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  1. Here's to hoping for super high gold prices and super cheap silver ones
  2. Merry Christmas all. It's been an expensive place to spend my time but I have no regrets
  3. Since I went for flips and folders I haven't looked back! Lot of the coins are nothing special but I think they look nice presented like that thanks for helping the collection
  4. Many thanks for another to add to the world silver album @DarthGareth
  5. Just received these absolutely stunning premium coins. Couldn't be happier! Thanks @StackSellRepeat
  6. Coin arrived today, very happy thanks mate!
  7. Person who bought it for me was concerned of authenticity and as I buy and sell on here and elsewhere I wanted to be 100000% sure so as to have peace of mind should I decide to part with it in future. Plus I work in Holborn so just popped into HGM and Baird as it's a 5 min walk
  8. Results are in........ Drumroll please...... It's real! They said the slightly lower karat is due to the plastic, but both Baird and Co and Hatton Garden Metals confirmed its authenticity. Thanks again everyone for the help! Researching and finding out if it's real has been great fun- and turns out it's just an older bar and the old serial numbering system.
  9. I will be taking it to HGM in a couple of days and will update on the result I presume they will have an XRF scanner to test properly. Thanks everyone for the help again
  10. Thanks, so any pre-2015 don't have letters? There isn't a huge amount on info about the certificate number online!
  11. I Thanks for the help guys! Still doesn't seem to be any explanation for why there is no letter before the certificate number! If you know anyone on here with a pmv who would be willing to test it for me (For a fee obviously) I'd be grateful if you can tag them please, think I'll just post it to someone to verify! Thanks