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    gold sovereigns full & half, silver Britannia & silver bars, current limited edition coins, pre decimal coins

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  1. Silver brits wanted Still looking for 10 any years and conditions as close to spot as possible I'm not fussed about milk spots silver is silver
  2. Hi looking for about 10 1oz silver Brits any year as close to spot as possible and 1 or 2 10oz silver bars I have now bought the 10oz just need 10 brits
  3. Hi looking for about 10 1oz silver Brits any year as close to spot as possible and 1 or 2 10oz silver bars
  4. thanks. I got my girl a full 2014 to keep and a half 2014 when she's 21 I'll buy another half 2035 and get them mounted on a neckless for her and my boy I just got two full 2016 one to keep and ill get one mounted in a ring so they both land up with the same amount no fighting over who got more lol
  5. hi. new to stacking silver and gold. it all started a couple of years ago I bought a 2014 & 2016 sovereign to mark my kids birthdays and to give to them when they turn 18 or 21. I have since started to collect some silver bullion coins & bars for myself and I'm looking to stack sovereigns for my kids for when I'm gone and silver for a rainy day. Iv seen a lot of YouTube videos and people talking about the site so I thought I'd join and maybe pick up some deals along to way. hope you all had a good Christmas and any pointer to this hobby would be most grateful. thanks mark.
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