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  1. Let's have a go at 3283. Congrats on your 3k+ subscribers by the way ???
  2. Hi BYB, Just checked my bank and I paid straight into your account on 13/3. Hopefully 23&24 are still ok. Tamur (Tom)
  3. Hi, I'd like to reserve 2 bars, any numbers will do but in sequence would be a bonus, cheers guys. I'll get payment sent asap
  4. Thanks Scuzzle, I'll give that some thought but buying the quality stuff with some of the cheaper coins and spreading risk sounds like a good idea (sorry if I'm not using the correct terminology but I'm sure I'll get there). I'll have a look at silver to go and a few other sites to see what's available. I'll post later when I've made a purchase and hopefully have made a good choice.
  5. Haha thanks guys, like I said I'm a newbie at this and didn't think about vat. I'll probably wait and have a look on silver to go. I've spent a lot of time on YouTube trying to get as much info as I can and was thinking about semi nuministic (is that the right spelling ) like the lunar 2 series, pandas or whatever you think to get a half decent return on my small investment. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  6. Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and new to stacking. I've spent a lot of time on YouTube trying to pick up some tips (that's where I found out about your forum). I'm a newly retired fireman and getting ridiculous interest rates on my savings so I thought I'd purchase some silver for a slightly better return. I know obviously there are no guarantees but I'm looking for your opinion on a deal I saw on Sarnia Silver, they have pandas for sale that look interesting all 1oz 2010 for £20.99, 2013 for £18.99 and 2014 for £17.99. I was thinking of 10 each, what's your thoughts guys and is there anything else you'd recommend. Thanks in advance for answering what is probably an obvious question but hopefully one day I'll have some of the knowledge you have.