10k I believe. Not sure beyond that.
  6. Do what I did, get the girlfriend to order them to her house 😝
  7. If a member of a club it is easy, you'd be hard pressed for field use though.
  8. Tell me more, silver? What weight? They look great in that satin finish.
  9. No, sorry. I had to google it for excel and follow step by step instructions.
  10. I understand your point, but if you wish to use the things that society provide, ie roads, hospitals, the telecom infrastructure to post on the internet. Then you must pay for it. How much is reasonable is another debate.
  11. Sorry to resurrect this thread, it all makes interesting reading. Pd is still doing well, but dropping a little recently. Unfortunately most points still valid, not many Pd coins and VAT killing things. Does anyone else delve into the dark recesses of the forum to see how people's thoughts were and compare them to what actually happened?
  12. I use a spreadsheet Tracks each metal, price paid, value against spot. Also has a summary page with total value, profit and loss of each and all and how much of the stack is each metal by percentage