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  1. Il have number 200 please i will pay when i pay my Tetris monthly at the end of the month if thats okay
  2. Jolly Rodger Hand Poured pirate round Each round is individually priced 1. 2.88ozt £72 2. 2.72ozt £68 3. 2.60ozt £65 4. 2.86ozt Sold 5. 2.89ozt £72.25 6. 2.81ozt £70.25 7. 2.91ozt £72.25 8. 2.85ozt £71.25 Free 1st recorded delivery to anyone in the uk Please request if you are wanting the round to have red eyes Payment by Bank transfer please Thanks
  3. My own marking stamp and . 999fs on the back. I will be getting some liver of sulphur soon I think it will look even better antiqued. I will pour some more soon and antique them
  4. Nope got it from USA,, thats another thing i would love todo is custom molds.. sometime maybe
  5. Yep its the way i do it, its a cheap and easy way to make silver shot
  6. Thank you, i have a couple left if anyone wants to buy one ,, pm me if interested
  7. Buy a blowtouch and melt a 1kg silver bar down into shot
  8. Hello guys I did some silver pouring today Its going to be just a little hobby of mine pouring silver, ive allways wanted to give it a try Plus it makes a nice gift to give family, the wife loves them shes nicked a couple haha Jolly Rodger Hand Poured Silver round they are around 2.8ozt each some have red eyes i used some red swarovski crystals for the eyes What do you think? I Really enjoyed it
  9. That will be an interesting youtube video 😀
  10. https://www.chards.co.uk/blog/silver-content-of-british-coins/305