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    Roy reacted to CadmiumGreen in Brexit status ...   
    What!? Albania was awesome. It was the only country in the Med that had English speaking television shows, other than BBC!...at least until the generator power was turned off at midnight!
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    Roy reacted to HighlandTiger in Brexit status ...   
    For all this socialism/communism versus capitalism bollox, I'm still waiting for a single successful country that has had socialism long term.
    Socialism/communism doesn't work, it never has, and it never will. No matter what the poorly educated and brainwashed youth of today think or say. 
    It requires a huge amount of governmental control in order to work, and that is something that as a species we can never accept. 
    You've got to be a shilling or two short, if you ever think left wing politics is a way forward. 
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    Roy reacted to KDave in Brexit status ...   
    You realise you sound like an establishment tool and useful idiot yourself by saying that Russia is and has always been the boogey man. Its a nation state behaving in its best interest just like everyone else including the EU and the US. 
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    Roy reacted to Oldun in Reading glasses or laser eye surgery?   
    Sorry to be a pedant but on behalf of optometrists the world over, 😅 optometrists check your eyes. Opticians sort out your glasses. 
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    Roy reacted to CadmiumGreen in Reading glasses or laser eye surgery?   
    I was able to get PRK done 20 years ago courtesy of the military, given my assignment allowed for laser eye surgery. I was significantly myopic with astigmatism...corrected to 20/20. I am still holding strong with close to 20/20, but my near sight will never be the same. Still don’t need reading glasses yet. Also can confirm that there is haloing of lights at night. Little annoying but accustomed to it.  Also, one other thing to consider is how much cornea they cut away...I had a fairly intensive eye exam taken a couple of years ago and was informed that sections of my cornea were extremely thin resulting with age. 
    Try taking some bilberry extract...not proven medically, but it helped British Royal Air Force pilots in WWII (mostly for night vision).  
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    Roy reacted to sixgun in Reading glasses or laser eye surgery?   
    i have been feeling pretty rough - my head is in a fog - i have started back on eating one meal a day 4 days ago - i have gone ketotic and my body is going through a metabolic crisis. i will be back on form next week - i hope.
  8. Haha
    Roy reacted to sovereignsteve in Reading glasses or laser eye surgery?   
    sorry😊 but what's wrong? you are slipping😉
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    Roy got a reaction from AuricGoldfinger in Is the UK housing bubble about to Burst?   
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    Roy reacted to Oldun in Brexit status ...   
    Sovereignty. Respect the vote. Like it or lump it, that is what our predecessors died for, not for a bunch of snivelling self serving politicians and some crybabies.
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    Roy reacted to Fathallazf in Brexit status ...   
    I am a muslim, i got my masters degree from the UK. I respected the UK culture and during my stay, i never had anything but great memories. British people were nice to me and i made lots of friends at school and work and i am still in contact with them until now.  I am a muslim but i used to volunteer to help the homeless in leeds. I used to care about the society, help people and even remove plastic bags/glass and anything that might hurt others. I am stateless (Palestinian), i dont have a country and i find it really hard to even live or see my loved ones. I had the opportunity to overstay after my studies, but i didn't because i respect the laws, although i wished i could stay, be part of the society and have a country to call home that i love and protect. 
    I understand that muslims are a problem at the moment, but it hurts when we generalize. 
    People are either good or evil regardless of their religion. I respect all religions.
    I understand that many people move to other countries and never respect their culture and above all that, create problems and never integrate. Ive seen them and i disliked it. 
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    Roy reacted to JosephM in 100 oz Baird & Co   
    Go on then ill take it
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    Roy got a reaction from goldmember44 in Proof coins for investment - worth it?   
    I believe they will appreciate. I buy them.
    But I have no experience, who does? Proof coins are quite a new product (yes, there are older examples, I know)
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    Roy reacted to sixgun in Interesting   
    Then we see the dump of paper gold and silver today to send price down. Completely disconnected from the physical reality. The world is on a potential war footing in the Middle East, the US economy is floundering - if it wasn't there would not be calls for a 1% drop in rates and more QE coming from Trump, real inflation is roaring away - it has to be, look at all the fiat the banks have been pushing into the bond and stock markets - look at the prices in the shops. A long list of woes and yet gold and silver sent down. Central banks buying up all the gold - the supply of silver declining. For me the obvious thing is to be a steady buyer - just buy when funds allow and keep buying. 
  15. Thanks
    Roy got a reaction from dicker in Fake Jubilee Shield Half Sovereigns (1887)   
    1887 seems to be a common year for fakes and for all denominations of sovereigns.
    I think they're fascinating 😀
    @ilovesilverireallydo, I'd buy them for their gold weight if you like, though I expect you'd like to keep them?
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    Roy reacted to ZatStackz in Today I Received.....   
    Got the latest 10 oz Queens Beast recently and added it to my box.  I'm halfway through!

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    Roy reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Today I Received.....   
    Got my massive 2110gm (67.8 oz) delivery of @StackerQueen hand poured Marvel and DC Characters. I love how raw they are. All hallmarked too  

  18. Haha
    Roy reacted to JunkBond in Today I Received.....   
    Vintage National Refiners of Canada 1oz.
    A man cannot live on Engelhard alone. 😂

  19. Haha
    Roy reacted to Bullionbill01 in I was going to tell a joke about a gold mine.........   
    But everyone would just pick holes in it😬
  20. Haha
    Roy reacted to PansPurse in I was going to tell a joke about a gold mine.........   
    Reminds me of the time I asked a neighbour if he could make me a gold statue of my whippet.
    He said, "do you want it eighteen carat?"
    I said, "nah, have him chewing on a bone, it's more realistic."
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    Roy got a reaction from AlL in Half Sovereigns - 1914, 1913 ,1912, 1911, 1910, 1909, 1907 and 1906   
    Why withdrawn?
    Great offer imo.
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    Roy reacted to Fastnick in Sovereigns from Harrington & Byrne.   
    The truth is that I am really not that bothered with my info/details being passed/out-sourced to a third party mailing company....
    With the huge digital footprint that I must leave on a daily basis - using my debit and credit cards, a plethora of loyalty cards, records of my landline and mobile phone calls being logged and retained, my travel movements being stored on my iPhone, a record of the websites I visit, both my car and my face being caught on CCTV/security cameras every time I venture outside my front door - my name and address being on one more database just isn't an issue for me
  23. Haha
    Roy reacted to sovereignsteve in Sovereigns from Harrington & Byrne.   
    Your reputation precedes you😂
  24. Haha
    Roy reacted to HighlandTiger in Sovereigns from Harrington & Byrne.   
    I  am extremely disappointed with the customer service of this company. 
    I placed an order more than two weeks ago, and whilst my sovereigns arrived safe and sound, I have not received a single piece of junk mail. No enticing offers, no free postcards, nothing, nada, zilch.
    I suppose I'm just not special enough to warrant being a favoured client.
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    Roy reacted to vand in How to pay no taxes on your income   
    OK, its taken a few weeks for me to get everything set up and in place, but now I have done so and I couldn't be happier.
    How I pay no taxes on my income:
    Gross annual Income: 46k from dayjob
    - Put everything above 19k into my work pension scheme via salary sacrifice (this means contributions come from my gross pay). Together with the bog standard 5% employer match, that fills out 30k into my work pension. I would then ordinarily pay standard income tax of £1300 and NIC of £1244 on that 19k, and get to take home £16,457.
    - Claim £243 per month in childcare vouchers, again this is a salary sacrifice scheme where I can buy the vouchers from gross salary. This further reduces my income tax bill to £715 and NICs to £895 and my take home pay to £14,475.
    - From the £14,475 net take home, I bung 8k into a separate private pension (SIPP), which automatically claws back 20% tax relief, so I get £10k in total. That already more than offsets the total income tax + NICs that I paid, and I have fully used my annual pension allowance of 40k (30k work pension + 10k SIPP). I have 14,475 - 8000 = £6,475 left of my take home pay per year (and I haven't even made use of any carry-forward).
    - Put £2.5k into daughter's JSIPP, again I get 20% tax relief of £625 so £3125 gross goes in, and leaves me with £3975 left of my take home pay.
    In total I get:
    30k pension
    10k SIPP
    2.9k childcare
    3.1k JSIPP
    £3975 take home
    Total: £49,975 from a 46k salary
    Now, I'm a pretty frugal chap, but £3975 a year for living expenses won't cut it. The key is that I do have a decent tax-free side income from Advantage Playing which makes a lot of this possible. "Unfair - that's a unique position and so not applicable to me" I hear you say... well, maybe, but there are other hustles you can do to earn money on the side and thus similarly optimise your "official" finances, eg you can rent out up to 2 rooms in your home for up to 7500/pa each without having to pay any tax, or if you have a situation where you can take voluntary redundancy and line up another job pretty quick, you get a tax-free lumpsum to live off for however long you can make it last while similarly arranging your tax affairs from your new job.