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  1. Really good price @kneehow2018! Well done Mick @MickD 😁
  2. Nicely done! Very interesting! Thanks for sharing. 👍
  3. The 2019 Perth Mint 1oz silver dragon rectangular has just arrived. 😄
  4. Today arrived. Beautiful coins. Happy 😁
  5. Just saw your location is in Japan, so no sure UK deal is good for you? @PansPurse is right. A ‘wanted’ thread in sales section may help. Also, check the Gold Deal thread.
  6. https://harringtonandbyrne.co.uk/2019-united-kingdom-gold-uncirculated-sovereign-3012.html
  7. Received them on Monday but only got a chance today to get some photos up.
  8. Thanks @Fastnick. I will give them a call.