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  1. Sounds good and yes they are a pain in the butt but funny
  2. Love it it’s good to see kidz into silver. I subscribe to your channel Added 0 minutes later...
  3. You guys are truely awesome just want to say thank you for everything you guys do
  4. Hello ... we started melting silver on out YouTube. I ain’t good at it yet but just need to keep trying. I’m reaching out For tips and tricks to help improve I need real equipment and I do plan to get it but as of right now I have a lot going on so yeah. Take a look at our YouTube channel we do all kinds of stuff my kids love to show there coins. And I do reviews on vape products like. And subscribe And we will subscribe back see ya there Thanks Take care
  5. I just. Subscribed to everyone take a look at a few of our vids
  6. Would anybody have some silver they want to sell