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  1. Roy

    sovereigns for sons security

    Just as well. So many people still fail to understand the purpose of gold.
  2. Roy

    buying gold on forum

    I thought you were stopping at 50oz Mr.G?
  3. Roy

    sovereigns for sons security

    Similar idea here. I chose to do both, bullion sovereigns and 1/4 beasts. I don't have a pic of the beasts I'm afraid. The sovs are still easy to backdate, in fact I think Atkinsons stock them all atm.
  4. Umicore 500g £230 posted SD. UK post only, bank transfer please.
  5. The Original Beast. These are very sought after and command a high premium. £1300 posted Special delivery. UK only. Bank transfer please. Cheaper than current Mint price.
  6. At times like these, I'm happy to be wrong. 😊
  7. Guess what I'm having for dinner? 🙄 @Bluenitsuj ☺️
  8. Roy

    for sale 1 Ounce Queen's Beast Lion

    The advert is approaching three days old and will soon be available to all members. For those new members who are unsure of the trust/reputation environment we like to enjoy, I'd like to offer, with kind permission, @BackyardBullion's intermediary service. This extra layer of protection may help you feel more secure with investing such a large sum of money, a winter overcoat if you like, and all handling and postal costs will be met by me. This is also a good way for you to build up feedback. It's a busy time of the year for everyone so please be patient with the RM and with BYB too! For all the other members who already trust me and want the coin, please accept a £25 discount in lieu. Roy (@BackyardBullion any further comment?)
  9. I'm not entering this because I'm out of the country, but could I offer the entry to the buyer of my coins who has left feedback instead? Roy
  10. I think the best advice if you're stacking silver is that: 5 x 1kg bars @ £421 will always be a better buy than 1 x 5kg bar @ £2360. Even yo Nana would agree. ☺️
  11. All 10oz bars posted 1st class signed for. Bank transfer please. UK post only. Engelhard 10oz £165 The toning is caused by a split in the sheath. Fnaar. Ainslie 'Stacker' 10oz £165 (plastic covering) Scottsdale Stacker 10oz £165 Pamp Lady Fortuna 10oz £185 Cracks in the case . Royal Mint Britannia 10oz sold Oooooohhh 😍
  12. Roy

    New Bullion Series Austria

    From Austria to the UK? Personal experience: No problem at all. As part of the great repatriation, I carried a great deal of silver into the UK from the EU and had no issues. On two occasions I was asked discreetly if the content was 'silver money' and then waved through. The biggest challenge is the weight!
  13. Roy

    for sale Gold Coins For Sale

    @ThePaleKing You're being very fair and your offer to use BYB's excellent intermediary service is wise. That's a cheap piece of gold with little risk, I'd say. In the spirit of the forum however, I'll advise you that you'd get more from HGM today and the coin would only need to be sent once. https://www.hattongardenmetals.com/sell-scrap-gold.aspx Good luck with your sale although I do hope a forum member buys it and new relationships are developed.
  14. Yes, you are correct. I was too sharp. If it comes off, you've done well!
  15. Yes it is. But you won't get 2 x 500g bars for £410.
  16. But Ash is doing kilo bars for £421 posted SD?
  17. Wonderful stocking fillers. For Him. All 100g bars posted 1st class signed. Argor Chiasso £60 Degussa £60 Metalor (no cert.) £60 Mario Villa £60 Argor Chiasso £60 OlliesSilverBars £60 Purefine £30+ Yeagers £18 +each JM £18+ 1oz Engelhard for JB sold! Just goes to show you can sell an item without a picture or a price if you've got a good rep 😊 Apologies for the cock-up. Lesson learned.
  18. Roy

    for sale Small silver bits and bobs

    Omg. Dreadful editing 😶 Posting on Phone. Bad idea 😁
  19. My friend's name is Denzil. He's got a strong back.
  20. Shhhhh...she might look over my shoulder 🙊
  21. Yes, but the Choo's are worth more 😎
  22. She's a filipina. You've heard of Imelda Marcos right? 😩
  23. Roy

    Today I Received.....

    Gillick fan here. You must try harder! Has your missus/kids got phones? lol
  24. I can see both sides. For many transactions: supermarkets, taxis, petrol etc. cards are cool. Like vand, I'll always settle up in a restaurant in cash. Yes, I know you can tip electronically but if I've had good service, I like to slip a note inside the bill wallet. The scary thing with cards is how much responsibility they take away from you. Example: At the weekend, we were out and my wife wanted a laptop backpack thingy. She looked at a few, tried them on, checked it matched her shoes etc... Went to the counter, handed it over, swiped her card and took her 'bagged bag'. On exiting the shop, I asked her how much it was. She had NO IDEA 🙄