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  1. I don't agree with a most what Bimetallic said, but everybody is entitled to opinion. And yes, gold standard is name of the game. It is possible, doable, there is enough gold going around, people have done it before and I believe will do it in future. I think it would be under wrong pretence if gold would be valued at fixed amount in dollars($1200.00 mentioned would be crazy low). People worked out value the other way around for hundreds of years and I daresay that evaluation is more natural and much more effective. In that article was mentioned something like a litre of olive oil is 1 gram of silver. That's it. There is your true value. No Dollars or Euros or Yens, just exact weight of pure silver. That pricing and economy would work much better and would be pretty much universal for wide range of geographical locations. Bimetallic is right in one thing, silver is dirt cheap, nobody wants it (except us here ), but with just tad of imagination one could see silver coins and rounds absolutely reigning everyday lifes! Groceries, transportation, small items, food ... things person buys every day with paper money could be purchased in silver even more effectively. EdNug's visions are very possible and I think things will unveil that way. They will have to if we want to get out of mud pit.
  2. I hope that people who voted "no, it will never happen" are proven wrong. I believe everybody here would want that but members with "no" opinion believe that realistically it will not happen. I am an unwavering optimist. Just two days ago Prime Minister of Malesia called for common Asian currency that is backed up by gold. I think his position is more than just wishful thinking. He wouldn't just blub something to make the news. People commented massively in support of that PM on YouTube. They also mentioned that the last person who wanted to do that for the African continent was assassinated but American supported rebels/mercenaries. Yes, I am talking about Gadaffi. I think times and places are changed for the better. I don't think Maelsyan PM is in danger like that. Besides that, as written in an article we are commenting about, there is an increased number of countries that want gold standard and have a big stick behind them so are not afraid of the wrath of the US.
  3. As I see it silver and gold are the only and ultimate universal values left standing. Everything else is more or less a paper c*ap, right? Especially fiat money. Cryptos are about the same or worse. Not ready for the prime time replacing a monetary system. In my mind, precious metals were always and still are the only natural choice to back up paper money or better, be used directly as money. What do you think? Will common sense and financial prudence prevail and we start seeing currencies 100% backed up by gold and silver? There is an article about it just posted yesterday: https://medium.com/datadriveninvestor/playing-chicken-with-gold-standard-4a1f93aacdf2?source=friends_link&sk=0ba562e19c05e22a8e3090661ebd49a0
  4. One can not avoid noticing that people are collecting all kind of things. In USA it is baseball cards, hats, jerseys, plastic cars, basketball team cards and what not. In Canada hockey memorabilia. Then there are beer bottle caps, coasters, snowballs, postcards and similar things. I am not into sports, maybe high-level boxing, some UFC but either way would never spend a single dollar for some cards about it. So for me 99.999 of that stuff is a worthless s...! There is an article exactly about that here: https://medium.com/datadriveninvestor/collecting-a-worthless-bad-collect-silver-instead-stupid-1418e004b645?source=friends_link&sk=bcbdd73306620bdb142f11aba3744ac9 I think people should collect silver and gold coins instead. For many reasons (16 listed in that article). I think the silver round and coins are perfect for that. What do you think? Do you ever spend your money on things like that or your every €, £, $ goes against silver? Is there a temptation to buy some other collectible?
  5. There is an article about this theme we are discussing here: https://medium.com/datadriveninvestor/to-whom-would-you-trust-to-keep-your-silver-and-gold-a87f7a9c6811?source=friends_link&sk=37d804caaf9c537ac161fd4ba8b46d5f
  6. Wondering about this. Deposit boxes are quite small unless you are storing gold pieces there you can't put much silver or I am mistaken?
  7. Exactly my choices! 1, 4 and 5. And forget for the moment about the collection, like numismatic. You would want that with you in some kind of album or display. No, we are talking about stash that consists of many rounds and bars. We are talking about the accumulation of wealth (weight) in the form of silver or gold investment grade pieces. We are talking about the kilos of silver. It becomes risky and hard to hide.
  8. It is too bad that this post can't be processed as on-line voting so we all see statistics coming out of it. A question is very serious and should make you think. Whom out of the following would you trust to keep your stash safe? The answer could be an easy choice but I'll throw in add-on complication add-on question "and liquid". So here we go: You want to safeguard it yourself at home, period In the bank deposit box At the privately owned professional storage service (Brinks, Loomis) You don't have any problems buying digital silver. For example Gold.co.uk You buy it there and keep it there, sell it back if needed Precious metals storage service, an offshore location like Hong Kong, Singapore or Caymans Before you select one or two let me add this. First and the natural response is to keep a stash at arm's length, in your own home. You can see it, touch it, costs nothing to keep and it's ready for a spell if you need it. I agree with having a relatively small amount of coins and bars like that. However, if the stash is substantial so risks are as well. So I would say keep a few thousand dollars worth, let's say $2000 at home and let the rest be stored at a secure location. One of the 4 choices listed above. Again, strictly as storage, only any of 5 would do. However, with liquidity requirement only #4 and #5 would be good. With anything else when you want to sell parts of your holdings, you have to do it manually by advertising, selling to a dealer or coin shop. So take that in account when selecting your preferred way of storing your metals. There is an article about this theme we are discussing here: https://medium.com/datadriveninvestor/to-whom-would-you-trust-to-keep-your-silver-and-gold-a87f7a9c6811?source=friends_link&sk=37d804caaf9c537ac161fd4ba8b46d5f
  9. There are reasons why China, Russia, India, and some other nations are going back to the fundamentals. Recent Basel III regulations confirm that they are on the exactly right track! Everybody should read a few words about Basel III. Especially us here, on the silver forum. Decreasing confidence in currencies is a widespread idea. It is about assets bank have to back up their financial position. If push comes to shove and there is a run on bank will bank have financial strength to stay on their feet? In very short terms Basel III, which is a central bank of the central banks is moving gold from being #3 tier asset into the #1 tier asset where it will be valued as per current true value, not a 50% as before. Generally speaking, banks have gold in their treasuries, but how much. For example, central bank Canada, by an inexplicable act of stupidity sold all national gold. Whoever did it should be shot. Whatever happens to gold (especially good things) reflects positively on silver. I admit those positives are coming waaaaaay too slow, on eyedropper. Precious metals are sure not suitable for impatient people.
  10. Pete, I am in the same boat as you are ... and everybody else in this forum. We believe in silver and save silver. My honest opinion is that it will happen within 1.5 - 2 years and it will happen "thanks" to the USA. They shoved USD down everybody's throats and it is about time that USD loses the status of the world's reserve currency. China, Russia, Japan, India are already trading between themselves in their currencies or anything but USD. They are also hoarding gold and silver (silver to a smaller extent). China clearly wants Yuan to be major if not the main currency in the international basket of currencies, and also a major part of SDR (which is another bullshit currency intended for global domination). One day China will have enough. It will dump T-bills (they have about 1.5 Trillion of that bad) and will declare Yuan being backed up by gold. If you think that is like Sci-Fi you must know that for about year now they have a Gold Yuan used to pay for oil to Arab exporters. That paper Yuan is exchangeable for real gold on the Shanghai exchange. Can't get better than that! What do you think oil producers rather take, petro USD that is worth of bag of terrible or Gold Yuan that is actually a gold bars. Time, when USD was backed up by silver and gold, has long passed. Pay attention to the pictures of dollars in the second half of THIS ARTICLE . So when they declare regular Yuan being backed by gold, not to be pushovers, Russians will do the same the Rubles. At that moment those nations having gold and silver will re-evaluate it to new heights! Gold will skyrocket and silver will follow. I hope and predict that at that time will silver get it's rightful value in relations to the gold. It will not be 1 tp 86 ration but something much closer to 1 to 10 or 1to 20. Your, mine and everybody else's stack on this forum will jump from a few hundred or few thousand dollars stack into something that will bring smile on our faces. It won't be a 20% jump but something in "Bitcoin style" multiples or thousands of percent. That will be game over for USD. It is actually the only thing that America is successfully exporting around the world. Nodoby will want it any more. Inflation will hit, followed with hyperinflation. Paper money will become next to worthless or truly worthless. Suddenly people that stack silver coins and rounds will become very popular and in simple terms wealthy. Merchants will take silver coins for sure. They ain't fools. Link to silver used as money article is in the body of the main post. It is pretty much explained in those articles. There is one more about why you should invest in silver but reading it may be wasted since YOU and other people here do not need any convincing. Otherwise, we wouldn't be in this forum in the first place, right 😀 ?
  11. There is an article about that right HERE in an American magazine called Medium. It is in Data Driven Investor section. There is also another article about the usage of silver as money HERE .
  12. Thanks for answers. You still surprised me with eBay. I checked it out and sure enough, sellers are asking 3+ dollars more than I pay in Canadian PMX. I find it strange. If buyers searched Internet they would run into better deals for sure and sellers are reputable dealers.
  13. Hi there, I am in Canada. I don't have any problems buying and getting silver coins and bars at reasonable prices. I made some orders through Canadian PMX and it went fine. My problem is serious even that it is hypothetical at this time. I am not selling anything but if I was to sell I am not delighted with choices. I would like to avoid eBay and Amazon. I wouldn't buy there and also wouldn't like to sell there. Even worse is Kijiji or Craigslist. There direct contact with the buyer is necessary for a transaction to be completed. I don't want to meet unknown people in coffee shops, plazas and let alone in my home. So what's left? Coin shops which traditionally pay very low. Last would be the same dealer I purchase stuff from. I just called there and this is what it costs to buy and what they would pay to buy it back: > 1 oz. Canadian Maple Leaf - $23.35, would get $19.34 (-17%) > 10 oz. PMX Silver bar - $220.09, would get $193.00 (-12.3%) What do you think about those rates? Is there a better way or place to sell silver pieces? I definitely appreciate transparency and straightforward process at the dealer. Why you do when you want to sell?
  14. Buy kilo bar instead, it will cost less for sure and is still real McCoy
  15. Imwstamps, in regards to buying stuff at eBay. Take a look at this piece. This is a fake gold bar, Chinese production. Cobalt in the middle, gold shell outside. They are quite good with that. In some opinions, there is about 50% of a fake god bar and coins sold on eBay. They probably don't have interest to do the same for silver since it costs so much less. Sellers are Chinese or their proxies.