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  1. Probably sold so many due to the "it's only three quid, worth a gamble" atitude. You'd be surprised how many people do it - or maybe you wouldn't!
  2. Evening all. Looking for a 1/10th platinum Brit. Cheers
  3. Something to hope for. Wouldn't put money on it though.
  4. It gets better on a tuesday...
  5. CGT exeption just makes the Britannias more worth while i think - does in my eyes anyway.
  6. Maybe the government just goes with a "business as usual" approach when/if we crash out of the EU, then the silverforum/BYB/EUmint would be the regulators haha
  7. Yes. Silver is very cheap historically speaking (adjusted for inflation and all that fun stuff), also pretty cheap in the past few years too. Don't worry too much about when you buy, if you get caught up in that you'll never end up buying it