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  1. I have a few of these card holders, like it, will give it a try....good idea 👍
  2. Thanks to everyone that pm'd me, i think I've replied to you all. Still need some more if anyone has some available Cheers
  3. Sorry mate, have updated my post to show quantity required.
  4. Hi all Im after some 1 oz silver coins, could anyone kindly help, before I hit the European dealers 2019/20 Brits - 5 of each 2019/20 Oriental border brits - 5 of each 2019/20 ASE - 4 of each 2019 dragon bars - 3 required koala's - 2010 onwards - 1 of each year Panda's - 2010 onwards - 1 of each year Kooks - 2008 to 2015 - 1 of each year Thanks in advance
  5. I received my coins all in good order, no problems at all.
  6. This is the response I got on 8th Oct Hello, Should be about 2-3 weeks 🤞 I been into the store and thats what they tell me but should be sooner as stock for the gold white lion already arrived about a week ago. I'm sure @ATL85 will be in touch soon
  7. What sort of price you willing to pay per coin?