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  1. JackKlugman but its' worth it, right? And this forum is great place to start. Silver collectors and enthusiasts, can't be better than that. I hope somebody will pitch in with historical data. I am dying to find out what was a piece of silver worth in medieval UK? What was a silver money they used? Denominations? Who struck it? Could you go to other places and pay with it? How much was a horse or chicken? Did king control money emission? Where was silver dug out and manufactured into coins? Did England trade with other nations? How did they pay to each other? For example I know for fact that in early 1800's Britain and France were at war. Napoleon was a bad guy. Still you could find and use French gold sovereigns or bars in Britain. Clearly gold was gold, silver was silver, didn't matter where it was coming from. Things like that.
  2. Unfortunately no takers for this offer?
  3. There is an article about that here: https://medium.com/@zack_canada/20-dollar-bill-vs-1oz-silver-coin-6709feeb94b9?source=friends_link&sk=452bc38edc3244d01c706460a2824af8 It is interesting to see comparing those two over 100 years with 3 reference points, 1912, 1960 and 2019. It would be very interesting if there could be a data comparing similar things in UK over maybe 200 or 300 years of time. I am sure that data like that exists somewhere. I am serious about this. If anybody in the world could add facts to usage of silver in ancient times (actually at all times since ever) would be GB. If somebody could write what somebody would pay for something in let's say 1500's or even earlier. That would be brilliant. From article above it was interesting to find out stuff like that from 100 years ago. Imagine how interesting would be to find out more about usage of silver in GB in for example in year 1600 or something!? Please pitch in who can 😀. My offer to you: write a whole article and I'll tell you where to post it and how. Or supply facts and I'll write it, post it and give you all the credits.
  4. Our business purchased some amount of gold and silver bars. That stash makes company hard assets since we don't have a building or anything else. We bought it from RBC (Royal bank of Canada) and SWP storage. We would never buy from private person due to risks involved. Also, there is a problem of storage. If we make good sales we will invest extra money into gold and silver.
  5. Silver and gold went up substantially in last 2 months. About 14% and holding (very important). I am sure that there are people who bought low, at 14 dollar levels. They are ready for payday but are you selling? I think not but people are different. Somebody may be selling, somebody waiting to see is increase in value for real or just blimp and there must be people who don't need more proofs but are buying. What do you think? Here is article about it: https://medium.com/p/gold-and-silver-went-up-are-you-selling-1c24cef98ad6?source=email-ef2a930d1fe--writer.postDistributed&sk=f4f3bf9286c93a609b6d1f540cd3ef85
  6. Picture worth thousand words. Manager of SWP precious metals storage from Caymans tells and shows about differences of buying gold or silver. You can not not to like to see the pile he assembled on the cart: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OQ7d599Sv4 We have some nice stuff there, maybe he used some bars from our box
  7. Universalcurrency, yes, it is similar to Goldmoney, just these guys are using smart cards instead of smart phones. It is posted that there are no transaction fees but yearly subscription which is at $19.90. As for SWP take a look at this video released today (I am subscribed so I see them as they come out): It looks like very serious operation to me, but that's me.
  8. Main site is at www.buy-gold-bar.com This link talks more about membership. Anyway, there are links on the left nav bar to all important pages. My initial question was to read article (there are 2 parts, link to second one is at the bottom of the first one) and I am dying to hear discussion about this As it said at the end of second article they failed to attract buyers and listed where reasons why. You here are the TRUE silver stackers and I would like to hear pros and cons for a such system. I do have account with SWP and it works very fine, I can vouch for them. They have rep in downtown Toronto and I buy here and there. Silver mostly. No money for gold :I Here are links to articles: https://medium.com/datadriveninvestor/we-made-payment-system-better-than-bitcoin-f3bf2f24957e?source=friends_link&sk=5ae0fddb595c790bd2e50515a4c3ca51 https://medium.com/@zack_canada/experience-of-creating-a-payment-system-better-than-bitcoin-bcce594cd0a5?source=friends_link&sk=ce5ab24ac536e70035dd4f254f3e6f65
  9. Having silver or gold stash at home is great thing. Psychologically and practically. It is yours to look at, touch at will, listen coins clinging. Sometimes you need something for fiat so you are free to sell. More often it is actually opposite, buying more stuff and adding to the stash. Seeing price of silver in the craphole for long time now I am pretty sure that many members here and out there have bars and coins that don't fit single shoe box or even a few of them. As true silver lovers I think you (the reader) just keep adding more. I know I do. So question of storing it becomes serious. Small problem becomes a big problem. What is a point where stacker becomes scared and lose sleep over a problem how to store, care and defend a silver pile? You definitely need some of it with you at home, but how much is too much? For me magic number was somewhere between $5000 and $10000. Everything over that had to go to professionals. Here is article about making silver (and gold) digital, organized and used in ways Bitcoin or cryptos are used: https://medium.com/datadriveninvestor/we-made-payment-system-better-than-bitcoin-f3bf2f24957e?source=friends_link&sk=5ae0fddb595c790bd2e50515a4c3ca51 Also, I am in Canada so there are no taxes on buying investment grade metals, but something like that would solve VAT problem for all of members that are in UK. It would also solve a problem of adding more and selling back and getting fiat or retrieving whole bars. If you care to read let me guys know what do you think about something like that? Does your stash must be at the arms length or you would trust secure, precious metals storage to care for your pile? By the way, there are a similar systems like that even in UK where you can add small amounts to the silver position and sell metals back to the storage. I don't know what about VAT and prices, but question is are you using it, if not why not?
  10. I am sure that both are undervalued. Gold a lot and silver really badly, more like terribly making it cheap as dirt. I mean that in absolute numbers ($1419, $15.33 respectively at the moment of this writing) and relative terms as an ratio between the two.
  11. Last week on Thursday I bought another 1 kilo bar of silver. I was thorn up what to buy and to tell you honestly just a fact that i didn't have enough money for ounce of gold steered me to buy silver instead! I mean silver sucks. While gold reached about $1445 silver was lagging a big time. Ratio is bigger than 1 to 90. It looks like "historical" values are thrown out of the window a long time ago. Silver is cheaper than dirt and it makes me think will it ever catch up with gold or my stash will be good as a paper weight only? I started buying at $16 - $17 levels. I can only imagine how people who paid over $20 feel? I know what you will immediately say, manipulation, but that doesn't make it easier. Anyway there is an article discussing exactly my dilemma and something tells me I am not alone: https://medium.com/datadriveninvestor/gold-or-silver-what-to-buy-e7e0fc4ba79f?source=friends_link&sk=13cf523b5edc9d638eb547ed1427092f
  12. I don't agree with a most what Bimetallic said, but everybody is entitled to opinion. And yes, gold standard is name of the game. It is possible, doable, there is enough gold going around, people have done it before and I believe will do it in future. I think it would be under wrong pretence if gold would be valued at fixed amount in dollars($1200.00 mentioned would be crazy low). People worked out value the other way around for hundreds of years and I daresay that evaluation is more natural and much more effective. In that article was mentioned something like a litre of olive oil is 1 gram of silver. That's it. There is your true value. No Dollars or Euros or Yens, just exact weight of pure silver. That pricing and economy would work much better and would be pretty much universal for wide range of geographical locations. Bimetallic is right in one thing, silver is dirt cheap, nobody wants it (except us here ), but with just tad of imagination one could see silver coins and rounds absolutely reigning everyday lifes! Groceries, transportation, small items, food ... things person buys every day with paper money could be purchased in silver even more effectively. EdNug's visions are very possible and I think things will unveil that way. They will have to if we want to get out of mud pit.
  13. I hope that people who voted "no, it will never happen" are proven wrong. I believe everybody here would want that but members with "no" opinion believe that realistically it will not happen. I am an unwavering optimist. Just two days ago Prime Minister of Malesia called for common Asian currency that is backed up by gold. I think his position is more than just wishful thinking. He wouldn't just blub something to make the news. People commented massively in support of that PM on YouTube. They also mentioned that the last person who wanted to do that for the African continent was assassinated but American supported rebels/mercenaries. Yes, I am talking about Gadaffi. I think times and places are changed for the better. I don't think Maelsyan PM is in danger like that. Besides that, as written in an article we are commenting about, there is an increased number of countries that want gold standard and have a big stick behind them so are not afraid of the wrath of the US.
  14. As I see it silver and gold are the only and ultimate universal values left standing. Everything else is more or less a paper c*ap, right? Especially fiat money. Cryptos are about the same or worse. Not ready for the prime time replacing a monetary system. In my mind, precious metals were always and still are the only natural choice to back up paper money or better, be used directly as money. What do you think? Will common sense and financial prudence prevail and we start seeing currencies 100% backed up by gold and silver? There is an article about it just posted yesterday: https://medium.com/datadriveninvestor/playing-chicken-with-gold-standard-4a1f93aacdf2?source=friends_link&sk=0ba562e19c05e22a8e3090661ebd49a0
  15. One can not avoid noticing that people are collecting all kind of things. In USA it is baseball cards, hats, jerseys, plastic cars, basketball team cards and what not. In Canada hockey memorabilia. Then there are beer bottle caps, coasters, snowballs, postcards and similar things. I am not into sports, maybe high-level boxing, some UFC but either way would never spend a single dollar for some cards about it. So for me 99.999 of that stuff is a worthless s...! There is an article exactly about that here: https://medium.com/datadriveninvestor/collecting-a-worthless-bad-collect-silver-instead-stupid-1418e004b645?source=friends_link&sk=bcbdd73306620bdb142f11aba3744ac9 I think people should collect silver and gold coins instead. For many reasons (16 listed in that article). I think the silver round and coins are perfect for that. What do you think? Do you ever spend your money on things like that or your every €, £, $ goes against silver? Is there a temptation to buy some other collectible?