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  1. Cheers rounded up a bit more and added gift aid. Screenshot below. Wil send PayPal receipt via PM thanks for doing these charity auctions
  2. SovUK

    A L I E N

    If anyone is interested - I ordered a single 'coin' direct from the Perth Mint on the 9th and it was delivered to the UK on the 13th. FedEx charged £38.92 import charge comprising £26.92 tax and £12 as their 'direct payment processing fee' Certainly wont be including this 2oz in my PM spreadsheet 🤣
  3. I just tried to place an order for a quarter ounce eagle through the Buckingham Collection website and it failed with an error page. Their live chat guy said : Hello, the website is currently not allowing purchases through it. Please call us on 0800 193 0080 and we can process your purchase on the telephone. Doesn't inspire confidence 😂
  4. SovUK

    A L I E N

    Don't normally go in for this sort of thing but that is pretty cool Would one be hit with import duty if buying direct for UK delivery?
  5. Thanks for the replies / offer. I'll go down the eBay route aswell. Incidentally now it's out of the capsule I can see a little toning around the edge - the horror
  6. Sooo I've just chipped the nice capsule my 2018 valiant came in. Dont suppose anyone knows the correct size I should be buying as a replacement? I can't find a definitive answer anywhere on the interwebs. Thanks!
  7. busted Reformed web dev, now I just watch logs and write documentation no one ever reads...
  8. Greetings all, Lurking for a while but finally saying hey Just started dipping my toe into the world of Silver - previously only been interested in old bullion sovereigns - nothing numismatic; just collecting gold with a bit of history. As far as Silver goes I've jumped onto a BYB group order and made a couple of pick ups via the Forum (2019 Brits and Perth Mint Dragons primarily) - for what its worth my spreadsheet gives me an average price paid so far per ozt including all shipping and fees of £15.04. Looks like a huge range of coins available in the Silver world - will try and source one of each (Maple, Krugerrand, Panda, Philharmonic etc) and see what takes my fancy going forward. Cheers! 🔘
  9. My group order box arrived today cheers. All 2019 dragons accounted for. Dipped my toe into the world of Platinum as well - should have been obvious but a 1/10 oz coin is really really small! Thanks allot BYB household!
  10. https://harringtonandbyrne.co.uk/2019-united-kingdom-gold-uncirculated-sovereign-3020.html Still £229 If you search for "2019" it brings up a variety of links to the same thing.
  11. This £229 link still works for me https://harringtonandbyrne.co.uk/2019-united-kingdom-gold-uncirculated-sovereign-3012.html
  12. No catch at all as far as I can see. I bought one for £229 and it arrived 3 days later in a capsule same as pictured by others. Have just bought another 2 this morning. No phone spam, just some email marketing which you can opt out of and a letter promoting their overpriced proofs. If you have allot of friends (and $$$) to get around the 3 per household limit you could try and fill a tube .
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