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  1. KevinFlynn

    New member Forum From Indonesia

    I admit, I had to google what Forex trading is... Okay, most of us on here are investing in physical metals. Mostly for wealth preservation in face of inflation, potential global economic disasters or <insert your favourite conspiracy theory here>. There are different products available, be it bullion bars or coins, collector's coins, historical coins, or more exotic items. Taking physical posession of metals puts up a number of challenges, like how and where to buy, how to transport and store, how and where to sell. Many of us are using precious metals as part of a security and diversification strategy within our financial portfolios, and will also hold traditional savings accounts, stocks and bonds, real estate and other asset classes. There is also a paper market for precious metals, which I am not knowledgeable in. People who frequent the Personal Finance / Other Investments subforum may be. What is your general idea what you would want to achieve with precious metals?
  2. KevinFlynn

    New member Forum From Indonesia

    There are many good topics on the forums. You could dip in and read for a while. There are also many good videos on precious metal investing on Youtube, which will give more condensed information. .Maybe open an own topic on what brought you here and what you are expecting from precious metals investing (stacking... collecting...). You can get into a dialogue and may be able to clearly formulate your goals and your strategy in the end. So - what brought you here and what are you expecting from gold and silver?
  3. KevinFlynn


    Welcome to the forums ☺️
  4. KevinFlynn

    Should I buy 1 oz platinum vs gold

    I am no market expert. I only realized that platinum was priced lower than gold, when I was used to it being more expensive. The platinum prices show that it's tendency is downwards, and talk is that it will rise again. There also seem to be alternating effect between platinum and palladium, tied to the automotive industry. What I saw was good enough for me to make a one time investment into platinum, and I am prepared to let this sit for 10 to 15 years until the next high. Other than that, platinum is a speculation like silver in my eyes, and carries a risk of going out of favor in industrial use. but that is a risk I am willing to take.
  5. KevinFlynn

    Should I buy 1 oz platinum vs gold

    Platinum is offering a nice chance right now. Gold is less risky. Choose what you prefer. I am putting most of my gold budget into platinum for 2019.
  6. KevinFlynn

    New member Forum From Indonesia

    Welcome What do you have for gold and silver bullion in Indonesia?
  7. KevinFlynn

    Time to buy China

    135 funds, all of them were in the red last year but massively in plus the last three years. Now would be the time to buy...
  8. KevinFlynn

    Just a fun photo of the Moon!

    This is why BYB sleeps calmly at night despite the metric ton of silver bullion in his backyard...
  9. KevinFlynn

    Just a fun photo of the Moon!

    Hmm, silver and - VG-8 ? Nice pics, you are full of surprises 😊
  10. It is basically a subforum where we plan on how to take over the world... 😏 Have you spoken to a moderator? edit: speaking of moderators...
  11. You're looking pretty premium to me? Or do you mean the Premium Members Club?
  12. KevinFlynn

    The Queen's Beasts, or why was I on a hiatus?

    Well, I got the Lion, even though it hurt, and I will be getting the Griffin as well. Next month, I will have a full set and a few extras, and then I will be getting a first full tube, crossing my fingers against milk spotting. Currently the Bull, the Unicorn and the Falcon are priced well enough to get a full tube of. The Dragon is already too expensive for my liking.
  13. KevinFlynn

    Best quality silver

    Is this milk spotting, or something else?
  14. I would think that most people would sit on their platinum at these low prices and wait for the correction. I actually began just now to buy platinum, when I realized the low, a couple of others might have done so as well. I think three ounces sound just about right to take part in the speculation. Depending on your overall means of course.
  15. KevinFlynn

    New Member Parky100

    Hello Michael, and welcome to the forums ☺️ I would love to see some of your german coins in the european coin photo thread, and I am sure we could have a short discussion on these in the fitting subforums. I guess the recent german coins will not be too known around here. Only if you'd like the idea of course...