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  1. Toddie

    Safety Deposit Box

    Silver is still pretty cheap!
  2. It's almost as if they have a vested interest in gold...
  3. Toddie

    wanted 1oz Gold Britannia 2015-2019

    Thanks for this however we already spoke. 👍
  4. Looking to buy my first gold 1oz Britannia, prefer a new design and would like to use @BackyardBullion's middleman service unless buying from a forum veteran. Posting here to see if anyone will be willing to sell below the 3.5-4% premium on Chards/Atkinsons Cheers.
  5. Toddie

    First oz

    Blimey, weak £ is pushing the price of an oz up quite a bit. It's a shame i don't have half a mill sitting around.. You know what, that never even crossed my mind - cheers!
  6. Toddie

    Huge Gold Chain

    Right up my street, what a beauty.
  7. Toddie

    First oz

    I think i'll be a lucky man if i find a new year one for just 3% over spot. Considering i'm only looking to buy the one. Looks like i'll have to settle for 4.5% so far.
  8. Toddie

    completed Half Oz Kooks

    Did i miss these?
  9. Toddie

    First oz

    Looking to buy my first gold oz sometime in the next week or so. I'm looking at a new Britannia https://www.chards.co.uk/2019-gold-britannia-one-ounce-coin/2978 I've looked at atkinsons, hatton, gardens, BBP etc, can anyone suggest other places to look? Is it worth me paying for a brand new coin? Cheers
  10. Toddie

    wanted Deadpool

    Would recommend the group order, that's where I got my Deadpool - at a very reasonable price too.
  11. Toddie

    10 oz Silver Queens Beasts release dates.

    He's got a decent phone
  12. Toddie

    Best/cheapest for Britannia coin

    Thanks for posting this, i was going to buy a gold Brit on payday from Chards as that was the cheapest i could find, but it looks like you've saved me a fiver or so - much appreciated.
  13. If it's cheaper with the group order, 100% wait