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  1. Just saw this on the news, makes my small stack look pathetic https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-51416500/bank-of-england-gold-rare-look-inside-the-vaults
  2. I'm interested in the full lot but what method are you using to ship, is it insured and with tracking?
  3. Received all my Britannias today, pleasure to buy from and very helpful
  4. Did you order them all at once? I noticed on the website it says max 3 per customer so that all I ordered, but would like a few more if they don't care.
  5. Received my 3 sovereigns today, can't fault them to be honest they came in capsules too which is a little bonus.
  6. I'm a newbie here but that's very generous and nice to see a real community