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  1. I'm sure there's someone on the forum who have a XRF who'd test if you covered the postage. Of course depends on how comfortable you are doing that. Otherwise try your local coin/jeweler. Good luck.
  2. £26.50 Why did the condom fly across the room? Because it was pissed off.
  3. As above. Not fussed on year, just looking for as close to spot as i can get. Drop me a message or reply here. Cheers
  4. Sold as soon as i saw the Yorkshire rose. Looks like the lions been lifting too.
  5. Money sent. Can you post to: 1, Helms Deep, White Mountains, Rohan, Middle Earth. Thanks
  6. I like these, a lot. They look great. Hopefully more Assay office trips for you!
  7. @BackyardBullion Any idea if the EUMint recieved the silver Coat of Arms shipment? Looking at getting some, so I was curious if they would be included in this shipment.
  8. Sometimes i feel like putting money into precious metals is such a straight forward and dilligent thing to do, but when asking for peoples opinions they'll shrug their shoulders and tell you about the new Jag they're paying 500/600 a month for on a 28k wage. Blows my mind man.
  9. Probably sold so many due to the "it's only three quid, worth a gamble" atitude. You'd be surprised how many people do it - or maybe you wouldn't!
  10. Something to hope for. Wouldn't put money on it though.
  11. It gets better on a tuesday...
  12. CGT exeption just makes the Britannias more worth while i think - does in my eyes anyway.
  13. Maybe the government just goes with a "business as usual" approach when/if we crash out of the EU, then the silverforum/BYB/EUmint would be the regulators haha