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  1. Your coins are modern not gold. So £22.25 base fee + minimum £8 for postage and you can add any extra services you need explained in the chart as scratch proof, photography... Maybe 😅
  2. I am a beginner Mark 😅. You are a pro! I will reach to your dream level sooner or later 😁
  3. The problem is that i moved back to Finland. So i was thinking to send it through Numi as usual. Might have to ask him if he provide such service with the time frame you mentioned. But thanks for the info!
  4. Hello! I understand that grading via london office takes about 1 month for returns, however, does anyone know how long will it take to get a coin back if id like to conserve it too in london? Thanks
  5. Hello, I would like to sell my 2019 1/4oz gold britannia. £580 including registered delivery. Shipping from Finland.
  6. Hello all. Would appreciate if someone knows what fair price to ask for a 2019 gold proof britannia please. Should it sell at the royal mint’s £480 original price, more or less? Thanks
  7. It might be not and you might be genuine but seriously someone who claims to have a wealthy client would buy from dealers like the royal mint or other companies. I dont think your client will appreciate risking it and buying this bulk from a forum that is meant for hobbyists and collectors. Also, i am sure you wont find anyone who has this quantity in here. As @MikeG1978 said, the royal mint is a good option.
  8. Email spams are on the forum now... later we will start getting these inheritance emails too on here but on gold form.
  9. Lovely coins! Looks nice in bulk 😅 i really dont know why i dont just collect cheap stuff like many people.. but ya, i cant change it, i love gold and i think if it was cheap, i wont be interested in it anymore 😂
  10. Thank you all for your advice and comments! I will buy two quarters as most recommended. Yet i will also get one 1/10th just to see its size comparing to the 1/4. If i didnt like it, i will sell it for spot in the forum (just kidding 😁)
  11. I think you have changed my mind.. if its that small, i guess better go with the 1/4! And honestly i thought the premium wont be that high, i haven't even calculate it. Thank you for your reply
  12. Hello all, I am planning to buy half an ounce of gold, i am mainly interested in britannia’s because simply i like pure gold coins. I am struggling to make my mind between either (Five 1/10oz), (Two 1/14) or (One 1/2oz). I had the 1/4oz in the past and hence i know their size but i never seen the other two options in hand. I would like to have the 1/10 because they will look plenty in the box rather than just few in larger denominations. (Also I dont mind paying the premium for smaller coins). I would appreciate your thoughts and advice! I also would appreciate if someone can show me the size options beside each-other in their hand, just for me to imagine how small is the 1/10th and how big is the 1/2oz comparing to the 1/4oz 😊. Thanks!