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  1. Hand poured silver square bar 999 fine silver 645g £310 Free postage to uk address
  2. My dad will love this coin!! Everyday with out fail he watches star trek lol
  3. Thesilverguy

    keep haggling

    If you need any cheep silver buddy drop us a message
  4. Yes airholes are good and i use tie wraps to wrap round the frame to keep in plade befor pouring the silver😁
  5. Welldone buddy everyone bring there silver round party at jonrms house 😂
  6. Thank you my friend ill look into it
  7. Hello guys i just wanted to show you my first hand poured dragon round I hand poured this using 999fs i also made my own mold too not to bad for first try 😁 This is a chunky one, its nearly 300grams I am thinking of sending this to the Edinburgh assay office along with different and bigger designs to get stamped hopefully sometime this year 😀
  8. Can mrs byb or your dad not do it? maybe everyone leaves a little tip 😁
  9. Hello i am looking to swap gold for silver casting grain I have to swap PAMP Suisse Fortuna 25x 1g Gold Bar Box Heraeus 10 x 1g MultiDisc Gold Bar Heraeus 5 multicard gold bars Heraeus 1g bar Pm if interested
  10. PAMP Suisse Fortuna 1g Gold Bar Box (25 Bars) £920 Heraeus 10 x 1g MultiDisc Gold Bar + Heraeus 5 multicard gold bars + Heraeus 1g bar £ 550 will give more of a discount if sold all togeather Bank transfer please thank you
  11. I am selling my PAMP Suisse Fortuna 1g Gold bars x 25 I purchased theses from Atkinsons Proof of purchase can be sent to the buyer £960 Bank transfer free postage to uk address Thank you
  12. Around 70ozt,, i have lots of gold but little silver lol