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  1. Hello, sorry i was busy lately! So ya i went to the post and asked about the insured postage for metals, he said that it is not allowed to send money or valuables “internationally” but it can be sent within finland otherwise. I told him ok can i just say that it is a collectible? He said that he cant say yes or no but no one can stop me from doing so.. i went today to send a coin and for some reason she didn't even ask what are the contents! She just asked if i want it to be tracked or normal? Normal is 8.50 euros and tracked is 35 euros.. So yea you can send gold and money inside finland but not elsewhere. I hope this helps
  2. Yea thats really strange, it says that it is allowed under the section you mentioned. Yes il show them that! Thank you very much
  3. Hello forum As i am new in Finland, (used to live in the UK). I went to our local post to send a gold coin but i was told that it is forbidden to send gold through post. I tried to tell him that it is a collectable coin but still he refused.. Anyone in Finland or anyone with a similar experience who can advice me on how can i send the coin? I checked DHL and i also read that gold cannot be shipped. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hello All, I would like to sell my graded half sovereigns. 2002 Proof Half Sovereign NGC PF70 - £365 £330 2005 Proof Half Sovereign NGC PF70 - £365 £330 2012 Proof Half Sovereign NGC PF70 - £365 £330 SOLD Scratch resistant holders Their boxes and coa’s included. I am looking to sell each for £330 postage included for UK/Europe. I got them back from Numi recently, but unfortunatly i have to sell them. Please let me know if you have any questions. I will ship from Helsinki, Finland.  Kind regards,  FF
  5. I finally ordered the 2019 1/4oz Gold Proof Britannia from the coin connection. Cant wait to receive it.
  6. I can now confirm that it is BASEM as your friend mentioned! But it is writen in a calligraphic style so it wasn't that clear to me at first 😅. The difference between the H and the G is a dot in the middle ح and ج could be G but i thought the dot is a scratch! So yea, he might be correct. I doubt it is a date since it doesnt make sense, so it might be anything 😂 it cant be 21carats since the op mentioned it is 24.
  7. Its more like 177 (H)* 21 since it is read from right to left, only if it was actually indian numbers (which now are arabic numerals). But still doesnt make any sense 😅 *(ح) This is an arabic letter which is closest to the letter H The small symbol on the right might be SLM (سلم) looks like a logo.
  8. Me too! I was waiting for him to turn the secon coin in his left arm to compare the portraits! 😅 but he didnt 😐
  9. Isn't the panda 99.9 gold? Just curious why did it tone like that?
  10. This matt sovereign looks so beautiful in the slab! Congrats @terakris
  11. Yes the Britannia's are golden yellowish in colour, unlike the sovereigns
  12. Guys i dont think the op meant to say that they sold him a fake on purpose (might be and might not be a fake). He just mentioned the company just as we all do when buying anything from anywhere. The op wanted advice, because we are a community and we share the same interest and hobby. I just feel sad sometimes that we have to be careful on what we say in here. That company is a business anyways and mentioning it or not is not a taboo and the op is a member in this forum. I dont mean any harm to anyone, i am just saying that we all can do mistakes. If it is against the rule her to mentioned the company, then we will abide after knowing that.