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  1. Many thanks @Tn21 and @ilovesilverireallydo for the advice. Very helpful. Looks like an expensive collection in total! Might just have to get a couple and move onto something more affordable
  2. Hello I recently acquired a 1/4 QB bull and was wondering how much it would cost me to complete the series (1/4 oz). Usually just indiscriminately stack whatever is cheapest but really like these coins. How much could I expect to pay for each in the series? Might make a wanted post after Thanks as always
  3. Fantastic price on the QB, would have had one. Tempted for a panda..
  4. Go on ill take 1 with 2nd class post then please
  5. Hi, is this the price delivered or is it just arriving with a flip? Thanks
  6. I will have 1 please, 1st class signed for
  7. Hello I have approx 2g 18ct gold (from a bracelet resizing) tested at local jewlers to be at least 18ct. Looking to swap for 1g coin/bar .999 (preferably coin). I don't have jewlers scales so this is measured on kitchen scales to weigh 2g. Please feel free to ask questions and I'll provide more details etc. Please let me know if anyone is willing to swap. Best Elliott
  8. Had no interest at all so put it on eBay and went within a few hours! Sorry
  9. Diameter has just come in and looks to be fine so pulled the trigger... thanks again guys
  10. Yes, it is just bullion and I'm paying £125 for it with special delivery so about spot price
  11. Ok many thanks. Ill get him to send me a photo of the dimensions so I can check. Otherwise does it look fine?
  12. Hi, I hope this is ok to do.. I am hoping to buy this half sovereign off someone but wanted to make sure it's real first. The weight is coming in at 4g (non-precise scales) Many thanks if anyone can help
  13. Price drop on quarter sov! Both £125 posted
  14. Prices + pp Unless bought together then £130 posted