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  1. Oh nice! You'll get there! Why not #1? Hahaha
  2. Looking to exchange raw 1925 Sovereign and 1910 half Sovereign for slabbed Pre-33 American gold.
  3. ShinyHunterTPT


    Where can we trade on the gold forum?
  4. What are you now? Wasn't sure which Panda set to look under lol
  5. I know it is a little late for resolutions, but I have been in the long process of deciding WHAT exactly I want to do with gold. After some long self-debate, I've decided to collect Pre-33 American gold, as being strictly tied to spot price was not something that worked for me. The goal is to pass this wealth on to my children when I do. So, I sold two my Krugs and five silver rounds and picked up an MS61 1915 $10 Indian. The goal is by 2020, to have a face value of $100 in American Pre-33 gold in at least MS61. Although I do have some raw coins (a $5 and $10 Indian) which I think I may just bite the bullet and get graded for uniformity sake, my total at the moment is $30 in face value. After the $100 mark, I probably look at adding $10 face value of key date Peace Dollars and Morgans. I'm not sure though, but that's okay. I have time.
  6. Is there a cutoff date for slabbing Sovereigns? A certain year that's the it's still considered numismatic?
  7. So, in America its tax return season. After everything was said and done, I had enough to make me first chunky gold purchase. For me it was the $10 Indian Head. I always loved the look of the coin and it was finally within my budget. However, as excited as I was, I have come crashing down. Whilst on YourTube learning about the history of the coin history, I stumbled on some commentary on the coin itself. The experts in the video trashing the XF grade of Indian Heads saying it's not worth the buy if it's not MS. Maybe I'm crazy. I am a not a collector, not a stacker. I dunno, it was finally within my budget and now I feel like I've duped myself listening to the commentary. What are y'all's thoughts?
  8. ShinyHunterTPT


    https://www.ebay.com/itm/2005-1-4-Ounce-PF-70-Ultra-Cameo-Kruggerand/283372349860?hash=item41fa4ee9a4:g:Q84AAOSwJzpcXfVE https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/3676849-006/70/
  9. I can't seem to come to an answer to this personally. I wanted to get my $5 Liberty Head conserved and graded and the dealer told me not too. He said there isn't much of a price difference between MS62-63 so it won't cover the cost of purchase and grading. The advice was to keep it BU and as a "bullion" coin. Just wondering what everyone else's opinion is on this.
  10. Just below the left wing is what appears to be a small graphite dot. I bought it BU from Apmex. Thinking about having it conserved and sent in to NGC.
  11. I've just made the switch to gold too 😭
  12. I've been fighting it out in my head for a while and I'm leaning this way @ChrisF . Gold has such a density of wealth, that its brilliant for stacking. I feel silver is #1 too risky to preserve your wealth in, and #2 Takes up too much space. I think we all get excited to see a $20k silver stack heaped up like pirate treasure, but the same wealth fits into 15.5 Golden Maple leaves. I mean, people say that silver is used in SO many other technological applications and that its a finite resource and therefore will become much more expensive later on, but honestly, I think companies would just re-invent a different approach to their technology if the whole thing was hinging on a (lets imagine a 1:1 ratio) $1,120 oz of silver to make it work.
  13. I have no idea if that is something they do, do? I have had my share of US coins and collecting, but I know virtually nothing about my new and budding hobby of collecting English coinage. Perhaps that what makes it so exciting? It all feels brand new and I am always unawares if I have something or not. Chances are (not), but I can not tell if my rim is a high one or a low one. All I know is that the mint that made it was in London.