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  1. @richatthecroft ta, but again, already have a few. 👍
  2. Albania?! Worst country I've ever had the misfortune to travel to. Everything about it is distasteful. I sincerely hope I never get posted there again. Note: this is not a personal attack but an opinion on the country as a whole.
  3. I fancied a makeover. Bought some new glasses too
  4. No probs mate, a deal is a deal 👍
  5. 1887 seems to be a common year for fakes and for all denominations of sovereigns. I think they're fascinating 😀 @ilovesilverireallydo, I'd buy them for their gold weight if you like, though I expect you'd like to keep them?
  6. The European Union (EU) is a "fundamentally unreformable", "classic utopian project, a monument to the vanity of intellectuals, a programme whose inevitable destiny is failure". Thatcher, 2002.
  7. The answer is always sovs. But why not start another collection of beasts? One to keep, one to sell. They do sell well.
  8. I can do you something @ £10/oz mate. It won't be scrap but it will be a tenner 😀 What goes around comes around 😉
  9. Me neither. Maybe @Numistacker or @Marc know?
  10. Unsolicited idiot question: Can a proof coin be MS51? @HelpingHands
  11. Great price, I already have four of them otherwise I would have bought them Then again, I do have the spare cash...I'll think about it some more
  12. The forum protects the seller, not the buyer!
  13. No problem. I'll probably get banned again but at least we're clear.
  14. @KDave, please forgive my unsolicited comment. How does 2 x 1 oz plus 20g equal 100g?
  15. 'I think you're gonna need a bigger box'! 😉
  16. The Connect Four hustle! I've run up some bar tabs too 😉 Ever spent time in the Philippines @CadmiumGreen?
  17. I'm waiting for the 'for sale (As authenticated by the famous Numistacker)' tag. And the 'for sale (even though I only bought it last week on the forum/royal mint for less) tag. Should help to separate the wheat from the chaff.
  18. You're quibbling over a 5% premium?! Amateurs! 😂
  19. You silly boy! I wanted it but was put off by the multiple listings! If you decide to sell, don't list it again, PM me 😀
  20. @Wonger @sixgun is the forum nut-job, the position has already been filled. He is also very well read, highly informed and respectful to those with differing opinions. He will always back up/quote his sources. He is also wrong on many topics but we don't need to open that box today. 😉 Enjoy sparring with him but expect a bloody lip 😁
  21. @Sparrowlegs4 what is going on here? First you list this coin (4675254-009) on February 17th and then mark it as SOLD. Then on Saturday 23rd you list the same coin (4675254-009) for sale. You then change the status to Completed. And then....on Sunday 24th, you list the same coin (4675254-009) for a third time and, yes, change the status to Completed 23 hours ago, you list the same coin again (4675254-009)! And now, the status has changed to withdrawn? Is it possible to sell the same coin four times?