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  1. i have read it could be a die cud /break and the line through the letters is a die crack. not to many examples on sovereigns i think.
  2. hi all just got a 1872 shield sovereign.it has a mark on it that looks like it was a mint error.there is also a line going through the lettering. i have looked through a few books and searched the net but cant fined answers .will it add or subtract to the value of the coin?what do you guys think.
  3. a very good suggestion i will look into it I'm just a bit worried with the unstable market and the fact my son wont have access to the funds for 50 odd years.
  4. thanx so much for your thought it all helps.
  5. Hi all I have been putting away £100 per month for my son( who is 6 now )for his future.Iv come to believe although a good amount has been collected due to inflation eating away at it ,its not a good stratagy. So i have decided to use the money to buy 4 gold coins a year ,a sovereign,a 1/4 Britannia and two other 1/4 oz gold coins. now i need some advice for those gold enthusiasts out there.these coins will be more for investing then collection . 1- should i buy sovereigns from his birth day 2012 till now then every year the new one or should i buy older sovereigns (which i'm learning about ATM and have started collecting) 2-same for the Britannia's from his birth or special years with the different designs.(proof or bullion) 3-the other coins perhaps the QB from now.or Kruger's I'm still a bit wet behind the ears when it comes to PMs .so any advice will definitely help on my journey. Thanx.
  6. shark

    unwanted mark

    Na i got it from H&T pawn brokers have arranged a refund tomorrow , thank you for your thoughts. you have just confirmed what i though.
  7. shark

    unwanted mark

    my apologies its HGM (Hatton garden metals) you'r right there is a big scratch on it but was more concerned with the tarnished spot. i tried leaving it in acetone last night but no change.
  8. shark

    unwanted mark

    I'll be taking the coin back tomorrow .did come in a nice royal mint box with coa
  9. shark

    unwanted mark

    just spoke to a guy from HGT he said the mark was from the acid that was used at some time to test the coin was real gold."CLEVER" Nice so its permanent. Not to sure the coin is worth the £310 i payed for it , its more like a billion coin now. OH well its a hard lesson to learn but once bitten:) I am still new at collecting but now will take more time and inspection when choosing a coin to buy. THANX
  10. shark

    unwanted mark

    a useful thread thanx
  11. shark

    unwanted mark

    Na i tried to dab it with some soap water and a ear bud but couldn't clean it
  12. shark

    unwanted mark

    hi all i just picked up a 2015 gold proof sovereign today .due to inexperience and lighting i did not notice a scratch and what looks to be a dull spot near the tail of the horse. does anyone know what this dull spot can be? and can i remove it.Its almost like some of the luster has been removed.