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  1. Do you guys think the brexit chaos could cause a price spike?
  2. Silver crosses the $16mark again 🤩
  3. Rocky

    Most liquid 1oz coins

    Where is this video going to be youtube/insta can you pls share a link to that? would be very interesting
  4. Rocky

    Most liquid 1oz coins

    Thank you Apple and JinKesef. Thanks BYB - new to the forum and already a fan boy of your work on insta ane here!
  5. I am looking to invest in 1oz coins - am in the UK. Which coins are easiest to sell - ASE, maples, brits, philharmonics etc?
  6. I can feel it coming the bull run... 😁😁
  7. Thanks Oldun Vand - this makes a lot of sense.
  8. I saw that the spot price is hovering over $16 today... start of the much anticipated mega bull run? Just want to know people’s thoughts.
  9. Rocky

    Coin capsules

    Thanks AGpanda, Pete and Kitboy
  10. Rocky

    Coin capsules

    Thanks Shinus
  11. Rocky

    Coin capsules

    I am going to be getting some silver britannias, I am thinking of buying coin capsules for them. I like the idea of protecting the coins. A few questions: 1. Can coin capsules themselves damage the coin in any way? (Milk spotting etc) 2. What are the best brands to buy? 3. Where can I buy these cheap? Some google searches show 39mm ones for the britannias, some 40mm. Can someone please confirm which size is best. P.S. Complete novice at the moment and new to the forum. I must say that this is one of the most informative places for silver on the web. Happy stacking! Regards, Rocky