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  1. Anyone know which European bullion dealer is selling these
  2. So u know what I may suggest..can I chip in to ordering with you..or you selling to me..or anything else that works...or just selling some to me..I don't think I am up to buying 20kg..on my own..definitely so
  3. Only hit for about 40 ounces..but still a mistake of about 140 pounds..u mentioned European mint..and about 225 pounds for kiln..but I looked on euro mint..and never seen silver shot listing..
  4. Hi bb..u recently replied saying be careful with buying from the US.. too late as I already fell in the hole..but thanks..watched recent vid about kiln.. am I right to think that silver shot can be bought and used in kiln
  5. smilingsocks

    US vendors

    Recently casting my eyes West.. I looked at buying from the US.. I found most coins I liked in provident metals..alas they don't ship to UK.. then tried qsb..sure I got some from them in the past...alas no deal with UK.. finally settled on apmex...are there many others that can be mentioned..good or bad..?
  6. I often have settled on the idea that if the stock market does well..silver does not..the main investors go where the quick bucks can be made..and why not..similarly if stocks across the board get hit..silver rises quick..I know there is a lot more to consider..but that's where I am
  7. That's a very interesting and thought provoking scenario...like all borders and exclusions..there will be allowances
  8. What I was getting at..is currently an order can be placed for 20 ounces of silver from a European supplier..in future 20 percent vat will be added is what I am assuming..making silver more expensive to purchase
  9. Yes the tax is the vat...ie no longer able to buy from the eu..without adding 20 percent to the order value
  10. My question is with brexit possibly happening and the 20 per cent tax being levied by the European.. union...how will silver stackers sell in the future..the answer could be staring me in the face..but 4 the life of me I am having a mental block with this