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    Proof Britannia's and Gold Bullion.

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  1. I decided to become a premium member almost directly after joining the forum although i rarely buy or sell on here due geographical reasons. However, i became “coin educated 😅” in here, thanks to the amazing members. It became part of my life, my daily newspaper on a topic i like and enjoy. I also thought before that this money may be saved to buy something, but then realized that i spend more daily on things i dont even need. So ya i pay this small amount to support the forum 😊
  2. Thank you so much @sixgun! Appreciated
  3. Does anyone know if there is an import customs fees on gold in Dubai? currently residing in the UAE. I would like to buy some QBs and it has to be shipped from abroad to Dubai since i cant find them here. I cant find any information on customs. Thanks
  4. I was just being sarcastic 🥺
  5. Why all the hate. Maybe he worked hard and saved.
  6. @fehk2001 yea! Thanks for pointing it out. Just checked, They charge 20 gbp for shipping if the order is less than 2,200 😅.
  7. Oh i didnt see that.. thanks. Il buy one, and try my luck and see how lightly they are used. 😀
  8. Exactly! I mean i know that it has a big premium now. I was wondering if it is legit and they simply dont know about the premium here? 😅 actually they are selling all the QBs at 350.
  9. I moved recently to Dubai and thought it would be easier to buy bullion locally. I found this website that is selling the 2016 QB lion for 350 pounds. Is it possible to get it this cheap? And apparently they have large quantities. https://silvergoldbull.ae/en/1-4-oz-2016-royal-mint-queen-s-beasts-lion-of-england-gold-coin
  10. I go Britannia's simply because i like the colour of pure gold. I bought a sov and a britannia when i started collecting and i liked the britannia more. So yea why dont you get one of each and see what you like. There are a lot of nice designs coins in 22c gold and i skip just because of the purity! 😅
  11. Hello, I am looking for a 2017 and a 2018 Gold Proof Britannia's with their boxes/coa's and packaging complete as received from the mint. I would apreciate if everything would be in mint condition including the packaging (box/white cloth/booklet and so on). i am a bit picky when it comes to collecting 😅. Please PM me if you have one or both with your asking price and photos. I live overseas at the moment so shipping should be international (UAE). Thanks
  12. Excellent price there and lovely coins!. Unfortunately i am far away from the Uk.
  13. Hello. Does anyone know if the royal mint still add the VAT for non UK and EU deliveries, or it will be subtracted? (For a gold proof coin).