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  1. Thanks, will take the better one if possible pls
  2. Do you have photos of the 2x Somalian elephant £13 each ones. Thanks
  3. Evening, for sale I have 10 florins from 1937-1946 (.500). Looking for £30 posted
  4. Evening, for sale I have a somewhat complete date run of shillings from 1920-1946. Only missing years are visible on the photo. Looking for £35 including economy postage (upgrade at own cost) thanks for looking
  5. temped to buy some QB 2oz just so I have an excuse to buy the box! Great craftsmanship
  6. is the libertad still available?
  7. Hi I have for sale the following sealed bags of 50p coins: Paddington at the Station x1 (£16) People's Act x3 (£15) (all for £42) The Tale of Peter Rabbit x4 (£15) (all for £51) Prices are inclusive of economy delivery with proof of postage (at buyer's risk). Please add extra if paying g+s or special delivery Thanks
  8. Many thanks, have messaged him
  9. Hi guys, I have recently started to switch from bullion 'stacking' to collecting coins of a more numismatic nature and am wondering about how best to get some coins graded. I live in the UK and understand that NGC do grading here, however looking on their website has made me more confused than I was before. From what I can gather, the price is about £18 per coin and there are additional extras which can be added on top of the initial 'tier fee.' Please could someone shed some light on this. The coins I am seeking to get graded are not overly expensive, but have some value and high sentimental value, so I wish to preserve them for safe keeping and viewing. For a newbie with somewhat modest coins what is the best/ cheapest way to send off a few coins for grading. I hope this post makes sense and someone can shed some light on this. Thanks E
  10. 34g of .500 pre 1947 coins (17g silver content) Looking for £7.00 + pp Not the prettiest but still 50% silver
  11. Unfortunately just sold pending payment about 30 seconds ago! Apologies
  12. *sold* looking for £20 Just wondering if there is any interest on these? Sixpence date run from 1922- 1967. Only 1923 and 1952 missing