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  1. Just wondering if anyone could give a valuation of this coin ? It's in great condition
  2. I've been directed here from YouTube, it seems like a valuable place to gain some knowledge and info. I have 20oz of silver coins that I've bought, but I have made a mistake along the way. My mistake was buying from Bullion by post, I bought 10 2019 brits from them, obviously I paid the VAT. Then I discovered SilvertoGo and I made a purchase there, which was better price wise. I'd like some info - I want to know how much I should be paying per 1oz silver brit and the best place to buy them? Let's say I'm buying 15- 20 per month. I have also come across 2013 and 2014 brits at 16 a coin, I can see from online companies that brits are going for more than that. Should I only buy brits that were made recently 2017/18/19? And is there any difference in them at all that would make them cheaper than the newer versions ? Ty