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  1. More after individual 1/20 or 1/10 billions tbh bud
  2. Glad to hear it. Sorry for the slow reply been v busy
  3. Evening Looking to buy around 15oz of bullion grade silver. Nothing premium- looking to pay around £15oz or as close as possible to that number. Don't care about what coins/condition Many thanks
  4. Thanks but I'll pass on this occasion Still want to buy those things in the title!
  5. are those signet rings plain gold? if so what price pleaase
  6. Never seen them before! not exactly what i had in mind but how much do you want?
  7. Evening I am hoping to buy a couple of 1oz Silver Dragon Bars- seen a couple sell here recently but wasn't quick enough. Also hoping for a libertad 1/20 oz or 1/10 oz not too crazy above spot if anyone has Also if anyone has a nice 1oz presentable silver bar (for xmas present) then let me know Many thanks for looking and hopefully helping
  8. Stunning collection wow. Still don't have any silver pandas but definitely on my list next...
  9. Maybe I'm describing it wrong- I mean 1oz silver bars in packaging- not necessarily with coa or cards. Just something presentable to gift people
  10. No one want to sell me some 1oz packaged bars? send me anything you got- worst I can say is no
  11. Evening was hoping to pick up 2x carded silver 1oz bars (maybe 3 if they are nice). These are for Xmas presents so ideally must be in great condition. Willing to pay around £18 posted each- obviously depending on the exact bars. Photo attached of kind of thing I'm looking for
  12. Lucky dip coin received 1972 World Bank Universaro from @StackSellRepeat Never had one of these and by far my oldest silver 1oz
  13. Well if they are flooding the market with cheap sovereigns thats fine if they start to withold supply to artificially drive up the price then theres a problem.