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  1. cheers let's swap details and ill Pay Pall FF you the moneys
  2. thanx Mick ill take you up on your offer trying to get some rep on this forum
  3. bullion for now
  4. hi all looking for a 2016 bullion sovereign for my boy i know i can pick it up quite easy from usual places but thought of asking peeps first and maybe could even get a good deal:)
  5. ill take one if you still have any😁
  6. hi ill take the 1999,1984 and 1982 plz
  7. I the 2015 is still available i'm interested
  8. ill take the 1885 for £290
  9. I know spotted the mistake to late.I have thick skin😉
  10. sorry for the confusion just thanking sovereignsteve for the coin i bought from him.
  11. thanx sovereignsteve coin was just delivered nicely raped cheers
  12. Merry Christmas sorry been out with family thanks sovereignsteve I'll take you up with your offer. I'm in know hurry so when you have a chance to swap particulars .let me know so i can transfer the money in your account. second class should be fine. cheers
  13. no probs this is what trading is all about negotiations is %5 above any better for you.