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  1. An original - I envy you, €100.00 plus would be what I would spend on an impulse, depending on the overall appearance of such a coin. I'm not an expert, though... I am eagerly awaiting your photos...
  2. My goal is to buy platinum with my gold budget this year. I already strayed from this goal I may buy some more gold, but only fractional coins.
  3. Ah, thanks. okay, for everyone who did not listen (to me 😉 ) up until now: The Germania mint is not a government mint. It is a private mint from Poland. These are rounds, not coins. The supposed nomination (Mark) is but a mere nod to the older german currency before the Euro - this is not endorsed or backed by the german state. The iconography is somewhat taken from several heraldics of the Holy Roman Empire and it's descendents. The shield and sword have no historical example in this combination. The sword is not even of the same type that the quoted Reichsschwert is.
  4. To me this seems like a 20 Franken Vreneli. Compare the deeper profile of the 20 Franken to the much flatter profile of the 10 Franken: Then see where they are slightly different, espically the number of Edelweiß and the fold on the shoulder as well as the cut off right mountain peak.
  5. What do Fantasy Issue and Private Issue mean?
  6. Here is the official issue plan.
  7. So, out of interest, how many participants are in the draw up until now?
  8. I'm feeling like this every time I am withdrawing the vast sums needed to fuel my gold and silver hobby. I know that if someone watches they will most certainly ask "hmm, what the hell did he do with that". If I should be asked, I would say "drugs and whores" 😛
  9. I would not worry about that specific, as I doubt any chemical clinging to the coins will survive a 1000° melt. I agree with the basic idea about maximum purity.
  10. Public transport has been trying to make their ticket machines only accept chips and cards for ages over here - then they reintroduced bill and coin slots... 😏 The larger percentage wants cash over here, I am feeling safe at the moment... I pay everything in cash, except on the internet.
  11. getting a shovel and a train ticket east
  12. The 92.5 looks like Sterling, but I guess no surprise here. Could that be a mint mark on the upper right on the lower right cup?
  13. I would love a regular one ounce bullion coin in gold and silver from Germany. We only have changing irregular series that are of small sizes or single commemorative coins. I would love it to have a classic design, like a heraldic with a modern twist, like Queen's Beasts. Again we have somewhat strange and or bland topics, like german trees, or musical instruments. A german eagle on one side and state or city heraldics on the other maybe, changing every year.