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  1. Only ever been impressed with the people here and had positive transactions- good luck with the hunt!
  2. Half sov purchased off @richatthecroft Looking for 1g panda and 1/20 libertad now
  3. Bump willing to pay over spot for the panda/ libertads (or half sov) if anyone's selling
  4. Evening Hoping to buy a half sovereign, 1/10 or 1/20 oz libertad at spot (or as close as possible). Hope someone can help! Thanks all
  5. Bump and reduced to £55 posted or nearest offer!
  6. Evening having a little clear out silver proof £1 coins in original boxes and with COAs.1995, 2002, 2004, 2006. They make nice gifts for people I guess asking for £55! inclusive of special delivery. thanks for looking folks
  7. Very sorry, someone beat you to it via PM by a couple of minutes
  8. As a mistake I realised that one of the shillings was .500 and not .925 so I've decided to add another .500 shilling and 3d for free. Currently 12g of .500 and 38g of .925. Can sell on the above website for £16.84. If there are no takers I think I'll send to them but giving tsf first refusal and testing the waters as I have lots more scrap silver to sell in future. Thanks @ilovesilverireallydo for the site!
  9. They are coins in that they are shillings, sixpence, florins etc. The markings are still visable and the coins identifiable. Looking on bullionbypost they offer around £13. Thanks for the input everyone, I'm new to selling scrap silver so this is a learning experience for me
  10. I was unaware of 20% melting cost- I thought people melted their own silver at home as I've seen hand poured items for sale on here before and priced 15% below spot I thought the price fair. If there is no interest at this price ill withdraw