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  1. Ironman

    Trading Gold

    Yes were talking thousands, scary stuff when you think of all the possible scenarios of things going wrong. I'd be looking to sell for spot and offer free delivery by RMSD. Selling to dealers is safer but the spreads are bit less attractive as your all aware. Regards
  2. Ironman

    Trading Gold

    Thanks for the replies guys, I'm a trusting person and want to deal with trusting folk, however in the real world there's too many chancers who tarnish it for the rest of us. I will keep checking TSF and learn more. Regards
  3. Ironman

    Trading Gold

    Hello people, New to the forum so forgive me if i'm a bit of a noob. What's the best and safest way to trade high value on here. Would it be Paypal to receive funds and royal mail special delivery to post. Much appreciated any experienced traders advice.
  4. Hi I'm Rob from UK, came across this forum from searching for sites to trade metals to like minded people. I hope to learn more from the more experienced members here and trade with confidence. Regards