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  1. I agree, the matte finish is very nice. Almost pearlescent in the right light 👌
  2. It's a shame we are saying goodbye to group orders as we know it. It was a fantastic service you provided Mr and Mrs BYB! I would be happy with paying directly to EM and still benefit from the postage savings 👌 will be interesting to see how this situation progresses.
  3. I liked the look of the series, then all these variants started coming out and it put me right off. I sold what I had and invested in other things, but that was also as I wanted to invest in something I could display. The series looked promising and there are great designs in the series, but was too much for me when 3 different Scrofa's appeared.
  4. Don't think these will be as popular, quite expensive for .925 silver. Coloured coins seem to be gaining quite the backing though!
  5. @Alun had some bother last year trying to get answers about how many this series would end on. Last update was that it was an 'ongoing' series, implying there would be more than six. Just how many come along, who knows at present. There are plenty of marvel characters I'd like to see though. Just got Cap through a few days ago and the set looks immense (especially in person!)
  6. Thank you Mr and Mrs BYB. Another happy customer at this end 👍
  7. Shame about these crazy premiums because the design looks immense!
  8. Mines is gone now @BackyardBullion ... Made a great purchase with the funds though 👌 Hopefully something crops up @Toddie
  9. Do we know if the ghost version makes up for one of the coins in the predicated set of 12, or if it's just an extra?
  10. @danmc82 Very much so mate 👌
  11. Ladies and gents, I have for sale for you today a 1oz 2016 Gold Britannia. I purchased this coin recently, but I have since been offered a very good deal on another item that I really don't want to miss out on. However, unfortunately my manager didn't accept the excuse 'I need a pay rise to buy more silver and gold' as a valid reason to increase my salary... Thus, I am forced to sell my first gold bullion 😖 What deal have you managed to acquire that has brought you to these lengths of selling your gold!? I hear you ask. Well... that ladies and gentlemen, I will happily follow up on, if I happen to sell this lovely coin. So, on that note... I am looking to sell this coin for £1030. Inlcuded in this price you get; 1x 1oz Gold Britannia (As pictured), 1x Quickslab Coin Capsule (Also as pictured), 1x Special Delivery (UK only) and finally, a follow up post of me showing my new goodies that this sale helped fund. Now, unfortunately I have a bit of a deadline and need to sell this coin by Wednesday. It would be nice to sell it to someone on here, but if needs must, I've accepted a local dealer is maybe my only option. I do think this is a good deal at present. This price means only a 1.5% premium! Payment wise, I can do PayPal or BACS. F&F on PayPal, but if your happy with the fees then G&S is equally fine by me. I understand I am relatively new to the forum, so I'm more than happy to go through BYB's intermediary sales service. As an added extra, I grant full permission to @BackyardBullion to give the entire contents of my February order (more than 65oz of silver!!) to the buyer in the event I do a runner. Granted, not quite as much as the 1oz of gold, but still a pretty hefty security deposit. So, on that rather long note (and possibly the longest sale post for one item yet!?), please feel free to get in touch with your interest. Be sure to know, you'll really be helping a Bullion Brother out by making this purchase... AND it's a good deal! 👍😊
  12. @Bullionaire I was thinking the same... @BackyardBullion would you be happy to facilitate this?
  13. The more the merrier discount wise though 😊😉 I'll get some more monies over to you at the weekend BYB for the final order 👍