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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Proof Sovereigns and proof Britannia's

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  1. Excellent price there and lovely coins!. Unfortunately i am far away from the Uk.
  2. Hello. Does anyone know if the royal mint still add the VAT for non UK and EU deliveries, or it will be subtracted? (For a gold proof coin).
  3. Yea i think its part of the design as i can see the same gradient on mine too
  4. What do you mean by shading? Any closeup photo please?
  5. Fathallazf


    Same here, yes this design is much better than the previous two. But honestly i am planning to buy the 2017 and 2018. I want to collect them too and i would like my start date to be 2017.
  6. Fathallazf


    i got one
  7. Hi @morezone. May i please have one pack of 2.5” Saflip. Thanks.
  8. He is lucky to have a friend like you! I hope you can find one on the forum!
  9. My stupid question. I guess you already did 😁
  10. I know i sounded stupid but i didn't see any keyboard or such to type in info 😅😅 but yea lets forget about it now and move on 😂
  11. It can detect the design too or you have to enter that somehow? It says britannia 🤔
  12. I had the same thing on a bullion Britannia. I asked for a replacement. Bought from the royal mint.