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  1. I gathered that. Was just saying as its all still marvel
  2. On the american sites you can get dr strange. Starlord. Drax and cant remember the other one. Only drawback is they are coloured in and not all silver
  3. I always remember someone buying a picture of a xbox console for double the price of an actual console. But i digress. Yes im new. And thats why im trading a few 50p and £2 doubles at the mo to build trust between me and other members. I wouldnt wanna part with lots of silver and gold with people i dont know and have no reputation
  4. I was reading their shipping information section.
  5. Not really cheap when its €30 plus vat added after buying. Pity though. I'd have gone for a couple of dozen to increase volume to my collection
  6. Oh theres def nout wrong with not owning a house. Its the over inflated prices landlords charge for rent. Never able to save to get deposite or get nice things.
  7. I have a letter box covered so far lol. 180k for a modest house. Where i am south of london be lucky to buy a wheelie bin lol
  8. these are my swaps and needs. I'll send a PM for the ones i need from others above me. doubles# 50p# 1x ironside 1x dictionary 1x tom kitten 1x flopsy bunny 3x tale of peter rabbit 3x benjamin Bunny 2x jeremy fisher 2x paddington @ palace 1x paddington @ train 1x 1918 peoples act 1x roger bannister 1× tiggywinkle 1x olympic swimming £2# 2x florence nightingale 2x brunel 2x guy falkes 1x 1807 slavery need# 50p sherlock holmes tailor of gloucester snowman sir isaac newton jemima puddleduck squirrel nutkin wwf kew gardens scouts VC 2 roger bannister £2# samuel pepys D day anniversary wedgewood frakenstein RAF armastice vulcan spitfire sea king lightning 2 captain cook jane austin war in the air shakespere comedy fire of london mary rose olympic handover olympic centenery england, wales and NI commonwelth games
  9. I have a few £5 coins and was tempted to try collect as many diferent ones as i can. Now being the royal mint has now said they are no longer legal tender and can no longer use them to buy. Im thinking being people now know this, would people stop buying them so us collectors can get them at a cheapish price and what doesnt sell goes back to the mint for reprinting. Would the coins then become rare and worth a few bob in years to come or would they just become scrap metal with a pretty picture on them
  10. Yeah i guessed about the import duty. Going to look to see if any uk or eu stores stock them. So they are a pure silver coin then. If i go on holiday to the states ill see if i can pick up a few deals.
  11. Right, where to start. I'm new to stacking as some on here have seen, and i'm a huge marvel fan and been collecting the 1oz silver coins. so searching to see what other coins there are and I've come across this https://www.moderncoinmart.com/2017-tuvalu-5-2-oz-gilt-proof-silver-marvel-doctor-strange-gem-proof.html what is silver gilt? Is it a pure silver coin or just a cheap metal silver plated? And does it hold the same value or more as silver. I just want to know as curious if i'm buying real silver or just collector tat.
  12. This is my stack so far being i only started stacking 2 months ago. 10× 1oz silver 2018 britannias 1x of each 1oz silver marvel coin. Thor. Deadpool. Black panther. Iron man and spiderman 3x £5 coins 1x 1977 silver jubilie 25p coin Be interesting to see what i can gather for 2019 and have a nice looking stack. Hopefully add a few ounces of gold in it
  13. Yeah it just does spot price. Something like profit/loss on premiums i cant help ya
  14. I use an app called gold price. It shows you when the price goes up or down and you can fill in what pms you bought and how much and how many and the app tallys it all up and tells you what each individual profit/loss you got on them and also a full tally