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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Gold, silver and platinum but I invest in many other things!
  1. firestacker

    goldsilver.be very dodgey

    I do agree the "ORDER CONFIRMED (ship)" status is misleading. I think it just means they've acknolwedged the order and issued an invoice for you to pay. What you really want to see is the "PAYMENT RECIEVED" status. Here's what my order statuses look like:
  2. firestacker

    goldsilver.be very dodgey

    I placed an order with them over the weekend. Started seeing status updates over the weekend and payment verification on Monday. I know I wouldn't be waiting 15 days if I didn't recieve any payment confirmation from them I'd be querying them after 3 working days as bank transfers make me nervous. It's like sending money through a black hole hoping it reaches the right destination on the other side days later.
  3. firestacker

    Safety Deposit Box

    I was told by a coworker that Metro bank provide safety deposit boxes so perhaps take a look at them.
  4. firestacker

    **FEBRUARY 2019** Group Order from The European Mint

    You should make a youtube video out of it. I'm sure many would be interested in taking a look at their operation.
  5. This forum comes out with some real gems sometimes!
  6. firestacker

    2019 matt finish sovereign

    Newbie here, alright I'm going to ask a stupid question. Why is it pink? Contains a lot of copper perhaps?
  7. firestacker

    Is platinum worth it

    @KDave yep I am very much envious. Is there a list of zero/low VAT european dealers anywhere? I'm only aware of europeanmint.com and goldsilver.be.
  8. firestacker

    Is platinum worth it

    Platinum is a buy in my opinion. VAT is an issue for most precious metals excluding gold but it's even a bigger problem when you start looking at anything beyond silver. By comparison there just isn't as much options. On here you can buy all sorts of silver from forum members but the sale of platinum is really scarce it seems and I really don't want to pay VAT so then I've basically got my options limited to VAT free european dealers that will only sell it in coin form. I'm not crazy about coins to be honest I prefer bullion shape but it seems I can't be choosey when it comes to platinum. I see some americans selling platinum at a good price but it's a risk as customs will likely slap on the VAT when it enters the country. What a pain VAT is! I'd like a good 1/2 o or 1 oz platinum Pamp or Valcambi bar without paying over the odds.
  9. firestacker

    **FEBRUARY 2019** Group Order from The European Mint

    Everyone been ordering the 2019 perth dragon when I thought it wasn't available for the Feb order
  10. firestacker

    New Dragon bar from Perth Mint

    The lines on the 2018 version is a valid criticism however I'm not sure I prefer the dragon in the 2019 version. The scales seem a lot less detailed by comparison. Maybe I just need to see it in the flesh, I'm sure I'll end up buying it regardless as it's just minor. This being said I'm happy that Perth mint are continuing with it as a series as I think it has the best of both worlds as a coin/bar and generally it's quite different to what's out there.
  11. There are two lessons here. Don't leave your crypto on an exchange, own your private keys (that's always been rule number 1 since the Mt Gox). The second is that exchanges that choose to hold client funds need to be properly regulated. There is a bright side to this mess, at least for other holders as it's essentially a $92 million coin burn.
  12. I definitely see platinum as a buying opportunity, slightly more so than silver actually but platinum on the secondary market here seems be really scarce! What's up guys are none of you holding platinum?
  13. firestacker

    Howdy from London

    Hi there, My name is Richard, I'm 28 from London, UK and I'm pretty much a newbie when it comes to precious metals. As a general background on myself I consider myself an investor hobbyist. I've dabbled in all things stocks, private equity, bonds, P2P lending, margin lending, property, ETFs and even cryptocurrencies but the missing piece of the pie for my diversification and giving my portfolio a more solid foundation I think is precious metals. Now I know I could buy some ETF trackers which may even be the most cost effective but I think owning the physical metal would be a nice change for once. I'm mainly looking at gold and silver right now. Silver and platinum prices seem pretty good right now I know that so this perhaps looks like a good time to buy. Any advice is apprechiated especially local places that could get me the closet deals to the spot price. All the best