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    Gold, silver and platinum but I invest in many other things!

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  1. I would say it matters more if you're selling. Buyers take on the risk as you normally make a payment first before you recieve the item.
  2. The curious thing about this is that I've noticed several other 1kg umicore bars come up after this post and sell at £500 recently. Does £10 make all the difference or is the lack of trader feedback for OP putting people off? To be honest I've noticed anything above £500 on this forum and sales tend to get much slower which is a real shame! Raid the beer money people! I would be buying this if I didn't have 4 already.
  3. After watching a lot of lock picking videos from lockpickinglawyer I don't consider anything with a key hole to be safe.
  4. Clearly the show is funding it by a large part. I know the brothers are wealthy but that island would literally be a money pit if it wasn't for the show. Pun intended
  5. Haha, yeah I've been watching that series for quite some time now. Heck if I had the chance I'd help with the digging! 😀
  6. Bitcoin was designed for this. All you need to do is remember a sequence of 24 words. If your living situation isn't settled then storage easily becomes a problem and your only options really are to either hide it or trust someone else to safely store it for you. If you intend to travel with your gold and silver then the safest way is it simply being in the form of jewelery but then you have the problem in likely buying the stuff on high premiums and having to carry it with you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fqeGBru7Z0
  7. I found this documentary to be interesting. The likes of Metalor and Argor-Heraeus are not as squeaky clean as we would think it seems.
  8. Today I received the Scottsdale 5oz tombstone silver nugget from @silversurf. 1p added for size comparison.
  9. Today I received: 20x 2018 Perth Mint dragon bars. I've been trying to find these at a good deal and they popped up randomly on goldsilver.be at £17.91 an ounce which feels like a fair price to me. Everywhere else wanted at least £23 an ounce probably because they're getting harder to find. The stock sold out in 24 hours. People like to hoard these it seems. 250g Geiger bar: I'm tempted to remove the plastic wrapping on this thing! It makes it feel cheap on what is a premium bullion brand. Let me know if you're for or against. 1p included for size comparison.
  10. Today I received the $5 Indian head from @gold 1p and $2.5 Indian head included for size comparison.
  11. Today I welcome the 500g Umicore bar from @Bigchilli to my Umicore collection. Only size missing now is the mega 5kg bar but as much as it would be nice to have such a large bar I don't think they would be an easy sell due to the cost involved. Items above £500+ seem to slow down a lot around here and a 5kg bar would be £2800 so that's me done for the poured Umicores I think. 2p added for size comparison.
  12. Reading the reply from your dealer all they are saying is that they've tested that it's real gold. It could still be possible the mint marks are fake which reminds me of this: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-gold-swiss-fakes-exclusive/exclusive-fake-branded-bars-slip-dirty-gold-into-world-markets-idUSKCN1VI0DD Which would mean you still didn't get what you bought.
  13. Today I received: Free goldback from upma.org. If I did the maths right it equals to about £1.19 worth of gold on this so not much but I still think it's neat. It's slightly smaller than a £5 note. 250g silver Umicore bar from @BigChilli 1p coin included for size comparison
  14. They are always a hilarious watch. Got any good ones to share? I only know of videos from Mark Dice