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    Gold, silver and platinum but I invest in many other things!

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  1. Received Scottsdale KitKat bar from @MrScottsdale Something I'm going to try and do more often when posting photos on here is to include something common for size comparison so I included a 2p. Precious metal photos always seem bigger than they actually are in real life to me. It's not a complaint just something I've noticed. My brain can't work it out ha.
  2. In my opinion it's harder to get away with big bumps and scratches on pressed bars that are made to give a pristine mirror finish versus poured bars. If you intend to sell at spot then I guess it doesn't matter either way but the reality is we are all often paying some premium which we want to retain and Britannia bars are no exception which is why I intend to get a capsule. If there's this kind of detail on there it's more than just a bullion bar to be valued based on its metal weight in my opinion.
  3. Looks like I missed out! Ping me if anything changes I guess.
  4. How much are you selling those Scottsdale kit kat bars for?
  5. 1kg Metalor bar from @RowanRK6 A deal too hard to pass up.
  6. Greetings AIL! I'm also from NW London.
  7. New to this space but the reason I got into this was to focus on what I believe are undervalued which are platinum and silver. I did buy and ounce of gold but I think any more buys on gold are going to be spread out over time.
  8. I promise you it looks better in the flesh. Photos don't do it justice. Get one, you won't be disappointed 😊
  9. Today I received: 100g Geiger bar from @RowanRK6 5x Buffalo coins from @SilverStan I have to say the Geiger bar is my favourite 100g bar I have so far. Much better seeing Geiger bars in the flesh! The size comparison between the other 100g bars (see last pic) is pretty interesting. Makes me want to get more Geiger bars!
  10. Already did Bought a bunch from last months Feb group order. Ended up asking BYB to add to my order.
  11. This is about 2 months of stacking. About 90% bought through this community. 4x 1kg Umicore bars (first purchase came with the box pictured, had to fill it up ha) 2x 10oz Scottsdale stacker bars 4x 5oz Scottsdale buttons 3x 100g Metalor bars 3x 100g Scottsdale bars 4x 2oz Queen's beasts 5x 1oz 2018 Perth mint dragon bars 12x 1oz 2019 Perth mint dragon bars 5x 2019 1oz Britannia's 5x 1oz Kruggrànds 5x 1oz American Eagles 5x 1oz 2019 Canadian maples 1oz Platinum red dragon 1oz Gold 2018 Perth mint dragon bars That's going to be it for me for a good amount of time if I have any self control!
  12. 100g Metalor and Scottsdale bars received from @StackSellRepeat. Nice little chunky bars 😊.
  13. Received my Scottsdale buttons from @augur and my Feburary group order from @BackyardBullion today. It's all so shiny! 😊
  14. I'm surprised to see most people say it's the Dragon. I've always thought it was a little underappreciated by the market in comparison to the lion and griffin. The lion always has a higher premium from what I've found often followed by the griffin so it seems to me the dragon offers one of the better value for money.