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  1. Hi Mr S Do the rounds come in capsules?
  2. I might be interested in the 2.5g bar, how much silver would you want for it?
  3. Hi I'd be interested in the 1g and 3g 2016 posted via SD Cheers
  4. Sorry bud , all sold.
  5. Hi all, This is my first post selling, so apologies if I miss anything out. I have the following silver for sale: 2 x queens beasts 2oz - yale of Beaufort in capsules £30.00 each SOLD 6 x panda 2016 30g in capsules £18.00 each - 2 LEFT 1 x fine silver in tube 100g £50.00 Buyer to pay postage at own risk. I will only send items via recorded or special delivery. Thanks for looking
  6. Hi mate What 1g gold bars do you have left?
  7. Hey bud Could I have 5 please? Also do you have 5 florins to sell too. Cheers
  8. Hi mate, if you have any left, please could I have 3 x 1oz silver Aztecs. Cheers