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  1. Another place to try is HGM: https://www.hattongardenmetals.com/buy/cid8/gold-krugerrands
  2. vicamy

    Bit Risky this one

    The image in the listing may be a real one, but I’m 99% sure this listing will be a fake one based on the seller’s reputation and not actual pictures listed. There are quite a few fake Perth Mint 1oz bars especially the green certicard flying around on ebay. Here is a link regarding how to tell fake green card ones, which also includes a link to Perth Mint’s original link regarding the fake black card ones. http://www.24hgold.com/english/news-gold-silver-another-fake-minted-bar-to-beware.aspx?article=7118009784H11690&redirect=false&contributor=Perth+Mint+Blog Good deals are out there but just got to be vigilant. Also as everyone said, if it it too good to be true, it probably is.
  3. @AndreasAfeldt must be very happy 😉
  4. Thanks @Sovereign. That’s really good to know.👍
  5. So from a buyer point of view, the seller looks legit to me with 100% review over more than 12 months and legal information available. If the coin is fake, then we are really buggered. If, say, we bought a coin, the seller sent it and you received it, then found out it is a fake, but the seller insists it was a real coin sent. basically one’s word against the other. There is an ebay money back guarantee, but how does it work in this situation?
  6. I will take one 5oz Silver Aztec Calendar round please. Thank you
  7. This is a beautiful coin! @kneehow2018 always has some stunning coins to share. 👍
  8. This doesn’t look to me as the same series as the design of the dragon has changed. I would’ve thought it should be the black turtle.
  9. Some PAMPs added to collection.
  10. Really good price @kneehow2018! Well done Mick @MickD 😁
  11. Nicely done! Very interesting! Thanks for sharing. 👍
  12. The 2019 Perth Mint 1oz silver dragon rectangular has just arrived. 😄