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    If it has .999+... I'll take it 😎

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  1. BeeCee

    wanted 1oz Gold Britannia 2015-2019

    Mines is gone now @BackyardBullion ... Made a great purchase with the funds though 👌 Hopefully something crops up @Toddie
  2. BeeCee

    2018 South Korea 1 Oz Silver ZI:SIN Canis (BU)

    Perfect, cheers!
  3. BeeCee

    for sale Nazi Bride 2oz proof

    PM Sent
  4. BeeCee

    2018 South Korea 1 Oz Silver ZI:SIN Canis (BU)

    Do we know if the ghost version makes up for one of the coins in the predicated set of 12, or if it's just an extra?
  5. BeeCee

    withdrawn 1oz Gold Britannia - Plea/Sale

    @danmc82 Very much so mate 👌
  6. Ladies and gents, I have for sale for you today a 1oz 2016 Gold Britannia. I purchased this coin recently, but I have since been offered a very good deal on another item that I really don't want to miss out on. However, unfortunately my manager didn't accept the excuse 'I need a pay rise to buy more silver and gold' as a valid reason to increase my salary... Thus, I am forced to sell my first gold bullion 😖 What deal have you managed to acquire that has brought you to these lengths of selling your gold!? I hear you ask. Well... that ladies and gentlemen, I will happily follow up on, if I happen to sell this lovely coin. So, on that note... I am looking to sell this coin for £1030. Inlcuded in this price you get; 1x 1oz Gold Britannia (As pictured), 1x Quickslab Coin Capsule (Also as pictured), 1x Special Delivery (UK only) and finally, a follow up post of me showing my new goodies that this sale helped fund. Now, unfortunately I have a bit of a deadline and need to sell this coin by Wednesday. It would be nice to sell it to someone on here, but if needs must, I've accepted a local dealer is maybe my only option. I do think this is a good deal at present. This price means only a 1.5% premium! Payment wise, I can do PayPal or BACS. F&F on PayPal, but if your happy with the fees then G&S is equally fine by me. I understand I am relatively new to the forum, so I'm more than happy to go through BYB's intermediary sales service. As an added extra, I grant full permission to @BackyardBullion to give the entire contents of my February order (more than 65oz of silver!!) to the buyer in the event I do a runner. Granted, not quite as much as the 1oz of gold, but still a pretty hefty security deposit. So, on that rather long note (and possibly the longest sale post for one item yet!?), please feel free to get in touch with your interest. Be sure to know, you'll really be helping a Bullion Brother out by making this purchase... AND it's a good deal! 👍😊
  7. @Bullionaire I was thinking the same... @BackyardBullion would you be happy to facilitate this?
  8. PM Sent Michal 👍
  9. The more the merrier discount wise though 😊😉 I'll get some more monies over to you at the weekend BYB for the final order 👍
  10. Description says delay of 3-4 weeks.... wishful thinking I imagine, but one can hope 🙏
  11. I see they are now on the website for pre-order. In the off chance they are available to be delivered as part this order by the weekend deadline, then do let me know as I'll fire some more pennies into this order 👍
  12. @very452001 This forum is a great place to ask questions, pick up tips, learn and get great deals that can kickstart your stacking 'career'. I hate to sound negative, but despite the best efforts from members so far, you still seem quite naive with regards to the world of precious metals. PM's are a very high risk investment and you've done the right thing by coming on here to gain knowledge in the field before getting involved in the actual purchasing part. However, you could get answers much quicker by spending a bit of time going through the many threads already on the forum and the countless YouTube vids around this subject. This is a great hobby/investment, but it has risks and I feel you would really benefit from putting a bit more time reading into it before you make any big purchases - particularly since you seem more keen on the investment side of things. I'm very new too, so feel a bit of a fraud writing this, however I think it's worth saying. Hopefully you see it as constructive rather than negative. Genuinely though, enjoy the world of stacking 👍👌
  13. Order placed! Couldn't miss the opportunity to give my stacking a shove in the right direction before the inevitable Brexit malarkey. Now, the wait..... 🙆‍♂️
  14. BeeCee

    withdrawn GB Britannia Tubes x25/20

    That is indeed the plan if nothing crops up here 👍