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  1. They are similar to the disposable latex gloves.. but made of synthetic rubber (latex free) and harder to puncture. Ive seen many people wearing gloves. I personally don't see it necessary since the virus can stick on it anyways so you will be contaminating anything you touch with the gloves.I Just wash my hands regularly and don't touch my face. I also sanitize my phone, wallet and anything I touched outdoors.
  2. Reached safely from the royal mint to the UAE! I also would like to thank @trp for being so patient and understanding after having issues transferring him money for his 2018 proof Britannia. I couldn't buy it from him back then because of my bank, I felt that i need to thank him here.
  3. I understand that they will now begin grading them in the US then be sent back to the Uk? I am happy its not (a) 😂
  4. I am not sure if there is VAT on platinum. Since i am ordering it from the UAE, i guess they removed VAT like what happens to silver? Is it below spot now?
  5. Welcome Mohammed, I also live in the UAE at the moment!
  6. A new addition from the Alaskan Mint while on a short trip
  7. This one is stunning! I love the shape and its pointy edges 😍. Which mint/country is it from?
  8. Thyroid size is normal, no swelling/ulcer on my tongue/mouth/throat. eyes are normal I guess, pretty handsome 33 years old guy 😛. But yea I am underweight and it happened all of a sudden. My vitamin D was 22"ml" (can't remember the proper unit) when I last checked 6 month ago, took the vitamin D tablets course and that's it. But yea I used to have these half moons (Lunula) but they are gone now. Any ideas what's wrong with me doctor 😋?
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