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  1. I guess I will post them up separately. hopefully is ebay friendly to me
  2. I just have one set of 2s and 10s... plus some other newer from around the world. I just went through them started taking pictures. that kinda hurts to do, but it is what it is.
  3. so I bought into the idea of stashing silver for rainy day fund... it's raining for me I am stuck however in a dilemma. Do I try to sell my 2oz & 10oz Queen's Beasts as complete sets (as complete as has been released so far) with the custom hand made display boxes or break them out into individual coins and sell piecemeal... I know some of the 10oz early coins have quite the premium to them and would probably sell fast, but the others wouldn't... but if I sell as sets, then I limit my purchasing audience... thoughts?