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  1. I can't see a trade deal including no VAT on personal imports.
  2. In my eyes, someone who tries to get one of each year, privi, etc is a collector. Someone who buys bulk and stores out of sight is a stacker. The brits are one of the cheapest coins in Europe, so still fit with stacking. Stackers need an exit plan and many feel Britannias are more liquid in the UK, so helps in that respect too. If collecting for the sake of a collection, an exit plan is less important.
  3. My dad used to be an accountant for a manufacturing jeweler. The cars were all reinforced before even considering a safe. By all accounts is caused no end of fun and games when a sales rep locked his keys in the boot. For normal domestic quantities it's not worth it, your car will be worth more than the contents.
  4. It was a sad day the stopped using Britannia silver. It made them unique.
  5. Dud you compare prices on the same day? I've just checked and a Britannia monster box is cheaper than 500.
  6. I've struggled to price this, so based it upon a 500gm bar's premium (%age wise) and not added the VAT.
  7. I've just posted some Pd for sale, I really struggled in working out a fair price. In the end I've listed it at the same premium as a much larger bar, but with no VAT to add. I've no idea if that was correct. I think all PGMs will have the same problem in the 2ndary market.
  8. I've got a Baird and Co. 100gm Pd bar I'd like to sell. I've had it from new. I'm asking for £3900. As I'm new here I'm happy to use ByB as an intermediary. I'll cover postage to him. I've been in contact and he's happy to work with this bar. It's in good condition, but obviously only bullion quality.
  9. UKStacker


    Further to Pete's comment, if no deal then EVERYTHING subject to VAT is VATable, including those 50p amazon parcels from China.
  10. I'm thinking of selling some of my Pd to take some profit now. I'm not going to try to call the top, but I've done well enough.
  11. I've added a little more, but see it as a long term option.
  12. Hi all. I've been slowly stacking for about 10 years. I've not got the stack like some on here. Part of the enjoyment for me is to watch the markets and international events.