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    ste reacted to RacerCool in How do you enjoy your gold/silver?   
    Partly, I enjoy it just knowing it's there.  Also, while I am primarily a stacker, I'm also a collector of coins that I find artistically appealing or historically interesting.  Sometimes I'll take them out and look at them more closely, just to appreciate the tiny work of art.
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    ste reacted to Bullionaire in 50 years of 50p sets   
    Not workers that's for sure! 
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    ste got a reaction from argentmajor in **JANUARY 2019** Group Order from The European Mint   
    Been doing research on buying silver (VAT free) and stumbled across the video on YouTube mentioning this site... Missed out on this one but hope there's another group by before the end of March! Sounds like a great idea. 👍