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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Gold, silver and platinum but I invest in many other things!

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  1. It's usually just between two parties, the forum doesn't take a cut. You exchange details and the buyer makes the payment before it's dispatched by the seller normally. This relies on trust which is why it's worth taking a look at the sellers feedback first before deciding to buy. I believe @BackyardBullion offers an intermediary service for a fee usually for higher priced items that need verifying first.
  2. Can I take 2 plus capsules please?
  3. Post a photo when you get it I have 1kg umicore and metalor bars. The metalor is a nice size. 1kg is probably the heaviest I'll go, as you mention being able to resell this stuff gets harder the higher the price.
  4. Can I have a strip of 3 Scottsdale bars please?
  5. It is a lot of stress when you get parcels with expensive precious metals in them. A few months ago I bought some gold from Geiger in Germany and DHL ballsed up the tracking. Said it had been delivered to 'My Rysker' and was marked as delivered. I was first like who on earth is that and why does he have my parcel? I was getting paranoid because this was an expensive parcel! Only thing I could think of was that it had been left with a neighbour two doors down that we don't know well and never likes to answer the door unless it's a delivery driver. No answer from them. Tried to get in contact with DHL but their website is absolutely useless, same for their phone line. They have about 7 different types of tracking numbers so you'd input your tracking number it will say it's invalid if you're not using the right tool. Anyways after contacting Geiger to investigate this it turns out DHL ballsed up the tracking and it was infact still in delivery. Got my gold in the end but it was not without a lot of stress. You have to be careful, you don't want to make enemies with your delivery drivers. One is going to wonder what is he going to be like when you next have a FedEx parcel to deliver. Is he going to throw it around? Steal it? Give you more grief? Who knows.
  6. Yeah, can't get away with it unfortunately but apmex gave me some discounts as a first time client and overall it worked out to be about £85 cheaper than what UK sites were charging but I still had to pay VAT.
  7. Apmex order came in today. 1/2 oz platinum pamp bar 10 oz silver britannia bar 5 oz silver bison bar 2 oz silver buffalo round 3 oz silver skull by mk barz 3x 1 oz silver scarab by mk barz 1 oz silver gothic skull by mk barz 4x copper note bars (just for fun) £1 added for size comparison.
  8. Received Scottsdale KitKat bar from @MrScottsdale Something I'm going to try and do more often when posting photos on here is to include something common for size comparison so I included a 2p. Precious metal photos always seem bigger than they actually are in real life to me. It's not a complaint just something I've noticed. My brain can't work it out ha.
  9. In my opinion it's harder to get away with big bumps and scratches on pressed bars that are made to give a pristine mirror finish versus poured bars. If you intend to sell at spot then I guess it doesn't matter either way but the reality is we are all often paying some premium which we want to retain and Britannia bars are no exception which is why I intend to get a capsule. If there's this kind of detail on there it's more than just a bullion bar to be valued based on its metal weight in my opinion.
  10. Looks like I missed out! Ping me if anything changes I guess.
  11. How much are you selling those Scottsdale kit kat bars for?
  12. 1kg Metalor bar from @RowanRK6 A deal too hard to pass up.
  13. Greetings AIL! I'm also from NW London.
  14. New to this space but the reason I got into this was to focus on what I believe are undervalued which are platinum and silver. I did buy and ounce of gold but I think any more buys on gold are going to be spread out over time.