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  1. gsimpson

    You'll be a man, my son

    Hard one 🤔 but I'd have to go with the QB's there's at least a story behind each of the coins!
  2. gsimpson

    RM Full Sovereign Screw Top Capsule Size?

    I got screw tops from BBP a couple of weeks ago 10 x Screw Top Capsule Sovereign + 1/4oz 22.5mm Accessories 1.0 - @ £40.00 (Limited Stock: 27) https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/accessories/coin-capsules/capsule-screwtop-sovereign-225mm/
  3. gsimpson

    Thai Gold Coins?

    wow, thanks, everyone! lol @Goldhooked I can't afford any more 8-) especially ones getting married 8-p @mr-dead I did come across that one, thanks though (y) @Martlet this is very very interesting as that would sit nicely alongside the unicorn of Scotland! Top prize so far 😉 @MancunianStacker do you have any more info on that coin?
  4. gsimpson

    Thai Gold Coins?

    Oh even better find - nice, a tad over budget but a worthwhile consideration
  5. gsimpson

    Thai Gold Coins?

    Hi Mike I had considered the Unicorn of Scotland and again was struggling with what I'd get the female, was toying with one of the lunar coins but thought that might be too much focused on Chinese. Thanks so much for finding that link, it looks interesting I'll have a proper look at it tonight when I get home from work (y). -gs
  6. gsimpson

    Thai Gold Coins?

    Hi I have another wedding coming up, not the one I mentioned in another posting, and was thinking of buying this couple, man (Scottish) & lady (Thai) a gold 1/4 oz Britannia and a 1/4 oz Thai coin! The issue I'm having is finding any gold coins from Thailand. Therefore my question is what 1/4 oz coins exist in Thailand and secondary where do I get one in the UK? TIA -Gs
  7. gsimpson

    New member

    Greetings to the forum I'm George from Aberdeen, Scotland. I'm new to collecting, and interested in collecting new Sovereigns, 1/4oz Gold Coins ie Queens Beasts, and recently purchased 2 brittianias (Oriental Border) I'm more of a silent user than active user, my mother always said to me that if you've nothing worth saying then, then say nothing Looking forward to learning off every one Thanks -Gs
  8. gsimpson

    2019 Sovereign

    Greetings When do the 2019 gold sovereigns become available to purchase? I have a wedding next year and was planning on getting 2 sovereigns for the couple, and with the current price of gold it would have been nice to grab a bargain (so to speak) Thanks -Gs
  9. gsimpson

    Queens Beast Falcon 1/4 oz Gold Bullion

    @morezone I would have agreed with you up until a couple of weeks ago! RMB is far from hassle-free ordering, my Queens Beast Griffin arrived 1st Sep, it had a mark on it, so I called RM and asked the procedure behind returning an item, they informed me to just post it back to a FREEPOST address no insurance or tracking! It was only confirmed on Monday 10th Sep they had it back in their possession! An agonising week of waiting there for me :/ So anyway today I called them to see when I might be getting the replacement sent out, as they were saying the coin was with quality control (huh, should have maybe spent this amount of time with them before sending it out and we wouldn't be where we are today), but they would see what they could do for me, lunchtime I get a call back informing me that the coin will be sent out again today, by normal first class postage - again no insurance (it's a £300 coin). So I should expect it anytime in the next 48 hours, most likely Saturday she said! -Gs
  10. gsimpson

    Queens Beast Falcon 1/4 oz Gold Bullion

    Ah, nice one thanks, it looks like the pricing is going to be very similar between all the suppliers... no deals to be had yet anyway :/
  11. Greetings I realise it is this month that this coin will become available to purchase, and I have seen it coininvest so far has anyone else seen it on any other retailer located in the UK, I'd like to be able to compare prices between a few retailers before purchasing from the first. With thanks to the forum -Gs