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  1. @CHAIRYT, Was one slabbed for 492? And one in unopened box coa etc for 436?
  2. Lol! Do you know the best way to confuse an idiot @MrGeorge?
  3. Yes, why would he want to ridicule you? It's not a **** fight. He asked a sensible question, he didn't call you out. So, MrG, let's hear the answer. (flat earth, i expect you have forgotten)
  4. Of course it's not, but it's a common excuse 😁
  5. Is that because you were brought up on a council estate?
  6. It might explain all the missing boats and aircraft? 😉
  7. What's all this capitalisation and enlarging or colouring the font? Is this the KindyForum? Be polite please. We're adults here. P.S. the grammar standard has seriously dropped lately,
  8. Socialists understand gold! They hoard it like anyone else 😁
  9. @sixgun, Yes, that's how I understood it, you're using gold and silver but in different ways, and for different reasons 👍
  10. They are two separate things aren't they six? Your physical holdings have nothing to do with Kinesis, right?
  11. I just used this. If a minimum wage worker is only paying £9 per week in tax, no wonder the country is going down the toilet. Add that to the unemployed, the sick, the disabled, the single mothers and the bone idle and I wonder who is funding the country?
  12. Is that right? You would only pay £9 per week in tax? £1217/4 = £304?
  13. Let's not talk guns, it's stupid talk. Agree with Mick, the copper is our friend. The courts need to be strong, punish those who cross the line. Full force of the law! We voted for it.
  14. No No No. Then we'd be like America, and who wants that? The burglars weren't armed, they don't deserve to be shot.
  15. It's upsetting but I'm angry too. In the US, they say "Stop or I'll shoot!' In the UK they say, 'Stop! Or I'll say STOP again in a louder voice with a bit of force' I don't want our guys to be armed but they have to know they are supported.
  16. Agreed, Full force of the law. They crossed the line. ☹️
  17. My mate Denzil has one of these. It's a beautiful animal but I have no doubt it could snap my forearm in two if I upset it. I'd rather it were in another room tbh.
  18. @MrGeorge Just an idiot I guess ☹️
  19. @JunkBond are you diversifying? 😃
  20. Thanks Dad Btw, Grant Cardone is an idiot who can't string a sentence together. It was painful to watch.