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  1. Somebody called? If you can provide your order details and confirmation, we could try to draw up an enquiry in german. Was the one piece you received accompanied by a packaging slip or bill? You may send me pictures (black out your personal details) and I'll see what I can make of it.
  2. Nice results Congratulations to all the winners! Kudos to Wackattak924 for his efforts.
  3. Best not open and only touch with cotton gloves, to not diminish their resale value...
  4. Was it sent via Einschreiben (to be signed for by the recipient)? In that case it says you should be able to see the siged receipt somewhere on that status site. I can just see the same things you can (after I guessed the sent date...). In any way, contacting the sender is the best idea, as they are the only one able to initiate a Nachforschungsauftrag, where they will try to see in detail what happened to the shipment.
  5. Do you have a tracking or reference number?
  6. I just got some silver Yales delivered I am still searching for a dealer where I can buy tubes of Beasts over the counter... So I ordered some empty Royal Mint tubes with these Yales, just to see them. Sadly these are larger than expected. I always assumed that the Royal Mint (silver) Beasts tubes were (silver) Britannia tubes and those are delivered at 20 a tube, so the tubes would fit 10 Beasts. Sadly these seem to be 25 piece tubes, which will hold 12,5 Beasts accordingly. So no tight fit - I will not take my Lion and Griffin out of the capsules anyway, but would have liked tubes for the others for easier transport. So, for those more accustomed to the Royal Mint - the tubes for silver Britannias (20) and Beasts (10) are the same product? But there are also tubes for 25 Britannias?
  7. An original - I envy you, €100.00 plus would be what I would spend on an impulse, depending on the overall appearance of such a coin. I'm not an expert, though... I am eagerly awaiting your photos...
  8. My goal is to buy platinum with my gold budget this year. I already strayed from this goal I may buy some more gold, but only fractional coins.
  9. Ah, thanks. okay, for everyone who did not listen (to me 😉 ) up until now: The Germania mint is not a government mint. It is a private mint from Poland. These are rounds, not coins. The supposed nomination (Mark) is but a mere nod to the older german currency before the Euro - this is not endorsed or backed by the german state. The iconography is somewhat taken from several heraldics of the Holy Roman Empire and it's descendents. The shield and sword have no historical example in this combination. The sword is not even of the same type that the quoted Reichsschwert is.
  10. To me this seems like a 20 Franken Vreneli. Compare the deeper profile of the 20 Franken to the much flatter profile of the 10 Franken: Then see where they are slightly different, espically the number of Edelweiß and the fold on the shoulder as well as the cut off right mountain peak.
  11. What do Fantasy Issue and Private Issue mean?
  12. Here is the official issue plan.