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  1. I have bought many time from Soren/Muenzdach - always with good experience! So I realy do recommend Muenzdach. But if you are going for the older Libertads, then MA Shops is a very good place!
  2. MA shops is also a great place to buy Libertads
  3. Nice! But I would be worried to scratch the coin. I have done the baking soda, tinfoil and hot water trick on a libertad proof 08, with great succes, later it gradet 69 at NGC
  4. Thanks to @Sal for helping me getting these!
  5. I am still waiting on mine from Germany. Preorderd both the 1 and the 0,5 oz. Before christmas. Strange that there is that big a difference in delivery between the US and Europe...
  6. 😀Sometimes one have to be fast in the world of Libertads...
  7. Well, I dont know much about the market for Britania coins, so its hard for me to deside how good an investment it is. I collect Libertad, and here you can find high premiums aswell. If think one have to deside if a purcase is for investment or collecting. If you go for investment then strait bullion should be preferd. Premium on 100% should be with an collection prespective, it could turn out to be a god investment down the line, but that is often a hard call...
  8. Very nice Sal😀 I think you might have made a very smart move there...
  9. Love your name jultorsk😀 is that a common name in Australia😊?
  10. 😊 jeg er dansk, men har boet i Norge siden 2005. Jeg hat boet i Birgittelyst lige uden for Viborg, indtil jeg blev 8 år😊