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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Queen’s Beasts and Perth Mint Silver Coins

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  1. https://www.silvertrader.uk/product/2019-black-flag-queen-annes-revenge-1oz-silver-bullion-coin/
  2. Thanks buddy, any joy getting capsules for the Britannia and Aztec bars?
  3. Any chance I could get 1 of the Aztec warrior coin please?
  4. I’m selling my 3oz forum round as it doesn’t fit in with anything I’m collecting. It’s No. 42 which by purchasing this from me also guarantees you first refusal on this years upcoming round. @BackyardBullion Can confirm this if needed. I'm looking for £85 posted Thanks for looking
  5. Also received my bars this morning, much appreciated buddy. Thank you
  6. What are you looking to pay for 4 lions?
  7. Where can I get capsules for them from? Would you split as I only need 4 of them?
  8. 87 and 107 I have from 2018, so I’d like number 87 of the 2019 bars please