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  1. I was hoping to see some photos of the place
  2. I remember someone was selling a 2018 gold proof version on here for £1250 early this year. I regret not buying it. I'd love a little stack of gold 2018 bars.
  3. Looks like this is the dragon bar apprechiation thread now I like @StevenDS idea of buying a whole tube for each year. I need more 2018's.
  4. My first gold was the 1oz 2018 dragon coin bar for this reason.
  5. Came across this infographic which doesn't suggest any brass. https://www.compoundchem.com/2014/03/27/the-metals-in-uk-coins/
  6. I think you're on the right lines. I reckon the gold like effect on e.g. £1 is brass plated. The how it's made videos made no mention of brass but I don't think I can trust it considering they skipped steps. Doesn't seem like people are too sure though. I was expecting folks here would know straight away but it sounds like the mint perhaps don't like to cover these steps.
  7. Head says sovereigns & britannias. Heart says 2018 Perth Mint dragon bars because I just love those.
  8. Ok I legitimately can't seem to find an answer to this on google. What gives circulated coins its gold and silver like appearance? From what I understand they are all pretty much made of copper, zink and nickel. The zink and nickel could probably pass as a silver lookalike but what about the gold? Is it gold plated or just some sort of fake gold like coating? I've watched how its made videos and the like but they convieniantly skip this part. The copper magically turns into gold disks 😂
  9. Yeah I know the stuff you mean although I think they should just provide capsules for them. This stuff isn't completely transparent.
  10. Today I received: 1oz gold Queen's Beast Griffin (£1325 bought on this awesome forum from @kneehow2018) 500g silver Geiger bar 4 Perth mint dragon bars (to fill up my tube) Silver stuff came directly from Geiger. I paid a hefty premium on the 500g bar but I just had to get one! I'm debating with myself whether to take off the vacuum sealed plastic around the 500g bar. I probably won't. 2p included for size comparison.
  11. I noticed from your other posts you're having trouble buying from Chicago. I believe @BackyardBullion offers a service to have the bars sent to him in the UK and forwarded to you if you really wanted them.
  12. Sounds like its time to phone them up and get it sorted that way. Their proof of address requirements do sound rather outdated.
  13. Yep and lower to £1325, that being said I believe the seller was eager to make a quick sale as he reduced the price by £125 within 24 hours. I was a lucky buyer
  14. It's got bird like claws and it's shoulders are just wierd 😂 Perhaps the creator started making the falcon/griffin but realised he already made that.
  15. It says originally only the shields were coloured. Should have kept it that way. No lipstick red 😂